making me happy.

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it was a really long day today.

david and i drove south for cardiology testing to make sure he is stable for surgery.

i had a major meltdown in the doctor office-it wasn’t pretty.

but, i’ve been getting the run around and i’m tired of driving all over california

and david not getting the care and attention he needs.

and it’s no one person’s fault-it’s just tyring to coordinate lots of care providers

and today i hit my breaking point.

the good news is, as long as anesthesiology agrees, we have cardiac clearance

and can move forward with a CT scan under anesthesia tomorrow

and surgery on monday.


now time for happy thoughts!


things i’m loving…

1. pink blossoms popping up here and there

2. reminders of valentines

3. my new pink flats (target)

4. new pewter hearts and a giveaway

5. new, vintage painting of pink flowers

6. pink marshmallow hearts (and cocoa)


7…what’s making you happy today?


LA the not so fun way {updated}

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looong day today

but hopefully productive.

the ENT clinic called this morning to say they wouldn’t sedate david because he is congested.

but he’s congested because his nose is filled with a bump and he also has a cold.  bad combo.

and david’s pediatric ENT was in surgery all day

so we went to the ER and waited 5 hours to see if we could get the CT scan.

and finally we did.  big sigh.

so tomorrow we are hoping to meet with the pediatric ENT to find out the results

and map out an action plan.

the boys were such troopers.

matthias prayed last night and thanked God that we could take this fun trip.

he got a coloring book in the hospital gift shop and mcdonalds for lunch.

so easy to please!

and david was such a snuggler and didn’t complain at all.  sweet guy.

thank you for your sweet tweets and comments.  i am so so blessed by my online friends.

* * *

UPDATED We just got a call from the pediatric ENT. They were able to read the ct scan (phew!) and it looks like David has a mass that is completely blocking the left sinus cavity.  It is contained to the left sinus and does not extend into the brain or anything crazy like that.  They’re not sure what the mass is, and next week they will schedule him for outpatient surgery to remove the mass and send it to be examined.


this is good news so far!  feeling very, very relieved the mass isn’t any bigger than we feared.

we’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out what the mass is, but we suspect it’s probably a benign bump.

okay, now i need a massage and a glass of really good wine!


ugh, no news! {update #2}

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we drove to children’s hospital LA today

but they had scheduled david for a regular CT instead of a sedated CT.


3 hours in LA traffic and no answers.  big bummer.

did i call his doctor and give an earful?  um, yes.

i honestly don’t mind the time–i would drive anywhere, pay anything, and wait for hours

if it would help the situation.  it’s the lack of information and answers that’s wearing on me.

so we are scheduled to go in monday morning

they will admit him if he is still congested (he has a cold)

run a sedated CT and schedule surgery.

on a happier note,

i had the most delicious chocolate croissant and coffee this morning,

i found a cute dress at target yesterday

we had a blast playing at disneyland (gotta do something to fill the time!)

and david has been in pretty good spirits.

thank you again and again for your sweet comments, encouragement and prayers.

we are so grateful.  hugs, hugs!


david update {part 1}

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we drove down to LA to meet with a pediatric ENT

who did a quick examination of david’s nose

and confirmed yes, there is a bump inside

and he doesn’t know what it is, or why it’s there or if it’s a big deal or not.

even though i tried to push him to give us more by asking,

‘what does your gut tell you?’

and he said his gut wants a ct scan

and that surgery is inevitable in the next couple weeks.

so we are hanging out in southern california and waiting for a ct scan appointment.

and we’ll most likely plan the surgery for after blissdom.


you know how you feel fine, and you do all the things you usually do, like sip coffee and laugh at little jokes and bathe the kids and enjoy a great slice of pizza…and then someone gently puts their hand on your shoulder and asks you if you’re okay and you suddenly fall to pieces?  that’s pretty much where i’m at.  i really think it’s all going to resolved easily and quickly and we’ll look back and say, ‘that was a crazy few weeks’.  but when it comes to david, there is this really soft and tender part of my heart and seeing him in pain or at risk can turn me into a pile of mush.  man, i love that kid.


thank you so much for your sweet comments and tweets.

i’ve been reading them all day and they make me feel so loved.


david and his nose.

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i am happy to report that david’s tummy is feeling better .

he has been much less crampy and reflux-y.  we are so happy!

but a couple days ago while i was picking his nose

(don’t you pick your kids’ noses??)

i noticed a bump just inside the left nostril.

so we saw our pediatrician yesterday and the ENT today.

it looks like a benign polyp, but they want to do an MRI and see if there are other polyps or anything else to be concerned about.

we are driving down to children’s hospital in los angeles tomorrow morning to see a specialist.

they’ll probably schedule a simple surgery to remove the polyp(s).

we are hopeful that it will be simple and taken care of quickly.

in the meantime i am madly doing laundry, rescheduling meetings and getting the house in order since we weren’t planning on leaving town.

i’ll keep you updated.  and thanks for caring about our sweet david!


shake it like a polariod picture {updated}

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i found an awesome app for my iphone called shakeitphoto on shutter sisters via ali edwards.

it takes your iphone pic and turns it into a digital polariod.

totally addictive.

so yesterday i documented parts of our day in polaroids.

a very rainy day. very, very!

you can see my keyboard.  we spend a lot of time together!

i packed up markers, a notebook and snack for matthias so he could hang out at daddy’s office

while david and i headed over to radiology for more tummy xrays.

(still waiting for results, but i’ll update if i hear).

thank you for your kind comments yesterday.

i ‘ve been feeling frustrated and worried about david.

today’s a new, fresh start.  praying we get some answers today!

* * *


the GI office called and said david’s tummy xrays look great-no build up in the intestines, no excess gas on xrays.  so we are taking him off miralax to see if that helps with the cramping and pain.  hoping, hoping!!

* * *

and i’m over at (in)courage today.  so hop on over!


finding light

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we’ve had some seeerious rain the last couple days.

but also nice breaks, with lots of blue skies and sunlight.

i wandered outside to shoot some pics between downpours.

i love how everything looks and smells fresh after the rain.




then i set my computer on the kitchen table

so i could enjoy every ounce of sunlight.





finding {love} in the ordinary #3.

#2 was yesterday.  i forgot to number it, oops!

i took this pic with a flashlight set in the middle of a book.

the beam of light casts a glow in the shape of a heart.

and the book is a hymnal.  opened to my favorite hymn…come thou fount.

this guy sang it at our wedding.  i love that hymn.

what’s your favorite hymn?



and david.  sigh. he is still having a lot of discomfort.

lots of cramping and gas.  you probably don’t want to know all the details.

but he is tired and so am i.

i called the dr. again today to see what we should do.

praying that he’ll call back with a simple solution.

i hate to see him uncomfortable.  i want my happy guy.

* * *

sending hugs your way!


hello tuesday. hello friends. {updated}

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every single day, when i pick matthias up from school, he asks ‘did you get me a treat?’.  and almost always the answer is no, but every once in a while i bring something special.  and here’s a little treat for my sweet friends today-a dumdum just for you.  any flavor you’d like.  and their calorie free, because, um, it’s a photo.  can’t you imagine how yummy, though?



and today is a great day to shopping over at the pleated poppy.  i love her petal pushers.  so dang cute!  and matthias has a crayon roll that has saved us numerous church services/restaurants/waiting rooms.  she’s having an awesome sale, so enter code ‘blissdom’ for 15% anything!




and please, think and pray for david today.  we are visiting a GI doctor down south.  he has been having a lot of GI pain for last month or so and we are hopeful that we can find some answers.  when he’s not hurting he’s so happy, but after eating, reflux, throwing up, and difficult bedtimes have become almost the norm around here.  thank you for thinking of him today–i’ll keep you updated.


*** UPDATE***

Thank you, thank you for your prayers.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have friends far and wide that care about us.  The visit couldn’t have gone more smoothly.  We got straight in to see the doctor and right away he sent David over for x-rays.  The x-rays showed at least two partial obstructions in the large intestine.

The reason is because David isn’t able to completely clear his large intestine (get all the poop out) and so it builds up.  Even though he is already on a stool softener, we are ramping it up about 10x to get his bowels completely clear.  I just gave him the medicine–he has no idea what’s about to hit him!  Needless to say, we are staying home for a couple days.  Hopefully he will be MUCH more comfortable after we get through this.

Sending you all big big hugs!!