cottages & bungalows {giveaway}

hello friends! remember this bathrooom makeover?

well, i was absolutely thrilled when cottages and bungalows magazine asked if they could feature it in there magazine. i seriously love this magazine!

i’ve been pouring over the pages. it’s surreal to see our bathroom in there. i showed matthias, but he didn’t seem overly impressed. but it’s exciting to me!

there are lots of great projects and inspiration. such a pretty mag.

thank you cottages and bungalows for featuring our bathroom makeover!

we’re doing a giveaway!  three lucky winners will each get a copy of the current issue and an oval wall hanging–customized with your own phrase and your choice of ribbon color!

all you need to do is hop over to cottages and bungalows and ‘like’ their facebook page. and hey, leave them a comment and tell them lisa leonard sent you!

then leave a comment below and tell us how you would spend $100 in your home for a fast, easy facelift. we’ll randomly choose a winner in the next couple days. good luck!


  1. with $100, i would buy a slipcover for the sofa and love seat at the catalog return shop for $50 but use it to only cover the frame and arms.

    then i would buy 2 of the 5-yard longaberger fabric lots and recover the cushions in co-ordinating fabrics, a different pattern on each side. i’ll make some throw pillow covers with the leftovers, with 2 different prints. it should be colorful and easy to wash, if need be.

    and it will cost exactly $100 and a bit of upcycling!

  2. Have you ever watched Sara’s summer cottage on HDTV? Love that series. I would use $100 to hang pictures!

  3. I think I would take the $100 and buy material to make new curtains for as many common areas of the house as I could. A litle pop of color can sure brighten my day (and when Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!),

  4. Would probably paint my kitchen and living room. Thanks for the chance to win. And congrats on the mag article. So cool 🙂

  5. i liked their FB page!
    hmmm $100 would likely help purchase paint for my bedroom & some new shabby chic ruffled pillows!
    thanks!! love your blog lisa!!

  6. I went over and liked C&B. I would love to finish painting my living room, adding some organizational baskets and painting a table to make it all come together.

  7. i liked their fb page.

    $100.00 – would definitely paint my bedroom. i totally dislike the colour. it is a brownish pink colour. would change it to a chocolate brown or a greyish colour!

  8. nice score with the magazine article!!! do you write for them regularly? (and i liked the FB page!) am currently in a been-here-for-three-years-and-am-still-living-in-a-pepto-pink-master-bedroom syndrome. was actually at the home depot today looking at colour schemes… i think paint is seriously my first step to freedom.

  9. Liked the FB page and told them you sent me.

    With $100, I would buy a new shower curtain and new window coverings…ah! so fun!

  10. Congrats on the spread!! How exciting.

    I would spend $100 on funky, unique picture frames!! I would love to have an extended family photo wall!

  11. Congrats on your bathroom makeover feature! We would finish a bathroom we’re doing ourselves as well – thanks for the inspiration:)

  12. I would use it to redo our dining room so that we have a nice area for our family to eat dinner together!!

  13. My son’s/guest bathroom is in SERIOUS need of a makeover. I’d definitely start with some paint and a new shower curtain!

  14. How exciting that your bathroom makeover was featured!

    As far as remodels, the entire house needs work, but I would start with my guest bathroom. The decorations are from the early 90’s (gasp), plus it needs some paint.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I like Cottages and Bungalows on Facebook and told them you sent me (Michelle Hudak)
    I’d use the $100 for paint and new curtains for my dining room. The walls are pretty dingy and the curtains blah and boring. I’d probably pick up the fabric and sew them myself so I could use some of the yardage to make placemats for my dining room table too.

  16. We’re moving in a couple months and I need to re-do the kids bath!! It needs, paint, new lighting and some fun accessories! Love that you got featured in the magazine. 🙂

  17. Hi Lisa!! Oh gosh…not sure where to even begin. We just moved into a new place. It needs to be painted top to bottom and I need a bunch of new furniture pieces etc. So I guess I’d put the $100 toward one of those things.
    Congrats on the Cottages and Bungalows feature!!

  18. Paint, a few throw rugs and a couple of blankets would really make a huge difference in the apartment I have.

  19. So cool having your bathroom featured.
    How would I spend $100…new colour in the bedroom, rip the wallpaper of the walls in the kitchen…and a new colour in the kitchen. And finally…a carpet cleaner for the livingroom. I’d have a whole new looking house with that $100. 🙂

  20. I love Cottages and Bungalows. They are going to be featuring my Personalized Pumpkins in an upcoming issue. If I have $100… it would probably go towards more functional, but cute storage. Not only for my toddlers toys, but for my office/craft room where I run my business. 🙂

  21. Hello~ love that magazine! I would spend $100 sprucing up my bathroom…it’s had the same look since we moved into our home 9 years ago. It’s about time for a new shower curtain, paint on the walls, a magazine holder, & some new accessories would be wonderful!

  22. New paint and Ikea bedlinens for our master bedroom…and some fun throw pillows. This room needs to be brightened up!

  23. I recently was inspired by a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii to re-do our TV room. With $100 I’d buy a can of gray paint to go on the walls, big fluffy patterned pillows in coral and white. And possibly a storage ottoman for the kids toys.

  24. I would use the money to make my living room look nicer. With kids its so hard. Trying to buy things that are not breakable or dangerous. I want to invest in Flameless candles. I love candles but don’t want them around the kids. this seems like the ideal thing to buy.

  25. I would use $100 to repaint and spruce up my daughter’s bathroom. The colors don’t fit her maturing personality anymore…

  26. Congratulations Lisa! I remember that post and appreciated what a large visual impact you achieved with some easy additions. I would use the $100 in my studio.

    Again congratulations, you are a very inspiring business woman!

  27. That is so fun! Your bathroom is adorable….perfect for 2 boys! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I would spend 100 bucks on making my living room have more color! It really needs a facelift!

  28. I would spend $100 on our living area which very bare….maybe print some photos…buy some frames…paint a wall..something.

  29. I would spend the 100.00 on my backyard or my girls’ room! They both could use a mini makeover and that would do the trick:)

  30. I’m not on Facebook so hopefully I can still enter. I would use $100 to have a bunch of our trip photos printed and framed. We currently don’t have ANYTHING hanging on our house walls which is so sad. We’ve traveled a lot of cool places together and I know the photos would make me happy.

  31. $100 would be welcomed to add some paint or accessories to a boring wall I have in my family room. I have been wanting to add some shelving and black and white family photos and some little pops of color.Thank you for the opportunity to win a custom designed Lisa Leonard plaque…her designs are simply stated and elegant and would be the best part of the win!

  32. I think I would plank the ceiling and repaint our half bath. I still like the color, but I’d like it to flow a bit better with the rooms around it. And who doesn’t love a nice whitewashed plank ceiling? So fun!!

  33. Today $100 dollars would go towards new slip covers for my sofa & loveseat. Other times, I might buy some flowers and new towels or somthing pretty for a special touch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. How exciting for you ! I love that mag. I would put it towards a new chandelier for our master bathroom, I’ve always wanted one in there.

    I now like Cottages & bungalows on fb!!

  35. We’re in the process of redecorating our living room so if I had $100 I would buy more wonderful decor items to add to it. We really want to create a large DIY art piece to hang over the couch or a really great beveled mirror hung on ribbon…so I’d probably spend it on that! Hope I win!

  36. What a fabulous idea for a giveaway!! I would use the 100 dollars for some much needed paint and accessories for my house–being that I’m a Kinder teacher, I NOW, finally have the time to do some much needed redecorating for the remainder of the summer!! What fun!!

  37. How neat to see your space in a magazine. I would use $100 to pretty up my foyer. It is the first thing everyone sees when they walk in and it is so a work in progress. :)!Paint, a little table, and some deco stuff-oooh what fun!

  38. That is so exciting to see your house in a magazine!! yay – love it!! And I would use $100 to buy some paint to put some pops of color into my backyard (bench, table & chairs)!

  39. Just painted the master bedroom to match the duvet we got as a wedding gift. The extra $100 would go towards getting those cute little items (throw pillows, rugs, etc.) we don’t usually spend money on. Loved the magazine spread!!

  40. Oh my fast easy fix for $100…. well it would be our half bath for sure… I have it almost all done except for the paint on the wall… and crown molding! The Extra $100.00 would for sure pay for someone to help me with those last few items!!

  41. for $100 I would spend part of it on your adorable wall hanging that says “brush your teeth” for my kids. I say that every single day! And I have been telling my daughter she should put a sign up to remind herself and she agreed, making a post it note!!

    Also, I would look for a vintage mirror in thrift stores, paint it aqua, and look for a cool vintage way to store towels.

  42. Your bathroom is adorable!!! How fun to see it on print. If I had an extra $100 I would purchase canvas prints or funky art or fun paint colors to decorate my rented house.

  43. Awesome bathroom!

    I’m embarrassingly excited about this giveaway! I’d love to use the $100 in my kitchen-the room that is the constant heavy lifter of the house but gets the least attention! I would buy stuff that I often look at but pass up-a new rug, utensils, colander, etc…

  44. yay! i would spend $100 and do some fun/cheap/easy window treatments or get a really bold paint color and go crazy in my new living room.

    i can’t wait to check out this magazine! it looks awesome. love the colors you chose in your bathroom!

  45. How fun Lisa! Congrats on being featured in the magazine!!!

    I would use $100 to paint my kitchen and dining room and then have some photo prints framed to spruce up the freshly painted walls.

  46. I would love to use it for my boys bathroom … I have so many great ideas ! I love, love, love the “brush your teeth” oval hanging !

  47. Right now $100 would go to making a nursery for our surprise baby #5 due in Oct. We need to make HIM feel welcome amoungst his 4 sisters!!!

  48. I liked their facebook page. I would spend the $100.00 by buying paint- it gives anything a quick update.

  49. I would love to repaint some older pieces of furniture. A fresh coat of bright paint can make a world of a difference and change the look of a room!

  50. congrats on the magazine feature! i think i would have to frame the pics of the mag and put on the bathroom wall!! how would i spent the money? hmm…i would buy new slipcover for my couch and add some pillows that i found on an etsy shop to the love seat. thank you for a chance to win the mag.

  51. my bathroom could use a good do over as well and it’s on my fix it up list. Our house is 208 years old and when I bought it in 2006 the older folks had let it go. Were still repairing the old gal and it needs a never ending list of repairs. I could use a $100 a couple times over with a couple more zeros lol thanks Lisa !

  52. I would change up the knobs on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Such a small piece that ties everything together. If you add fun, funky ones, it really adds a touch of flair!

  53. Like everyone else, I’d buy paint. Our yellow kitchen is too much too bear! Another project would be to re-cover our dining room chairs.

  54. oooh, with $100 i would paint (or have my husband paint) my 1950’s wood cabinets white to give our kitchen a huge update! and there are a lot of cabinets so it probably would really cost $100. : )

  55. Congratulations, Lisa!
    I’m torn between two projects…
    1. I’d like to do some creative storage options in my craft/sewing/start-a-new-business room. =D It’s in our loft, has slanted ceilings and great view. Just not sure how organize it best.
    2. I’ve used our garage the last couple years for a Thanksgiving Feast, in order to accomodate our family around one large table. It would be great to make the atmosphere even better. And Thanksgiving just around the corner!!

  56. Easy….our new sunroom! Our roof caved after all the snow and we’re finally rebuilding! Love the bathroom!

  57. Ooh. We would love to paint our entryway/main hall and if there was any to spare I’d hunt for some fun treasure to hang in the entry.

  58. Congrats on the magazine feature!!! I would use the $100 for my bedroom and probably the living room too. Paint, a few pieces here and there…but mostly paint first because that is an instant fix and change! 🙂

  59. The bathroom makeover is lovely, and how cool that it’s in a magazine. Congrats! I would spend the $100 on an updates kitchen faucet. My leakes and spurts so I drool over the beautiful faucets at the local home improvement store.

  60. I would makeover our master bedroom since that is where we spend most of our time and it should be the best room in the house. I would first paint it a warm neutral color, some cute window treatments to spice it up a little, then hang family pics on the wall, and would love to get a cute, vintage light fixture, maybe a chandelier!

  61. I’m became their facebook fan!
    My master bedroom could definitely use some sprucing…doesn’t feel much like the calming retreat from my chaotic children that it should be.

  62. How can a bathroom be soooo cute?!?! I love everything in there! I’d probably just live in that bathroom. Anyways… $100 could probably go towards some pretty plants and flowers for both inside and out. 🙂

  63. I would use $100 to purchase paint and make a shower curtain for our main bath…it’s a little plain!

  64. Well we are trying to sell our house so I would probably hire a staging professional to help us make the most of what we have!

  65. I’d spend the money in my husband’s hometown at a resale or antique shop on something beautiful to take home and remind us of this place (where we are currently on vacation). Your blog has so inspired me to fill my home with meaningful, well-loved, not-new items.

  66. If I could pick one area of the house, it would be the family room. It is in need of some new throw pillows and some cute, artsy decorations for the mantle.

  67. I would buy some fabric to redo the arm ends of our sofa – just a little something different to change the whole look!

  68. I would put $100 into fun kitchen decor. We’re in the process of renovating it, but have still not finished the backsplash, floors or painted. It will need some wall art eventually!

  69. Man! I don’t facebook but have been in love with your style since I stumbled across your site. We’re in the process of buying a house after renting and moving the last two years. I’m so excited about owning and decorating again. The first hundred dollars will be spent on making our own breakfast nook table.

  70. Hmmmm – so many choices, so little time! I think I would have to change paint color, buy a few accessories and do some cute DIY projects that I have been wanting to try! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. We have a small condo, so I think for $100, we could probably paint every room. I am so dreaming of gray walls. The beige must go!

    Congratulations on your room getting published, by the way! That is so neat!

  72. What a great giveaway! I would definitely use the $100 to add some stuff to my walls, and I could always use it to finish some painting. The possibilities are endless! 🙂

  73. I f I had an extra $100, I’d spend it on spray paint and fabric to re-decorate some mid-century dining room chairs that I got at re-sale. Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Hello, we just bought a new home about 6 months ago and I have decorated every room in the house with a color scheme or decorating theme, and the only room that makes no sense decorating wise is our living room, which also happens to be the room we spend most of our time in. I would love to hang some wall hangings and maybe add some lamps!!!

  75. Awesome on your bathroom being featured!!!! You have a wonderful sense of style, I’m so glad you get to share it with the world, you are so inspiring! If I had an extra $100 to spend on a home project, I would definately invest it in finishing out the wainscoting in our back room, it’s been only half-done for about 3 years!!!! (It could use some paint, too 🙂

  76. So cool, Lisa! I’d spend a $100 on paint for my living room. It’s the first room people walk into and it needs some refreshing!

  77. I think I would like to spruce up the kitchen chairs – maybe paint each one in a bright color. Our kitchen could use a facelift!

  78. I’m not a facebooker – so I hope this is good enough to sign me up for the random drawing! I would really love a little face-lifting in our master bedroom. I’ve just updated my kids bedrooms and ran all out of $$. 🙂

  79. How fun is that to see your beautiful bathroom in an awesome magazine! Congratulations! If I could use an extra $100 at the moment I would definitely get new bedding for my 2 year old daughters room. It is feeling a little blah and she needs something fun and bright to go along with her personality!

  80. wow! I loved that bathroom redo you did, have looked back at it at least a couple of times for ideas! I liked their facebook page and if I were to win, I should spend it on some organization for my office/scrapbook/nursery nap room, but I might just go for chocolate and a fun nap blanket to read that new issue on the couch with!

  81. I would do a wall collage, like the one you featured in your sister’s home. I have a big, empty wall that I see each time I walk in the front door that is just begging for something beautiful to be hung on it.

  82. I’d use the money on paint! We’ve been in our house for nine years – and it’s time to update some room colors!

  83. I would update my house with some pillow’s for my couch – that alway’s makes a huge difference in the room for not a whole lot of money !!!!

  84. I would buy some paint! I think paint always makes a room different and its an easy change 🙂
    Congratulations on your feature~pretty awesome!

  85. I think that I would use it to create some art. My house is in dire need of some colorful originality and I think my kids are up to the task!

  86. Hi, Lisa!
    So cool that you were featured in Cottages & Bungalows. I remember when you blogged about the bathroom facelift. If I had $100 for a little home facelift I would paint our bathroom a pretty periwinkle and get a really pretty tree decal to spice up our boring bathroom wall.

  87. With $100 I would buy all the paint I could..And I would paint away… A little paint on this wall.. Lots of paint on that wall.. A little paint for the little chair.. Some more paint for the big chair.. Paint this dresser and paint for that dresser… And some paint for some frames… Oh, paint! 🙂

  88. I would love to paint my guest room. I would love to give it that welcoming cottage flair. Right now it is just a plain bedroom…

  89. With $100, I would finally finish our bonus room. We split it up last and added a bedroom for our oldest daughter. Her room is done, but the bonus room still need to be painted and shelving for game/tv. Plus we need a sleeper sofa. That would help get us moving on this project.

  90. Itching to put crown molding in my living room to bring down the ceiling some. That $100 would be a great start on that project – at least materials.

    I’d love to paint my bathroom a fun color too.

  91. Exciting news, Congratulations!
    $100 . . . I would purchase a few colorful throw pillows to add some “pop” to our boring, tan living room.

  92. I just, just finished redoing my bathroom yesterday so I wouldn’t use the $100 there, but my living room could use some new pillows and a coat of paint plus maybe some new additions to my mantle!! I would sure lover to win it!!!

  93. How fun! I would use the money to build a bookcase in our office. We need more space for books and pretty, decorative things.

  94. BEADBOARD in the bathroom! i LOVE beadboard and i don’t have any but would love to put it everywhere!

  95. $100 would enable me to put together the wall hanging I’ve wanted to create since traveling to Spain a few years ago. I took a bunch of pictures of doors and would like to frame 8 of them, encircling a bronze key I bought in Segovia. It’ll be quite the framing job but I think it’ll turn out great and be a great focus piece in my living room.

  96. Definately paint… I’ve been wanting to paint our huge brick fireplace for years, and would love to brighten up the living room by painting it a warm white.

  97. Oh how cool! Congratulations!
    We are currently looking at houses, so when we buy that $100 will definitely come in handy to buy paint, or maybe towards blinds…shoot..Lowe’s or Home Depot will have something we need! 🙂

  98. Never seen that mag before. I’m going to have to watch for a copy 🙂 $100 would buy an awful lot of paint and I’ve got a couple of rooms that need updating. Paint would be just the thing…

  99. I would use the 100 dollars to buy some paint for my house. We moved in a year ago and at that time i liked that the whole house was painted brown, but now i am really getting tired of the colour being everywhere!

  100. Hi Lisa! Congrats on being featured! That is!!! I would spend $100 on paint and a few frames. I’m dying to make a ‘family wall’ of pictures….paint and frames would give me the push I need 🙂

  101. Our daughter has been sharing a room with her two younger brothers since they were around. With her third brother expected the same week of her 12th birthday in October she is FINALLY getting her own room! I’d use $100 to make her new space special for her. She deserves it!

  102. we’re about to close on our first home… and will be completely renovating it… so i’m sure there are plenty of ways to spend $100 in the house!!

  103. I think I’d do some painting. Our master bath as rose-colored sink, bathtub, and shower. It’s gross, but maybe the right paint and accessories would make it look intentional!

  104. Wow love the oval message of “brush your teeth” I have said that more times than I care to even think about. I would spend the $100.00 in my downstairs bathroom. We refinished our bathroom and I’m still adding my touches. There’s a picture I’m really wanting to add for my calm space.

  105. I would add in some pops of fun, fresh color – pillows, kitchen towels, ribbons or accents on lamp shades… who knows?! 🙂

  106. How Exciting for you guys!! CONGRATS!!!!
    We have just moved so $100 would not cover anything, heck $1000 wouldn’t cover everything-HA, but I would LOVE to have new bedding in my room!!!

  107. I love your bathroom makeover! I have been feeling the need to do a little makeover someplace in my house to. It feels good to switch things up a bit sometimes. 🙂

  108. I would make over my living room, my friend gave me a new rug, just couldn’t afford anything else at the moment! That 100 would come in so handy right now, Just lost the love of my life, atleast a living room makeover might just cheer a girl up!

    Congrats on being featured!

  109. Hi Lisa,
    I would spend the $100 on new paint for my living room and curtains for my master bedroom. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  110. I love Cottages and Bungalows magazine. The Bathroom feature was adorable!!! I would use $100.00 to redo my bathroom. Paint, some new towels and an adorable hanging item from Lisa Leonard!!! SOOO cute!

  111. I love that you got in a magazine:) I know we have never met but it’s like someone I know is featured in a magazine. I’d use the money to put the finishing touches on our master bedroom.

  112. Congrats on the feature! With $100 I would paint, paint and paint some more! And if there is any money left I would buy new bath towels! Nothing quite like new, clean, cozy bath towels! 😉

  113. What a great feature… and even better giveaway! Excited for the chance!
    Okay, so for $100, I would paint my daughter’s room and build her a big girl pallet bed (think ‘AshleyAnn’ style). I would sand down her dresser, paint it gray with a stencil pattern on it to match the walls. Oh, and if there was anything left, I’d have the hubby get some 1 x 4’s and make a few shelves for the work/craft room! WOO HOO!

  114. We just relocated from NY to MN and as I am putting the house together I am realizing I now have a laundry ROOM, not corner…so that moolah would be headed to redecorate that ROOM! 🙂

  115. I love your designs and I would buy $100 worth of paint to paint a spare room to turn into a craft area for me and repaint some garage sale tables I’ve had all summer! Being a teacher=low funds in the summer!!
    Thanks! -Becky

  116. We have one room that is a total disaster! It has our computer in it and all the kid’s toys. I would get some kind of cubby wall-unit to hold toys and books. Something functional yet practial that would help the space serve as both an office and toy room.

  117. Since I am not allowed to paint at our rental 🙁 , with a $100 room makeover I would section off a portion of the basement and make a little man cave type area for my husband because he deserves a place for himself. He would just love a little sectioned off area where he could play video games and what not. If Icould paint I would repaint my daughter’s nursery and a few finishing decorative elements.

  118. If I had $100- I would honestly spend it on fabric so I could change a few things in my house–such as curtains, pillows, etc. I think that would an easy way to make over my house –with pillows & curtains!

  119. 100 bucks could do wonders for both the bathroom. We have the most plain bathroom ever! I have great inspirtion in making it over, and I bet $100 dollars would be about right for what I have planned 😉 Now, I just need to make the time and set aside some funds to get it done 🙂

  120. That’s awesome that your bathroom was featured…great job! And I love the “brush your teeth” hanging!!!

    I “like” Cottages and Bungalows on FB and left them a comment.

    I am in the process of redo-ing my two girls’ bedrooms…a $100 would go a long way towards that!

    Love your blog!


  121. Hi Lisa,
    Congrats on getting your bathroom featured in the magazine! That is really neat!! I wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog and seeing pcitures that give me a glimpse of life on the west coast.
    Fun giveaway! If I had $100 to spend on my home, I would give my bedroom a much needed face lift. 🙂

  122. I just moved my daughter from a crib to a big-girl bed. And that is all the decorating I’ve done to the room so far. In fact the stickers on the wall are from the previous home owner – I’d customize her new room…

  123. I have some pictures of family that I have been wanting to frame. I would use it to get some new frames and get started on that wall project!

  124. we are moving into our first house, ever, next week! $100 would be excellent to beautify the patio. looking forward to lots of outdoor dinners. thanks for the chance to win!

  125. We’d use it to help redo the kids’ bathroom. It’s amazing the havoc 2 little boys can wreak on such a small room!

  126. Honestly, a cleaning lady would be an awesome makeover right now!
    I’d rather read the magazine than clean! Ha!

  127. wow.. the things i could do with $100! I would probably use it towards some fun vinyl and wall art. AND I would def. use it to add some color to some rooms and put family pictures up!!

  128. I would use $100 to update my son’s playroom. The walls need painted & I’d love to hand some cute art in there. 🙂

  129. With $100, I’d buy a few gallons of paint and cover up the ugly mustard color in my living room. Congrats on being featured in C&B! 🙂

  130. Love the walls in the bathroom. Too cool:)
    I dream of having a cottage in Newport Beach one day. For now I try to buy fun cottage accessories to make me feel i live by beach. So i would use 100.00 to buy cottage paint colors, mint greens and ocean blues, and lots of towels, and different colored buckets to put towels in.

  131. Great looking bathroom!! It gives me inspiration to update ours. So, that is probably what I would use the $100 towards.

  132. How fun – congrats! My house is in need of those final “touches” – the little things that complete each room. So, I’d use an extra $100 to finish up a few areas!

  133. How awesome to see your bathroom re-do in a magazine!! Congrats! I’d spend the money on some wall art and new paint colors to freshen things up.

  134. How very cool that you got featured! I went to FB and ‘liked’ the magazine (I’m for sure gonna pick it up the next time I”m at the store.) 🙂 I’m hoping to paint my kitchen cupboard white/ivory to brighten and lively up the space. Along with paint I’ll be adding new hardware, so I’d put the money towards paint or the new hardware. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  135. Something for our master bedroom… just moved our new baby to her own room and our room is looking kinda neglected. needs a little spice.

  136. I would buy PAINT!!!. We were very cautious with the paint colors we originally chose: beige, eggshell, off white…Now that we have gotten comfortable and made our house our home, it’s time to show our true colors: red, sage green, sky blue, buttercup…!

  137. Congrats on your feature! How exciting!! We are actually renovating our bathroom (and whole house right now) but with an extra $100, I would buy all new fluffy towels and washcloths and these adorable cast iron moose hooks to hang those towels on. 🙂

  138. I would use the $100 dollars for out side furniture! We are building a house and we are out in the country! I so want some out side furniture so I can enjoy the trees! Thanks! And congratulations on being in the magazine! Awesome! 🙂 Blessings!

  139. Very cool that your bathroom was featured!!!

    I think I would use the $ to get working on decorating the walls in our great room. They are just so big and empty now because I’m not sure what to do with them yet. Thanks!

  140. I’d never even heard of this magazine until I saw this – probably because I’m from Canada and I’m a stay-at-home-mom that doesn’t get time to browse the magazine stands. It’s a lovely magazine.
    If I had an extra $100 kicking around that was just for home decor, I would buy paint. I detest the wall colour in my bedroom. It’s a dark burgundy colour that was painted poorly and makes me angry whenever I go in. I’d like to lighten it up.
    Congratulation on your magazine spread!

  141. Love the bathroom pictures above. I would use the $100 to spruce up my bathroom or my bedroom. I haven’t done anything with either since we moved in. Both of our girls have their bedrooms painted in bright colors but just haven’t the extra cash to do anything with my rooms.

  142. I would love to purchase a new dining room light fixture since the one that is in there now is SO outdated and not my taste! Thanks!!!

  143. Congrats on the magazine! I love that magazine! I would put the $100 towards a window seat that my husband has promised to make for me sometime soon…

  144. i have been dying to get a glass screen door for our front door. it would make it so nice during the spring time to be able to leave the front door open!

  145. How wonderfully awesome for you to be featured in a mag! The makeover is print worthy!! It is funny you ask the question today about what would I make over w/an $100. I actually was laying awake last night thinking about this exact thing. I would (and I am not just saying this)redo my main bathroom. We have lived in our house for 7yrs and it has never been repainted. I was trying to think of what I could to spruce it up, and thought repaint and new accents.

  146. Congrats! I would take the $100 and buy some new towels for the master bath. I think it would spruce it up a bit and add a little color. My towel are white and I am getting bored!

  147. Congrats on the magazine spread! I would love to find a vintage chair for the corner of my dining room, something that helps me achieve the beach cottage look!

  148. Sounds and looks like a great magazine! I would get a much needed slipcover (or fabric for) a much needed covering of our couch or old club chair….:)

  149. I would create a collage wall for my family pictures. It seems that my refrigerator ‘s at maximum capacity for anything else covering the front of it!

  150. I would love $100 to replace and update some decorative picture frames that hold pictures of our little girls and family. Anything left over would go toward some new throw pillows for our family room. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  151. Hmm…I would have to decide between new paint for my living room/kitchen. Or, new cute fabric to create a curtain to cover my washer/dryer. Fun!

  152. I’d spend $100 on throw pillows for our bed! My husbands Grandma made our quilt, and I love it. I just need to accessorize it a little!

  153. With $100…hmm…I think I would put it toward a nice piece for our wall where we want to put a wine stand/rack, OR we are going to put a vanity in our powder room, so that would definitely work too 😉 Your wall hanging could look great over my future wine area haha 😉 Thx!

  154. I would use $100 to jump start our courtyard project…a peaceful place, bench, rock floor, pretty flower pots…all to enjoy the outside world =) -It is still attached to our house…so it counts, right? lol

  155. What a great combo! The magazine and this oval! Love it all! I would totally spend e money on a quick uplift for my living room. We bought our house a year ago and still haven’t been able to paint and give our main living space a much needed facelift!

  156. Oh wow! I can’t believe I don’t know about this magazine. Looks like one I could get totally lost in! Hmmm….$100 for the house could help pay for fabric to cover my favorite chair or a new shelf in my studio. So many possibilities!

  157. I would use the money for fabric for curtains in our newly painted living room, and some other decor items too. Preferrably some vintage finds from a flea market! 🙂

  158. So fun! Congrats on the feature! One of my other fav bloggers has several of her rooms featured in this magazine too so I better run and buy a copy quickly!

  159. I’d use the money to do a nice update to the kids bath..maybe some beadboard wallpaper, 3 towel hook for 3 kids and so on.

  160. congrats! VERY cute bathroom 🙂 $100 would go a long way at my house…i think i would tackle the dinning room, it needs a lift! to make the money stretch i would re-finish the table and chairs, paint (of course :)) then spend a good amount getting and light fixture with a wall switch (callin the pros, who are friends and will do it for pizza;)) did i mention our home was built in 1899? no switches!! some accesories and fabric for curtains 🙂 ahhh, dreaming is so much fun!

  161. I liked Cottages & Bungalows to FB and told them you sent me. I would spend $100 on decorative pillows and a throw for my family room – it needs some ‘softening’. Thanks!

  162. $100??? I would DIY some new curtains for my living room. My husband and I have been counting the days until we could focus on that project. Our current vertical blinds have got-to-go!!

  163. I have four daughters under the age of 8, so if I were to have an extra $100.00…I would redo their “decor” in their bathroom for them. They need something fun and girlie!!!

  164. How cool to be in such a neat mag. We are getting ready to repaint a small toyroom, so I would use the money to buy paint and some neat cubbies for toys and legos. Thanks!

  165. Wow! 100$ is not much. There’s so much lifting to do in my house! lol I need a new painting or something for my living room and I’d change the paint color in my bedroom.

  166. an extra $100 would be SO nice… I think it’d spend it on knobs for all the kitchen cabinets, and if there is any extra… new door knobs for some of the bedroom doors!

  167. I liked cottages and bungalows. I often look through their mag and pick it up at the store. Thanks for pointing out their facebook page and for the contest. Congrats on being featured!!

    What would I do with $100? I desperately need toy storage and bookshelves for my kids. I would definitely use the money to make or buy those! I have so many other updates that I’d like to do and some that need to be done. But those are the most important!

  168. Awesome feature. I love that the boys’ bathroom is beach-inspired, but not too in-your-face! If I had an extra $100, I would buy white canvas to slipcover our couch!

  169. i bet that was a fun and nice surprise to be featured in their magazine! : ) if i had an extra $100 to put towards home stuff….organizational tools would be the buy for me! i want things more simple and ORGANIZED! too much stuff!

  170. I have three bathrooms that need updating, so I would probably buy lots of paint for the walls and cabinets! Such a great giveaway! Thank you!

  171. $100 and a quick fix – I’d choose paint. I have so many spots that need just a touch-up to look fresh but I just haven’t done it.

  172. Congrats! If I had $100 to spend in our home it would most likely go toward fabrics for whatever project i come up with next. I love patterns and textiles!


  173. If I had an extra $100 I would use it towards paint for both of my daughter’s bedrooms. One is 8 now and her room has not been painted/redecorated since she was a baby. It is long past due. Thanks for the chance.

  174. With $100 big ones, I would buy some new picture frames to put out even more pics of my loved ones so that I could retire some rather old and tired frames.

  175. We move into our newish house in September and I’m so stoke to beautify the kitchen! Any amount of $$$ would go a long way to help it out. Talk about bland! Can’t wait to give it some color and flair.

  176. It wouldn’t be fast, but I desperately need to get rid of the burgundy hearts/stripes wall paper in our living room!!

  177. Liked Cottages & Bungalows on facebook. Also told them you sent me. Great magazine. If I had $100 extra dollars I would probably go to a antique store and find some thing interesting for the house. Love old dishes, linens, rugs, and to much more.

  178. Paint is the easiest way to breathe new life into a tired space, so that is where I would spend $100. Livingroom first! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Congrats on the feature!

  179. That is too cool! Congratulations!

    If I had an extra $100 I would have my handy hubby build me some new selves for my sewing studio. It would be so nice to go vertical!

  180. I want to turn an extra bedroom we have into a game room for my 9 year old. 100.00 would sure help to do that. Thanks for the chance to win.

  181. What fun to have your bathroom featured! It’s beautiful! With $100 I would get some fun throw pillows to liven up our living room!

  182. I liked their FB page.

    I would use $100 to spruce up my bedroom. Right now it’s pretty blah. We just put leftover furniture that didn’t go with the rest of the house into our bedroom. Maybe get some matching accessories to bring the whole room together!

  183. I would get a few new throw rugs for my entryway and kitchen. Love the magazine and LOVE Lisa Leonard!!

  184. Hi Lisa!
    Congrats on the publication! Your renovation is a great way to quickly freshen up a space.

    With $100 I’d buy a few gallons of paint and spruce up my living room and bedroom.

    Congrats again!

  185. I would paint my livingroom the perfect shade of gray…needing to change it up a bit. A new paint color does wonders and is quite affordable. It is next on my to do list.

  186. Defs would spend money on new paint for my kids room. Highly neglected and I’ve been wanting to get in there and do something fun and amazing!

  187. “Liked” their FB page – too cool being featured in the magazine! – With $100 I would DEFINITELY buy some new bedding for my bedroom…it has been TOOOO long (like 12yrs – YIKES!!!) Thanks for the chances to win! <3 <3 <3 your stuff!!!

  188. I think a new splash of color with a fresh coat of paint and some new throws and pillows on the sofa would give a nice facelift to my living room and all for $100. I love the look of your new bathroom!

  189. Congrats! How exciting!!! 🙂
    I would definitely make over my bathroom – it needs a facelift! A new shelf, fresh coat of paint and maybe a few new pictures! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  190. I would hit up some local antique stores and put that $100 towards a really cute piece of furniture for my studio! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  191. I would put $100 towards some organization in my boys’ room. They are certainly in a transition from “little boy” to “big boy” and their room needs to reflect that growth, and needs to be cleaned out!

  192. Congrats on the magazine! My husband bought me a necklace from you for my first Mother’s Day and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent my friends to your website 🙂 You def deserve to be recognized for your awesome jewelry and home decor!
    If I had an extra $100 for my house, I’d definitely go to my nearest Michael’s and load up on tons of craft materials. I’m a big sucker for DIY projects and you get the best bang for you buck when you get to use up the leftover scrap for random craft ideas.

  193. It is so amazing that you were featured in that magazine! After moving back into my childhood room again I would to add my grown up touches to it, so I would spend the money on paint and a pretty new fan. Lol It is hot on Florida.

  194. Since I am in the process of painting all the rooms on our second floor – the $100 would go towards my paint fund. Or maybe new towels for the master bathroom 🙂

  195. I’m moving into my first apartment next week! So I’d spend the $100 on some cute new things for our apartment, maybe some inexpensive art for the wall or some cute decorations to make it feel like home! That’s so cool that your bathroom made it into a magazine!

  196. Hi Lisa…I am always inspired by your fabulous creativity and I think I would use the $100 dollars to spiffy up my kids bathroom. They are growing up and the kiddie moftif in there now is starting to become outdated.

    Happy summer… 🙂

  197. Hey Lisa! Love love love the bathroom and so fun to have it published! Woo hoo!! With $100 I’d definitely work on my kids’ rooms…my daughter is going to college next month, so we are moving rooms around and I could put that money to use in a heartbeat!! 🙂

  198. I would paint! I wish I had the time and money to just concentrate on one room at a time, but with 5 kids all 3 and under we don’t have that kind of extra I would paint! Each room would get the color I want it to be! Even with our picture frames, shelves, etc, just adding paint would do so much!! Thank you for this giveaway and congratulations on having your bathroom makeover featured! That is wonderful!!

  199. If i got a $100 i would probably buy some great fabric to make some pillows for my livingroom to bring more colour into it or get a new comforter cover for my bedroom to brighten it up or even get my white picture frames i want for my picture wall i’m wanting to finish = ) So many projects and ideas on the go right now in my head…..

  200. Congrats on your feature! How exciting! I liked C&B over on Facebook. Right now I’d probably spend the $100 painting my kitchen cabinets and giving it a little makeover. It’s the tiniest kitchen ever, so $100 would probably cover it for sure.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Fun, fun!! With $100 I’d either buy paint, a new bedding set if focusing on my bedroom, or hit a junk/antique store and load up on projects that I don’t have time for!!

  202. I think I would spend $100 to spruce up my kitchen. It needs to look a little more cohesive than it does currently. Especially since it is so visible.

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  203. I would definitely put it toward a makeover for my oldest son’s room! He is becoming a teenager and needs a room that reflects how ubercool he is! 😉

  204. wow…so cool…what a fabulous bathroom….and to have it featured in a magazine…so awesome…i don’t even take photos of my bathroom..they are on the list to be done, but way down on the list…ha!

    i just love all of your stuff…you amaze me with your creativity! i would totally spend a $100 on my entry way to jazz it up…it currently has ugly cement floors & needs a cute sign to welcome visitors and friends!

  205. I am looking to spruce up my living room with maybe some new throw pillows, some decorative items (in a beachy theme), maybe some cute pictures — definitely would be fun to have $100 to play with!

  206. That’s fantastic!! Looks great!! I’d spend the extra dinero on redoing the mud room/entry way! I’d add some storage and a bench with a colorful cushion! The add a fun mirror with a shelf and hooks! in hopes of organizing that area and making a good first impression on our guests!

  207. I would start the redo in my masterbath – it’s horribly out of date and the space is crazy unusable. I need a kick start to get my hiney in gear. And I really need a great idea. I’d lve to use red and…..well red….and some type of blue. Send in the help.

  208. I would totally spend $100 dollars on window treatments or possibly a great deal on a rug for the living room…. those are two things I am desperately lacking.

  209. for a quick fix at my house I would probably update our jack n jill bathroon with some new paint. Grandmothers house, and everything is the same color. 🙁 some paint and maybe a few accessories would spruce it up nice.

  210. too fun!! congratulations, lisa! unlike matty, i’m super impressed!

    $100? i’d probably head over to one of my fav antique stores. i’m getting kind of full of vintage windows (but could always find a place for one more!), but would love some rockin’ accessories.

  211. Love love love Lisa Leonard!! I also think that I will love Cottages and Bungalows magazine. The Bathroom feature was adorable!!! I would use $100.00 to redo my bathroom. Paint, some new towels and an adorable hanging item from Lisa Leonard!!! SOOO cute!

  212. Congratulations!! Soo exciting. I am totally loving this giveaway too! I hope to be one of the lucky 3 winners(:

    If I had an extra $100 dollars to spend I would put it to use in my master bedroom. I’m thinking bold black and white drapes and a new bedspread!

  213. Done! I would love $100 to decorate my girl’s room. My 2 yr old is moving into her older sisters (14 yrs old) room and it would be fun to do something they both can agree on.

  214. So cool to be featured in a magazine! I think I would use the $100 to buy paint…you can get a lot of paint for that amount of money and the possibilities are limitless!

  215. That is so awesome! I love that bathroom, the colors are fantastic. I think I’d spend the extra bucks on some new fresh, fun and bright window treatments!

  216. Great giveaway! I would spend the $100 dollars on accessories for the house. I need more decorations for the walls and shelves.

  217. Congrats on the feature! With $100 I would definitely spruce up our office/ guest room. Its become a hold all for lost items and needs a little something to tie it all together.

  218. Would definitely spend it on the baby’s nursery. He’s coming in October, and we have a lot of work to do.

  219. I would use the $100 for my bathroom. We just moved in a few months ago… and that is one room that got NO attention! It really needs a face lift… like NOW!

  220. How fun is that!? Congrats on having your bathroom featured (and your beautiful work too!) We just moved about a month ago and I’m slowly, slowly working on getting our house put together (Posted the first of the “after” pictures today, which are more like “During” pictures because it’s not done!) but I think I’d spend an extra $100 on my art room…It’s the one that needs the most work!

    🙂 Thanks for the chance to win and congrats again!

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