A couple months ago, Matthias told me, “In our next house, I want to have my very own art gallery.” And since we have plenty of space, and no plans to move any time soon, I thought, “Why not give him an art gallery now?”We have a loft upstairs that connects all the bedrooms. It’s a great space but I’ve never really decorated it.  I pulled everything out of the room–some random throw pillows, an old lamp and some random toys–and left just the basics for a clean slate.

Here’s the finished space. It’s whimsical and simple–a perfect kid’s space. I framed a few of his favorite pieces of art–and there’s lots more room for more framed artwork!

We found this couch a couple years ago at Pottery Barn. It was a floor model and marked way down. It’s super comfy.

The chair is from Target quite a few years ago and it’s still in great condition.

I picked up a couple new pillows and the small aqua lamp from Target. All of it was on sale–nice!

I love this Eric Carle style sun art that Matthias did last year in first grade.

I drew some chalk frames on the chalkboard and we can add more frames and art as needed.

Matthias loved it. And now he has his very own art gallery!  Doesn’t it make you want to pull out the watercolors and create?

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