Yesterday I woke up, posted ‘hello monday’ to my blog, made my to-do list and I was ready to have a productive day. Early afternoon I noticed something unusual about David, called the doctor, rushed to the ER for more tests, prayed and prayed he wouldn’t need surgery and 4 hours later we got the great news–we get to go home! Antibotics should solve the problem and after giving him his third dose this morning, he already seems to be perking up. Thank you Lord!

Days like this are a reminder that I am not in control. I can make my to-do list, I can plan my days, but it is God who decides what each day holds and how each moment will go. Yesterday I felt the full range of emotions, fear, frustration, and peace. Did I mention fear? Ugh. I hate that feeling.

Today I’m making another to-do list but trying to hold to it loosely. I need to remember, I’m not in control.

I wonder what God has planned today?