homemade easter egg nests

I whipped up these little easter egg nests a few days ago and they were so easy and turned out so cute–I had to share!

I used the basic rice krispy treat recipe, but instead of rice krispies I used rice noodles.

For ingredients you’ll need rice noodles, marshmallows, butter, non-stick spray {for the muffin tin} and jelly beans or chocolate eggs.

Follow the directions on the marshmallow bag or these directions here. After they were ready, I put a scoop of mixture into each muffin tin. The mixture was really hot, so I waited a few minutes until it cooled and then used my fingers to shape each scoop into a nest.

To finish it off, I stamped manilla tags with our enjoy stamp and tied them around cellophane bags. So simple and so sweet!

Wouldn’t these be fun at each place setting for Easter lunch?

Now my mouth is watering, must go find some leftover chocolate eggs to munch on!


      1. I tried the chow mein noodles…I think rice noodles would work better. Definately will try again 🙂

  1. I’ve see these here and there lately in the blogsphere and I must say YOURS looks especially wonderful!!! I’m going to be making these with Alice. 🙂

    OH….and Megan is right, leftover chocolate is definitely an oxymoron.

  2. I’m visiting from TT&J and just wanted to say how much I love your creations. I was also thrilled to see a recipe with Cadbury Mini Eggs – they’re my all-time favorite sweet!

  3. Love this idea!! I’m going to make these for my 5th grade students!! Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  4. So sweet! I have memories of making something similar. I must ask my mom! Thanks for such a pretty photo tutorial.

  5. lol! I planned Easter Lunch at my parents’ house and I had already decided to put these at everyone’s place setting! 🙂 But using butterscotch instead. Mmmm…. memories of these yummy haystacks when I was a kid…. Cannot wait!

  6. LOVE! What a fun idea – i with I had seen this when my kids were young! I just might make them as place settings anyways! Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  7. Lisa!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing….. I was scrambling to find a cute idea for my son’s Easter party at school… You’re the best!!!!

  8. oh thanks for this! i am going to make them with my grandsons (age 3 and 5) – they can make them for their parents and other grandparents and for our neighbors! it’s so fun to make something with them and then let them share with others..a good habit for them to get into…thank you again!

  9. Guess we’ll be making a grocery store run today to make these! Haven’t had them in years. Thanks for sharing.

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