i made about 25 large pinwheels for our photo shoot the other evening. they are really easy. once i got going they took about 3 minutes each–not bad!

supplies…lots of fun paper {i used scrapbook paper that was already a large square}, large, fun brads, scissors, dowels or wooden skewers, wire or hot glue to attach to stick.

1. start with a square

2. fold in half diagonally

3. then fold diagonally again

4. snip off the very tip {just a tiny bit to create a hole in the center of the square}


6. cut just over half way up each fold

7. punch a hold on right side of each cut

8.gather four holes together and place a brad through all four

9. push brad through hole in center of square

10. fasten brad on reverse side

11. use two sheets of paper, back to back for double printed pinwheels

12. attach skewer or dowel to back of pinwheel with wire or glue gun

you’re done. so easy! these would make such a cute centerpiece for a summer party. or they would be sweet lining a pathway too!