celebrating adoption {the talleys}

answering questions {videos}, thoughts By February 15, 2011 33 Comments

our sweet friends the talleys adopted their son daniel from ethiopia a couple years ago. he joined their two girls and brings a lot of happy energy and BOY to their family. i made a little video of their family in celebration of our new chosen {adoption} necklace. scroll down to see pics of the new necklace. i love the idea of choosing to be together. and i love this sweet little family.

do you know anyone who has adopted internationally?


blissdom {2011}

answering questions {videos}, blog friends By February 1, 2011 50 Comments

blissdom was a whirlwind of being with friends, meeting new people, learning and getting inspired. the above photo is scott stratten from unmarketing.

opryland is a like a small city and i won’t tell you how many times i got lost! it’s beautiful, though!

so many sweet friends! i’m thankful to be able to join these events and know these amazing ladies! below is a little video i put together. this week’s question, ‘how was blissdom?’ other questions, ‘is it okay for 8 people to jump in an elevator?’ and ‘how was the mango torte?’

have you ever been to a blog conference?


just to let you know me better! {answering questions}

answering questions {videos} By January 11, 2011 83 Comments

i’m starting a new weekly series, where i answer one question via video. it’s just for fun and just to let you guys get to know me better!

below is my first video where i answer a question on a very serious topic, that’s close to my heart. ha!

if you have a question for me, leave it in the comments below and i’ll try to answer it in an upcoming video!

question one from lisa leonard on Vimeo.


morning walking and wishing you were with me…

finding beauty, videos By January 5, 2011 34 Comments

i took a walk this morning and wished you were with me.

we’d be bundled up {it’s cooold outside} and sipping coffee.

i’d tell you how i had a great day with the boys yesterday, but then got really grumpy at bedtime. and you’d listen and tell me it’s okay.

then you’d tell me how you felt blah this morning and just wanted to stay in bed. and i’d listen and nod.

and then we’d laugh about a funny story. and talk about how life is sometimes hard, but there is so much beauty. so much to be thankful for.

here’s a little video my walk this morning. it’s just about a minute and a half. song is ‘can’t go back now’ by the weepies. {love}

winter walk from lisa leonard on Vimeo.


after christmas fun

family, videos By December 30, 2010 17 Comments

we hosted 22 family members at our home this week. uncles, cousins, aunties, grandparents-it was such a sweet {and crazy} time. we loved having everyone together. i made a video of lots of little moments. mostly just hanging around, in jammies, playing and being together. i know the cousins are making memories they will carry forever and it makes my heart full.

after christmas 2010 from lisa leonard on Vimeo.

will you share a special memory for the last week or so with us?!