a unique space for a unique kid!

Lately I’m inspired to create a space that’s fun and fits David’s needs. Of course I’ve always wanted his room to be a great space, but I’ve been watching him closer–which toys he plays with and how he spends his time. Every kid is unique and deserves a space to thrive and play. David has special needs and we want to fill his room with the things he loves.

David has a syndrome called Cornelia de Lange and people with his syndrome sometimes have difficulty sleeping. He’s up a lot at night. His room is safe and fun–with a cozy bed that he can climb in and out of as he wants to!

It seemed like David’s bedding was falling off his bed more often than not–so we got a Beddy’s comforter for him. It’s like a soft sleeping bag that goes on like a fitted sheet. No more blankets falling off the bed!

David loves keyboards and toys that light up and make noise. He loves books and sensory toys–like a slinky or a tambourine. That basket is full of more toys that we rotate out to keep things fresh and new.

We put a big keyboard on his dresser and David really gets the music going—drum beats and all! He likes to turn up the volume full blast. Typical teenager, right?!

This wall collage makes me so happy! The sunrise print is by Summer and Dreamer. It speaks to me of hope and new beginnings. Summer, the owner of Summer and Dreamer was one of our first employees at Lisa Leonard Designs years ago. She is seriously talented, creative and I am forever grateful for her friendship. Go check out Summer and Dreamer!

The framed Dr. Seuss quote is a gift from our dear friends Rob and Susie who know how much David loves a good story book! The basket is fair trade and my first children book, Your Spark, is a regular read around our house. After all, David is a big part of the inspiration behind the book. He shines so bright! Find Your Spark book here.

This adorable prayer plaque hangs on his wall and we say this prayer before bed. I wrote the poem so we could memorize it and make it part of our bedtime routine. You can find it in my shop!

Good night, Sleep tight. May angels watch you through the night. To keep you safe, to calm your fear, to whisper peace. Your God is near. Amen.

Personalize a prayer plaque here for your little sweethearts.

David has a walk-in closet with double doors. We leave the doors open and created a space to play. We used to have a big floor cushion with pillows but he never used it. For Christmas he got this desk {actually a side table I found at a thrift store for $40} and red chairs from Pottery Barn kids. {thank you, Nana!}. He has started sitting down on chairs independently–a new skill–and it’s so fun to rotate the toys and books on his desk.

Here’s a picture of David’s closet–with lots of his favorites toys and books,.

This desk area is getting a lot of use and it makes me so happy!

We found this little red piano on Amazon and it’s one of David’s go to toys.

That’s David’s room! A work in progress but a very loved space. Do your kids spend a lot of time in their rooms? Do you rotate toys and books to keep things fresh and new?


  1. Lisa, I first saw your jewelry, and story, a few years ago, in a Stampington magazine. I have 3 son, and my youngest, Brian was diagnosed with Cdls at age 1. He just turned 26. I was just reading your blog, and wanted to thank you about the most recent post (sometime in Jan 2020) about your Cdls son and asking for help. You so captured the struggles of both wanting the help, but also the toll. Although Brian has lived in a group home for 9 years here in Mn, we (Mom and dad) are still very involved with his life, and he also comes home for an overnight most Fridays with mom and dad. Brian does have autism behavior along with various ongoing medical issues, and often it is the behaviors that make the medical issues even more challenging! Also, Brian had scoliosis/kyphosis surgery in 2015, so best wishes on the surgery. The surgery went well, but he was given haldol for pain after, and that in turn caused significant issues. I am always happy to answer questions u may have about that.. I also told group home company owner and her daughters about your jewelry today (owner has a 22-23 yr old son that may have cdls) and they will be ordering from you! bty, your younger son looks happy on your blog. My older two sons are doing well, but we can well relate to both individual and family challenges, so kudos to your family.

  2. Lisa, I absolutely love your story! I am an educator if 29 + years and I have to say, David’s room is perfect. He is so blessed to have you. I followed you because of your jewelry. I had no idea you had such an amazing story. What an added bonus to find such an authentic showcase of real life love and hardship (because those two things always go together, right.) I will definitely continue to follow and pray for your strength. We all need that!
    Many blessings!
    Sharon (Shar)

  3. I love this special space for David. Each of us needs a space where we can relax, be creative and enjoy some alone time. I’m glad David is enjoying his desk where he can do important work. =)

  4. You said that David has trouble sleeping at night-my son has a genetic duplication syndrome (not yet named) as well as severe non verbal Autism-my question is even though he does not sleep well at night does he get up and go to school with no issues? My son is exhausted and a lot of times can not function for lack of sleep And ends up at school late-I have seen pics of David going off to school happy was just wondering how does he do Iit?

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