Not sure if I’ve told you this

Have I told you about the time we were at church (this was years ago) walking around the sanctuary before service? David approached a woman sitting alone and wanted to interact with her. She was warm and kind and soon he was sitting on her lap.

“Is this okay?” I asked her. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable as David wrapped his arm around her neck and snuggled in. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “ My mom was diagnosed with cancer yesterday and I just needed a hug so badly. It’s like he knew.”

Lisa and David

Friends, I can tell you with certainty David knew. He’s perceptive and can read a room. He often approaches people who are warm and welcoming. I believe each of us are body and soul and somehow our souls are connected. David seems very in touch with this connection. He listens to the pull of his heart, that nudge, that deep knowing. We are all connected and the more I pay attention the more sure I am that somehow our souls communicate.

Have you experienced a soul connection? Can you feel that pull, that light inside you?

David inspires me and he’s inspired this necklace…

Follow the Star Necklace

Just like a star guided the wisemen, there is a light inside you, placed there by the God of the Universe, to guide you. Your light burns bright like a star!

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