Wanna hear a sad story?

Lisa Leonard and David LeonardYears ago when I was a young mom I took David to the pediatrician. He was congested and breathing rapidly. He was tiny—only about 12 pounds even though he’s just had his second birthday. Matthias was six months old. I was worried and tired. The pediatrician saw David and quickly decided we needed to head over to the hospital for chest X-rays and possibly to admit David and get him on oxygen. I stood there with David in my arms while Matthias slept in his car seat and started crying. I couldn’t do this alone. Steve was away at a retreat and was overwhelmed, to say the least.

Stephen, Matthias, David

We were new to the area and I didn’t have a lot of friends but I had some acquaintances. I called one of my new friends and asked if she could meet me at the hospital and take baby Matthias so I could focus my attention on David. She was about to head to the grocery store and didn’t have time. She said was sorry, but no, she couldn’t meet me.

I was stunned. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alone. Honestly, I felt abandoned. I was overwhelmed and scared. Slowly I got both boys into the car and made my way to the hospital. I bundled the stroller and car seat and diaper bag and front carrier and all my messy emotions and somehow got David’s X-rays while keeping Matthias fed and entertained.

David was prescribed antibiotics and put on a nebulizer breathing treatment. Steve headed home from his retreat and jumped in to help with the babies and medicine and all the things.

Lisa Leonard and Friends

And that day I decided something that changed my life. I needed to find friends who would drop everything when I needed them. And of course, I would do the same for them. I needed real friends, true friends—friends who would jump into the mess with me and love us without judgment. I didn’t have time for fickle friends or people I couldn’t rely on. Friendship was a necessity and without it, I wasn’t going to make it.

And I’m grateful to tell you over the years I have found the dearest, most honest, and loving friends who have walked with me through joy and darkness. And they’re willing to drop whatever they’re doing if I need them. And I do the same for them. It has changed my life. These friendships are stable and safe when life is scary and messy. These friendships are a sounding board so I can work through my thoughts. These friendships make life fun and inspire creativity.

Brave Love Necklace

Do you have friends who will drop everything off when you need them? Do you have friends who love you through thick and thin?


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