Have you heard of Evy’s Tree? {weekend love}

Have you heard of Evy’s Tree? Oh my, she makes the most gorgeous sweatshirts. And they’re so soft and cozy. Like, crazy soft and cozy.

This weekend I need some cozy. I need some down time. I need to get the house in order and my brain cleared out.

Seriously, how cute is the Lizzy? The coral color is lovely and the zipper is asymmetrical. I put it on with my favorite jeans and a pair of booties and I’m happy.

The ‘my journey‘ necklace is a favorite right now. Easy with jeans and easy for every day. And filled with lots of meaning.

Go check out Evy’s Tree. And when you shop, use code Lisa15 for 15% off! You’re going to love how she combines style and comfort. You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Outfit details: Lizzy sweatshirt, Evy’s Tree. Tee, Old Navy. Jeans, AG jeans. Booties, Target. Belt, Vintage. Necklace, My Shop.

Here’s a list of things I’m NOT doing this weekend…

1. Homework. I don’t even want to unzip the boys’ backpacks.

2. Stressing. I want to turn up some music and get the house in order. I’m tired of avoiding piles.

3. Rushing. I’ll be late, I don’t mind. I need to slow down and stop rushing.

4. Getting up early. Yeah, we definitely need to sleep in.

5. Drinking coffee. Just kidding–I’ll be drinking lots of that. While I lay around in the morning.

Tell me something you’re definitely NOT doing this weekend.


  1. Loved this post! I, too, have been avoiding too many piles lately — just got two things done I’ve been putting off and feel so much better. It probably took 20 minutes — why do we let these things build in our minds?! Just tackle it already! :-). Beautiful weather in IL this weekend. Heading into the kitchen now to bake pumpkin muffins. Love this time of year!

  2. Great post! This weekend I am not rushing around! Just want to relax a little… love your blog- I’ve been following the What I Wore posts for a while now-you have great style! Where is the bag from in this post-I love it! Take care. xo

  3. Hi Lisa honey, sorry its been SO long since I’ve posted a comment. I still check your blog every day and love it! Life has been hectic around here since I started working part-time in Feb. This job is sucking the energy from my soul even though it’s only 2.5 days a week usually (sometimes more). This weekend I’m DEFINITELY NOT WORKING for the first time in weeks… YAY! Time to spring clean our living area – my least fav thing to do! Sigh! LOLOL xxx

    1. So nice to hear from you. I was just thinking about you the other day! So glad you’re still checking in. Hope you get some rest this weekend. Hugs to you. xx

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