hello cottages and bungalows

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I picked up Cottages and Bungalows magazine at Barnes and Noble this weekend and was so excited to see my DIY heart branches inside! It’s a brand new week. How about some hellos?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

Hello Cottages and Bungalows. It’s one of my favorite mags! Like them on Facebook here.

Hello loving fall and leaves crunching underfoot.

Hello David’s eyes getting better. We’re using a topical steroid and it seems to be working!

Hello Matthias being obsessed with Spiderman lately. He’s one of my favorite superheros too!

Hello craving salted butterscotch pudding. Yum!

Hello big announcement and hello feeling so thankful for your amazing response!

Hello 25% off the entire site today!  Some of you are already knocking out your Christmas list. Use code earlybird for 25% off! Click here to shop.

Hello new things to share with you this week. I CAN’T WAIT!!

Hello praying for rain. California needs it so badly.

Hello brand new beautiful week. It’s going to be a good one, I can feel it.

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!


the impossible

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the impossible-01

There are many days where we do just fine. We have a rhythm that works.  Eggs are scrambled and coffee is poured. We cuddle on the couch and I pat David’s back or give Matthias soft scratches. There are baths with bubbles and clean clothes folded in drawers. The house is tidy {enough} and we have time to run and play in the park.

But woven in between the mundane, beautiful moments of the everyday are moments of anger and frustration. They sneak up on me when I least expect it.

Last week I found myself taking a look around the house and feeling a satisfied contentment with the imperfect. I’d had a productive morning of washing sheets, remaking beds and packing up too-small clothing to give to a thrift store. As I sat on the couch feeling like I had a hold on life, David pushed a toy off the table and it landed hard on my toe.

I’m blogging over at {in}courage today. Hop over to read the rest…


hello time with the markleys

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Hello friends! We are back from camping {I’ll share pics soon!} and jumping into a brand new week full of meetings, catching up and summer fun. Last week we got to see our dear friends, the Markleys. Sarah was my college roommate and we’ve been close since. Chad and Steve have become close friends as well and I’m so thankful! Sarah and Chad are the kind of friends who you can show up a half an hour late to their house and burst into tears. And they just hug you and love you, no questions asked. That’s exactly what happened last week, I was exhausted, on edge and we were running late. I fell apart and they loved me anyway. True friends are good for the soul.

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

How about some hellos?

Hello singing and playing. So fun.

Hello mexican food for lunch and sitting around for hours.

Hello laughing and joking.

Hello celebrating an every day occasion. Hello celebrating being together.

Hello splashing in the pool for hours.

Hello cutie.

Hello hard core relaxing!

Hello dear friend. I’m thankful for you.

Hello Matthias. Green eyes and refusing to smile–but I got him.

Hello David. You are such a love.

Hello Hope and David. They are the same age {Hope is 6 months older}. So sweet to see them together.

Hello tapping out tunes on a pretty piano.

Hello catching up on lots of laundry from camping.

Hello catching up on sleep from not sleeping well while camping {David had a hard time}

Hello being kind to myself after a very fun, very exhausting camping trip.

Hello huge, major clearance sale–did you see this?

Hello board meetings, mexican food and sitting outside for dinner.

Hello brand new week. There is grace for today. There is beauty in the brokenness. I’m saying hello to this day with an open heart. What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!


let’s sew together!

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Oh friends! Rubyellen of the adorable blog My Cakies has just released a book! And it’s beautiful! The photos are so inspiring and her voice comes through in the pages. If you sew or want to learn more about sewing, this book will spark ideas!

Ruby and her husband have four girls: Brave, True, Soul and Glow.

I want to make the robot for David’s birthday! And below, how AMAZING is that world map quilt?

Ruby has some no-sew projects like this bunting hanging on my mantle.

I’m thrilled for Ruby and her book. It’s simply lovely and sure to inspire you creatively!

Make sure to watch her trailer–it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Read Ruby’s blog here and shop her new book here!


elevate conference 2014

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Elevate blog conference was AMAZING! I had a blast. Can I tell you the truth? When I’m asked to speak at a conference I get so excited. Then as the conference gets closer I get SO NERVOUS. The morning of the conference I wanted to run and hide under blankets. But I put on my brave face and jumped in. This group of ladies was kind, honest and basically amazing. I made so many new friends. It was fabulous to spend a day connecting–not just on a surface level but actually getting to go deeper. So good for my soul. I have lots of pics to share with you!

That’s Cassaundra from The Blue Closet and Ashley from Little Miss Momma. Beautiful inside and out!

Me with Alissa from Diary of an Addict.

Chrissy from Let Me See You Sparkle and Stephanie from Life Created did a fun session on photography.

Fiskars was a sponsor and they gave each of us a pair of scissors which I was probably waaay too excited about. But aren’t good scissors just awesome?!

These garlands from Aidie’s Hideway are TOO AMAZING! And affordable!

Cell phone pics galore!

These bags!!! Just stop what you’re doing and go shop Sage & Harper. They are beautiful. And Ali, the creator is the SWEETEST. I love her.

My heart melted instantly melted with sweet baby Johnny.

New friends, old friends. Isn’t it wonderful to just get to know people? It stretches me but I love it.

These hoops by Blue Without You. I die. Love love love.

Smiles, dimples and again, a heart melted.

The warm glow of the sunset. I didn’t want it to end!

Alissa from The Printed Palette is an inspiration to me.

There were so.many.amazing women there. I wish I could tell you about each and every one and how they touched my heart and made me thankful to be part of this community. The conference fed my soul.

Have you been to a gathering or conference lately? Did it stretch you in good ways?


gabrielle turns one!

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My friend Stephanie Bryant {one of the founders of incourage} visited last week with her amazing husband and their adorable daughter, Gabrielle. We had so much fun talking, laughing, playing apples to apples and eating yummy food. Gabrielle was about to turn one so we pulled my aqua chair out into the backyard and snapped some pics of her. Isn’t she full of personality?

{cake toppers available here}

Happy birthday, Gabrielle! You are entirely lovable and ADORABLE!


one of the most amazing shops in Paso Robles {firefly gallery}

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Ready for some inspiration? Firefly Gallery has been one of my very favorite shops in Paso Robles since I first discovered them years ago. It’s a mother/daughter team that owns it–and they have an eye for design. And they carry our boutique collection which makes my heart so happy!! I stopped by last week and snapped some pics of their gorgeous shop. Take a look…

Paso Robles has some fabulous restaurants, vineyards and tasting rooms and boutiques. It’s about 30 minutes from San Luis Obispo–and worth the trip!

Make sure to follow Firefly Gallery on Instagram!

If you had $100 to spend in a boutique, would you spend it on books, clothes or housewares?


tragic loss … stay strong for love {ryan’s necklace}

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Hello friends,
My heart is grieving along with so much of the blogging and online community. Jacqui who blogs at Baby Boy Bakery lost her little boy in a tragic accident  on Friday evening.  He ran out into the street to get a frisbee and was hit by a car. The response to their story has been nothing short of amazing. The outpouring of love and grief gives me hope. We’ve created a special necklace to celebrate Ryan’s precious life.

I’m linking up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

This jumpsuit was on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and the shoes are from Target.

Ryan’s necklace is a tiny heart is strung on sterling filled chain and tied with a little red string.

Ryan’s necklace is $36 and $5 from the sale of each necklace goes directly to the family. You can see more about Ryan’s necklace here. You can read Ryan’s story here. You can see pictures of the family here. Please join me in praying for Ryan’s parents.

Thank you for being part of a community that loves others and journeys with them in their grief. I am so thankful to be a part of this community!


Interview with Cakies

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Rubyellen of Cakies is one of my very favorite bloggers. She is gorgeous and even more beautiful on the inside! She and her sweet girls {Brave, True, Soul and Glow} modeled for our Mother’s day look book. And I asked her a few questions so you can get to know her too!

What is something special you do for yourself?
I treat myself to big cup full of yogurt from Yogurtland every Friday.

As a mom, what do you worry about?
I’m a stay-home (also, work-at-home) mom, but I often worry that I didn’t spend enough time with my children or give them enough attention. My days are constantly filled with doing things with and for them that I feel like I don’t do enough cherishing of them. I know it might sound crazy, but I worry about them remembering me as a busy mom and not a cherishing mom. I’m constantly working at trying to do both, but days are fast and hard, so somedays I’m just trying to keep my head above water.
What’s one fun thing you love to do as a family?
Every Friday night, as soon as Ben comes home, we have family movie and cuddle night. We put on a movie, hop into bed together (we watch from my computer which is in our master bedroom), and cuddle and watch a movie. The baby always claims me as her cuddle partner and doesn’t like to share!

I think we can all relate to feeling like we’re just trying to keep our heads above water–motherhood takes so much. And it’s beautiful and so imperfect!

Tell us friends, as a mother, what’s one thing you worry about? Or if you’re not a mother, share something else that nags at your heart!