hippity hoppity.



did you know easter is april 4th this year?

insane! i don’t want it to sneak up on me.

(the way march did, hello march!)

so i’ve already been helping the easter bunny gather some items for baskets

(new crayons, bubbles, candy)

and i ordered these easter shirts for the boys.



and while the boys were sick over the weekend we needed a quick project.

so i pulled out plastic eggs, white glue and tissue paper.

paper mache eggs. perfect!



the eggs had holes in the top

so we strung fishing line through some of the eggs

and i hung them from the chandelier with some pompoms ribbon.


hard to believe it’s already march and easter is right around the corner!

how do you celebrate easter?


  1. I like your craft idea for the easter eggs. Maybe we’ll have to do something similar. We do try to do an easter egg hunt every year, but otherwise the details of easter vary widely! I will have up some st patricks day decor for a couple weeks and then we’ll start with easter. it is early this year!

  2. My husband and I split easter with the parents each year. There aren’t any little kids really running around yet, so it’s a fairly mellow event. Good food and good company. 🙂

    I remember when I was a child we would go to my Aunt and Uncle’s each year. They would host elaborate Easter Egg hunts and the elusive Golden Egg Hunt. I remember the excitement and all the laughter. I’m proud to say I did find the Golden Egg once. 🙂

    LOVE the chandelier and the eggs!! I can’t believe it’s already March!!!

    Have a blessed day!



  3. Hello Sweet Lisa!
    I said the same thing today…so hard to believe it is MARCH…March always means summer is just around the corner…that’s WHY I froze the fudge I made the other day…and have not bought any MALTED EASTER EGGS (my fave) yet!!!!!
    What a fun project for the boys…and I adore the RL Easter shirts…I hope you got brave and ordered the PINK checked! ;o)
    Happy Day Sweetpea!

  4. Firstly, I adore your gorgeous chandelier. We have wall sconce chandelier over our spa bath in our bathroom, a gorgeous small italian chandelier over our dining room table and another slightly larger one in our living room. Our house is a lovely, warm, country-style home with a verandah right around it and the chandeliers look just perfect!

    I LOVE making handmade marshmallow, choc coated easter eggs to give away. Yikes, thank you so much for reminding me that easter is earlier this year! Smiles, Philippa

  5. My Easter is spent at my husband’s grandmother’s house. She makes the most amazing homemade ravioli for Easter. It is divine.

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