Someone is going to win a nativity set! {**giveaway***}

Ok friends! I’ve got a BIG giveaway today! Someone is going to win a nativity set! {scroll down for details!}

The response to the nativity has been so overwhelming. You guys are amazing! It went out of stock last week and we’ve been working hard to bring it back.I know that was frustrating for some of you and I apologize.

This project started because I wanted to create a keepsake for each of my nieces and nephews. As it came together, I knew I had to share it with you too! Each nativity comes with a story booklet. The pic above is my son, Matthias, reading the booklet to my nephew, Brandon. My heart completely melted!

Growing up, the nativity was a big part of our Christmas every year. I want this nativity to become a keepsake that your kids can share with their kids. Each piece is hand-molded, cast in fine pewter and hand-polished. There are 14 hand-crafted pieces along with a stable made from california wine barrels. Simply beautiful and full of meaning.

It’s the perfect way to bring the true heart of Christmas in to your holiday season.

N A T I V I T Y   G I V E A W A Y   T I M E ! ! !
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  1. My favorite part of Christmas has changed after I turned 60. I don’t want physical gifts…I want my family “treasures”…listening to every moment that creates a memory, decorating our tree SLOWLY and reflecting on the memory of each ornament & being thankful for each one (all of my ornaments are family keepsakes from my great grandparents thru’ current grandchildren!), really reflecting on meaning of the words to the Christmas Carols, keeping things simple so we don’t miss a moment because we are in the kitchen cleaning up, playing games and laughing hard until we cry. Remembering that this is about Jesus Christ and God loving us so much to send Him to us. Every year brings change to our family…we need to cherish every moment we have.

  2. I love this nativity. It’s beautiful! I love making and frosting sugar cookies as a family. We like to go look at lights together.

  3. Christmas eve services in the little country church I grew up in. We see old friends and family back for the holiday and I always start to tear up when we light the candles, turn off the lights and sing Silent Night. It is such a meaningful way to worship!

  4. My favorite part of Christmas is the sweet smell of Christmas dinner and the sharing the meal with beloved family!

  5. My favorite part of Christmas is just staying in pajamas all day and hanging out as a family. We have our big extended family dinner on Christmas eve so that Christmas day we can just have leftovers and do nothing. My favorite day of the year!
    Your nativity is absolutely beautiful.

  6. I am so in love with your nativity. It is a precious thing, amidst all the busyness and excitement of the Christmas season, to have precious reminders such as this one, of the miracle behind the celebrations. My favorite part is the Christmas Eve service with family and cooking lots of yummy things – meals, gifts, treats – to enjoy.

  7. My favorite tradition would have to be reminiscing over the ornaments each year as we decorate the tree! I love telling those stories over and over πŸ™‚

  8. On Christmas Eve, my family loves to go to church for the candlelight service and then go home to open one present – always new PJs! On Christmas morning, the kids take an obligatory photo on the staircase (in their new PJs), and then they race to the Christmas tree to find the “pickle” ornament. Apparently this is an old (German?) tradition. We have enjoyed both of these traditions since the kids were little. Your nativity is adorable! I’d love to add it to our family traditions!

  9. My family does a huge “Secret Santa” exchange for our Three Wise Men celebration (In Spanish tradition, on January 6 the Three Wise Men bring gifts to the kids just like they brought gold, myrrh and frankincense to Jesus) We draw names on Christmas Day and exchange gifts on January 6. Love it!

  10. I just like being among our extended family since we’re not together much during the year. And while we’re unwrapping gifts, inevitably a wrapping paper “snowball fight” ensues!

  11. We just love all of the traditions that are involved with Christmas! We love sharing all of these things with family and friends!

  12. Keeping the true meaning of Christmas above all is a number one priority…..but as far as family traditions for the season I love decorating the tree and our home with the items that we’ve collected over the years as a family….first just me and my husband and with the three kids over time, they’re what makes it unique and ours. I collect nativities….i love yours!!

  13. Every Christmas Eve, on the way home from church, there are two quiet, but super excited, little girls in the back seat. During our ride home, in between singing Christmas Hymns, we talk about our love for each other, our love for family and our love of Jesus. It is a tradition that simply happened…it is my favorite time of the year!!

  14. My favorite part is decorating the tree together. I am excited to start adding more traditions now that we have a 9 month old!

  15. My favorite part of the Christmas season is when our grown children and their families come home, usually a few days after Christmas Day. I love the laughter and love that fills our home! The stress of the holiday is over, and we can just enjoy each other’s company!

  16. My favourite part of Christmas is having our family all back together again for a few days. I look around the table at each one and try to freeze the happy moment in my memory.

  17. I love decorating for Christmas! Our house feels like a warm hug when the tree is up and there are cozy winter touches sprinkled throughout the house.

  18. We keep an Advent wreath on our dinner table. Every night we read Advent devotions and light the candles. We also line the driveway with luminaries on Christmas Eve. These were traditions I carried with me from my family growing up, so it’s especially meaningful to me that I’m sharing them with my own children now.

  19. This nativity is too beautiful to not try for. My favorite tradition is that my family spends Christmas at our cabin and one year we forgot the stockings so we put out our snowboots for Santa to fill and we’ve been doing it ever since!

  20. We have a big family breakfast at my moms house on Christmas Morning before we unwrap gifts. I love getting up early and hauling the kids over there in our jammies to do that.

  21. Wrapping all the Christmas books we own and ones from the library and opening one each night before Christmas!

  22. (shared on Twitter)
    Another comment! My mom makes homemade nightgowns for my daughters and pj pants for my son…they unwrap them on Christmas eve and they always love these handmade treasures, made from warm flannel. I love them too because they remind me of when I was little and she did the same for my brother and two sisters and me!

  23. (shared on Facebook!)
    I also love our tradition of sliding on the hill outside then lying under the Christmas tree with mugs of hot chocolate…and candy canes as stir-sticks! The first time we did this was on the day after my fourth baby was born; we kept our older three home from school and they were so thrilled. I have a picture in my mind of that bundle in my arms and seeing the rosy cheeks and happy faces of my older children as they gazed up into the Christmas tree’s branches!

  24. My friends and I each create 5×5 handmade gifts; before December, we gather to wrap all 25 items, and we all go home with a basket of 25 different little gifts for our children to open over the 25 days of Advent. Over the years, our Christmas trees have become a record of this beautiful tradition of giving handmade gifts. Our children know that a circle of loving mamas have made each item with love and care for them. It warms my heart year after year!

  25. My favourite tradition is watching our five children open their gifts on Christmas morning. We have a life size statue of the Christ Child who is placed under our tree on Christmas Eve in a wicker basket filled with straw. We all gather round and sing, “O Come All Ye Faithful” and share a beautiful moment worshiping our sweet Saviour together.

  26. My favorite thing is getting together with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. It’s the one time out of the year that we’re all in the same place.

  27. I love nativity scenes. It reminds us of the real reason for this wonderful holiday. Putting out the manger scene is one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Chirstmas.

  28. I love Christmas. Putting out my nativities has to be a favorite thing. My kids love it too. Most are handmade and have special meaning. We love telling the Christmas story and also going to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  29. Love picking out the tree with thee kids, bringing it home and decorating it. It’s truly a happy time in our home.

  30. As much as I love some of the little traditions we’ve started as a family and the traditions we still enjoy with our extended families, my favorite part of Christmas is really just BEING together and sitting down on the couch at night telling the kids the story of the first Christmas. There’s something so magical in seeing your kids’ faces light up when they hear about the real nativity.

  31. My favorite tradition is getting up on Christmas morning and reading the Christmas story together from the bible!

  32. One of my family’s favorite traditions is going to “The Drive Through Nativity”. Every year this event is hosted by a local church complete with live actors and animals. We have been going since my kids were little and now they are teenagers! We have many fond memories and I love that this tradition is still enjoyed by our family πŸ™‚

  33. My favorite part of the holiday season is the pure joy that is so present during this time of year. I love the smiles, the generosity, the celebration. I have come to learn as Ive grown older to truly appreciate the time with family and why we celebrate Christmas, that being the birth of Jesus Christ our savior! If that doesn’t give one reason to celebrate I don’t know what will!

    You might be able to guess what my favorite Christmas carol is… Joy to the world!

  34. Decorating the tree. We’ve been collecting ornaments with meaning for 13 years. When we decorate the tree, it tells the story of Christ’s love and of our life. Our children (6 &8) are getting so they know who each ornament came from and the story behind it.

  35. Just being able to spend time with family!!!!!!! Many of our traditions began so many years ago when the kids were tiny but we still roll them out every year. Setting up the Nativity and reading a Christmas story was a big favorite and we still do it at least once during the holiday season even though everyone is nearing 30!!!!!

  36. There are so many wonderful Christmas traditions…but I’d have to reading with my kids. I have collected many Christmastime picture books that I get out and put in a big basket and we read through them, at night before bed, or snuggling together on weekend mornings. Our favorites are the “Story of the Christmas Tree, Candy Cane,” etc. books. And our reading wouldn’t be complete without reading the story of Jesus’ birth in the Bible, which is my husband’s specialty. πŸ™‚

  37. On the Sunday before Christmas we have a dinner like they would have had at the time of Christ’s birth (fish bread olives) sit on sheets and eat with our hands, we watch video our church put out about the birth of Christ and listen to spiritual music by the fire and enjoy a non commercial Christmas day.

  38. I LOVE everything about Christmas, making crafts and cookies with my children, decorating the house, being with family!

  39. My favorite tradition is sharing one of the old Christmas movies with my kids on Christmas Eve night like White Christmas or The Bishops Wife.

  40. With my husbands extended family we have sharing time- we go around the room and share what the Lord has taught us or what he’s done for us the past year. Then we all take communion together. It’s the best.

  41. What a beautiful nativity. My favorite Christmas tradition is playing secret santa!! Thank you for the give-a-way.

  42. Our favorite tradition is to watch the live Nativity here in our town put on by several churches. It’s all outside and people who come to watch it stand while it’s going on. It’s truly an amazing thing!

  43. My favorite tradition is setting up the house for Christmas and decorating the tree while playing Christmas music. I loved it as a child, and now I love it even more because of the excitement my boys bring to it.

  44. I love our tradition of Christmas day brunch together with the whole family. Our youngest daughter bakes the same bread in the shape of a Christmas tree that her grandma always made. It is a fun time for us all. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful nativity set.

  45. My girls love to set up the nativity use and play with them the whole season. I often come in to find All the pieces huddled around the baby Jesus. “That’s what I would be looking at” they say. Kids at Christmas, helps keep us all focused on what really matters. The love of God.

  46. My favorite part of Christmas is having chili and tamales with our family on Christmas Eve, then going to Christmas Eve services.

  47. Our favorite traditions – decorating the house and putting up the tree, being together with friends and family throughout the season, and singing Christmas carols.

  48. A church in our town has a drive through nativity and it is breath taking! The wait can be hours some nights. So our tradition is the kids get ready for bed but instead of going to bed we go pick up a pizza, I bring glass bottled sodas, and eat dinner while we wait to enter the drive through nativity. Once we make it to the gate we roll the windows down in the freezing cold and slowly drive through the nativity. There are live animals everywhere, people walking and portraying the streets of Jerusalem, and last you come upon baby Jesus and his parents. This church does the most amazing job and it brings it back to the core every December. My children get so excited to go and see this every year! It is almost here!

  49. I love Christmas Eve!!!! I have SO many fond memories of being a child and gathering together with family. Santa would come and we would all share a meal, sing happy birthday to Jesus and open one gift. I love Christmas!

  50. opening our Christmas stockings on great Grandma’s bed. She is going to be 95 this year – it is bitter-sweet as she has been so sharp, but is now having trouble remembering who we are.

  51. Growing up with a big, loud Italian family, I love spending Christmas at my grandparents. It’s full of love, laughter and memories – oh! And plenty of food for all! Now, as I search for my first house, I cannot wait to make it home with all 40+ family members.

  52. I love teaching my kids about the Christmas story, baking cookies, being with family, and starting new traditions. πŸ™‚

  53. Singing Christmas hymns from our church song book. The children’s Sunday School Christmas program. And all of the “special” foods prepared this time of year.

  54. I love it when we decorate our tree each year. Like many others, we collect a new ornament or few to commemorate something special about the year — so each year it is fun to reminisce!

  55. The weekend before Christmas we spend the whole weekend with my husbands family. We have wonderful traditions during the time spent together. From gift game, and watching each person unwrap every trinket from there stocking. Eating and talking. It is a special time.

  56. I love when all our family is able to get together. I love singing Christmas carols together, attending Christmas eve services together, laughing together, and I love that a little baby was sent into this world to live and die for me!

  57. My favorite part of our family holiday is just the fact that we are together. We always help my parents finish decorating and play lots of board games. I love not having any plans, just going with the flow.

  58. Baking my grandma’s Lovely Sugar Cookies, complete with red hots and sprinkles… and listening to “We Need A Little Christmas” (by Percy Faith) while decorating the Christmas Tree.

  59. My favorite part of Christmas with my family is going to the candle light service at church with my kids and husband. This year my twin boys will be 4 at Christmas and really “get” what Christmas means. Love your work, thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  60. Around sept I start to pick up little useful items for my daughters advent cal. She loves getting little fun things. It builds up for Xmas. I also love finding that perfect gift for my friends. Weathers it’s a simple 5 dollar mug with the perfect saying. Or a thrift find. I love seeing others smile. It makes the world around seem ok. Have a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with your family. Hugs

  61. What a wonderful giveaway :):) Cutting down our Christmas tree with the same group of friends while singing “The Lumberjack Song” —- lol, my favorite memory ever.

  62. I love how every Christmas morning my husband makes a super yummy breakfast for our family! It is probably one of my favorite parts of the day!

  63. My favorite Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve. All of my family (all 33 of us) get together and read through the story of Christ’s birth. We sing hymns and it is a great reminder of what Christmas is really about. During the season, we also display more prominently one of my favorite statues – Santa kneeling before the manger. I would love to add your nativity set to my family traditions.

  64. The baking. The joy. The slumber parties prior to holidays and finding or making the perfect gift. ALLL because of our Lord giving his only son to us. It’s the BEST!

  65. This will be pur daughter’s first Christmas, so we look forward to starting some great, God focused traditions this year.

  66. I love all things Christmas! For the last 3 years our family has participated in helping set up for a community Christmas dinner for the less fortunate families in our community. watching my 11 year old work hard on behalf of others and really understand what he was doing last year was such a proud moment for me !

  67. I love the memory of playing with the nativity at my grandmother’s house and acting it out with my sister and cousin.

  68. My favorite part of my family Christmas is opening gifts on Christmas morning as a small family before we drive south for the big extended family Christmas. It was a special time we had together.

  69. We have new family traditions now that we have grandchildren. Give each child a big Santa bag with their gifts inside. Love seeing their faces as they dig each gift from their bags. Happy times with family!

  70. the best moment in our Christmas celebration is when all the extended family gets together to bless the world. My dad hands out magazines the provides livestock in third world countries, or medical supplies, or food to impoverished nations. We are each given $250 to choose how to bless others. It is an amazing way to give the gift of love at Christmas

  71. Going on a hayride through a special program put on by a local church that takes you through Christ’s life and just being able to spend some much needed quality time with my family!

  72. Such a lovely giveaway for a lucky person. I think you go through stages of what you favourite part of Xmas is during your life, when your younger its going out with friends having a laugh and a drink but now I have young kids its wrapping the presents on Xmas eve while watching Home alone with a glass of red wine and then watching them on Xmas morning.

  73. My favorite part is baking holiday cookies with my mom and my kids. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  74. I just love being with my family. Sharing a meal, playing with the grandchildren, and spending time with family we don’t get to see very often. Awesome giveaway, Lisa. Thanks!

  75. I love sharing all my families traditions from the past with my children and having new ones that we have created together and hopefully they will pass on to their children.

  76. I grew up making cookies with my mom. I always loved that time and can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to enjoy it too.

  77. My favorite tradition is setting up our Jessie Tree and putting an ornament on it every day of Advent. After advent during the true season or Christmas we use the same tree of our set of 12 days of Christmas ornaments. I love this beautiful nativity! Stunning!!

  78. My kids are 14 & 11 and still, a favorite activity for them (& me) is a drive to look at Christmas lights, drinking cocoa along the way.

  79. My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating the birth of our Savior…but a close second is twinkling lights everywhere. Every store, house, and church looks absolutely magical.

  80. my favorite thing has changed over the years as I have matured and my children have grown up. It’s always been about family in some way. Now it’s about my grandson and teaching him about the love and story of Christmas.

  81. I live away from my family most of the year, but usually make it home for every other Christmas. Now that my brother and sister have families of their own, Christmas eve is usually pretty quiet for my parents as the grandkids visit their other grandparents. So the years I’m home, I live spending Christmas eve with them all by myself. We do final chrostmas day prep and enjoy a meal together πŸ™‚ christmas day brings all the familyand fun…so I enjoy this day before!

  82. My favorite part of Christmas when I was a child was that no matter how early, how many presents, or how young I was my mom and dad stopped before anyone was allowed to open presents and my dad read the Christmas story and prayed over each of us thanking God for the year we have had, and what was to come! My parents were awesome at always reminding us why Christmas was Christmas, because of Jesus! I am happy to give this same tradition to my children, especially moving overseas to live and work in China, we have had amazing opportunities to share this tradition with Chinese friends and teachers!

  83. We love reading Jotham’s Journey, Tabitha’s Travels, or Batholemews Passage. We choose one book and read the next book or start the series over each. My kids look forward to it every year.

  84. Favorite Christmas tradition – we have an annual “happy birthday, Jesus” party for our friends and their kids. great fellowship, we read the Christmas story, sing a few songs and the kids love singing happy birthday!

  85. My favorite part is attending Christmas Eve service, where we hear the story of Jesus’ birth again and sing carols with the church.

  86. My favorite part about Christmas is giving to others. My family started the tradition of serving Christmas dinner to the homeless and donating presents, coats, blankets, food, etc…We sometimes pack up goodies, dollar bills, and travel mugs with coffee or cocoa and pass them out to the homeless hanging about downtown. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas without this aspect. I hope to carry on the tradition to my little one.

  87. I love baking goodies with the family and then packaging up our treats and delivering them to friends by caroling at their homes.

  88. Growing up I didn’t attend church. So as I came into adulthood, was married and started a family, finding a church home was imperative to my husband and me. He had grown up in the faith and knew the “ins and outs” of church services. I, however, got to experience it all for the first time. I had been a believer for years, but that was the extent of it. I had no idea what it truly meant to follow Christ.

    It wasn’t until after I decided to be baptized that we threw our heart and soul into becoming part of that church body. It was the best decision we’d ever made. Fast forward seven years later and our marriage and lifestyle don’t even look the same.

    It was at this church that I first experienced a candlelight Christmas Eve service. I can’t even tell you how special that is for me and how thrilled I am to have that be a part of our Christmas traditions. Each year I sit in that service, with faces all aglow from the soft light of the candles, and I am grateful for the gift of a King Who rescued me from a place that I honestly never even knew existed until I could experience the full magnitude of this thing called “grace.”

    I wouldn’t trade that candle light service for anything. It’s just THAT special to me.

  89. We love playing hide and seek among the trees at the nearby Christmas tree farm. The kids love to jump out and surprise us and I love that Christmas tree smell.

  90. My favorite part about Christmas…Anything we do as a family cooking, singing, decorating tree, making our graham cracker nativity, reading the Christmas story in the bible, reading family life’s book what God wants for Christmas, going to look at Christmas light…

  91. One of my favorite traditions at Christmas is having Christmas Eve dinner at my house with all the family!

  92. The celebration of Advent. Each Sunday for the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas we gather with family and friends to sing Christmas carols, read a Christmas story and eat yummy treats as a way to celebrate the coming of the Christ child.

  93. There is something special in the air at Christmas time. Even all the commercialisation and busyness cannot deminish it. I love going to mass on Christmas Eve. It was something I did as a child that symbolised that Santa was close, and I love replicating this with my children.

  94. I love baking with my Mom. WE always make chocolate crinkle cookies with red food coloring since that it how my Nana and I accidentally made them one year long ago!

  95. I love that each year the menu and location may change, but the fact that we are together does not.

    Love the nativity set, by the way! It is sweet and glorious – at the same time.

  96. My children, their spouses and my grandson have a wonderful, warm, laughter-filled Christmas Eve supper complete with Christmas crackers and gift opening. Then things quiet down, we pile into cars and head down tbe road to midnight Mass. It’s quiet and peaceful and as my grandson snuggles in my lap and falls asleep I get a glimpse into the joy Mary felt on that midnight so blessed and so long ago.

  97. We love having a big Christmas eve breakfast with country ham and all the trimmings and being together. Thanks for a chance to win….

  98. Advent is something my children and I always look forward to. We light a candle every night during advent and share the Christmas story.

  99. My favorite tradition is the time we spent every year as our five children were growing up gathered in our Jammie’s in front of our fireplace reading one of Arnold Ytreetide’s amazing devotional stories that led us to bow before our Lord’s throne together.
    Right up with that was the last Christmas that we had with my husband where his request for a gift was that each of us memorize a chapter of Scripture. We each spoke it to him on Christmas morning. A holy moment for sure!

  100. Since my daughter was tiny, we would come home from Christmas Eve Service and read the Christmas story from the bible as my daughter would put the baby Jesus in my Mom’s nativity scene. Wonderful memories.

  101. My favorite part of our celebrations is driving through the falls lit up with Christmas lights. Admiring the beautiful land in which we live!

  102. We do “names of Jesus” ornaments. Every day in December we learn about one of Jesus’ names. We read the verse, talk about the meaning of the name, and hang the ornament with that name (which we made) on the tree. πŸ™‚

  103. My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with my husband’s family making homemade Christmas cookies and seeing who can decorate the most elaborate and creative cookie with colored frosting and sprinkles. Then we get to sit down and eat one of our creations.

  104. My favorite traditions are the Christmas Eve service at church and decorating the tree with all the ornaments my kids have made and been given through the years.

  105. I love nativities too and part of our tradition is me opening the ones we have gathered around the world and sharing the story of its origin with my children.

  106. My favorite tradition is Christmas breakfast. I make baked french toast, and we sit around the table eating and laughing. It is such a good morning.

  107. Every year we do a homemade advent calendar. I create a Christmas-themed activity for us all to participate in each day, and the kids are always thrilled to turn the number over to see what that day’s activity will be (one day included opening and putting last year’s ornament, which was from your 2013 collection, on our tree!). Another favorite on the calendar is shopping for gifts for the children from our “angel tree” at church.

  108. My favorite memories were decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music and family time over the holidays!

  109. My favorite tradition is our advent calender. I made one identical to the one I grew up using and my mom grew up using, so we’re on our 3rd generation πŸ™‚


  110. My children are 10 1/2 and 13 and starting December 1st we start to read all our Christmas story books from when they were little. I put them in storage come Dec 26th so it’s always fun and a little blast from the past πŸ™‚

  111. My family does a Christmas Eve dinner every year. Even though my brother and I and are spouses are all in our 30s, we all get together and my mom has themed hats and we all wear them. It’s fun, hilarious and sometimes embarrassing! Elf ears, tinsel hats, snowball antlers- every year is fun and a surprise until we all show up!

  112. My husband is a worship pastor on a church staff so our social calendar during the Christmas season tends to be pretty packed! But after our Christmas Eve service is over, we know it’s time to settle into the still, quiet part of Christmas with just our kids – we read the Christmas story, sing, light candles, and remember Jesus…

  113. Jesus is the only reason for the season . When my sons were young I decided that the whole gift giving thing was getting out of control, so I decided to give each boy 3 gifts, because Jesus got 3 gifts from the wisemen. It really helped to keep the focus on Christ.

  114. My favorite memory with my children is reading the Christmas story with the symbolism of the Jesus birthday cake taught to us many years ago by some dear friends.

  115. We always put the Christmas tree up on my birthday (Dec. 2) and fire up the Christmas music. And all December we read one of Arnold Ytreeide storybooks for advent. Last year we started the tradition of four gifts for Christmas: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. It was the best Christmas yet. Our kids really appreciated their gifts like never before. (I love Christmas too!)

  116. Truly the most wonderful time of the year, I love everything about it. Most of all, I love seeing the wonder of Christmas in my boys’ eyes. My oldest is 3 and already so excited for Christmas this year. Makes my heart happy.

  117. Ooo, my favorite part of Christmas is when we come down the stairs and open the stockings first. It builds anticipation for the presents under the tree and the stockings hold the best sleeper gifts! I’ve got my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed hoping and praying for this beautiful Nativity!

  118. My favorite is counting down to Christmas. As kids we did it with a countdown and little boxes (advent style). Some days had a little piece of candy, others had a fun activity. It was something we always looked forward to!

  119. My favourite part of the Christmas season is the holiday lights that twinkle and shine through the dark winter nights.

  120. my favorite tradition starts with christmas music on december 1, then christmas pajamas from st nick on dec 6, and then just joyful togetherness all month.

  121. I love Christmas! My favorite time of the season is sitting around the tree on Christmas morning reading the story of Christmas out of the Bible and then placing the baby Jesus in the manger. Makes me stop and bask in the real reason we’re celebrating!

  122. My favorite part of Christmas celebrations that morning is drinking hot chocolate or cider while the kids all dig in to their stockings. It’s festive and relaxing all at the same time! We have a wooden nativity that the kiddos set up & can play with- it’d be really special to have a great quality one that could become an heirloom piece as well.

  123. I love our advent calendar, because each day has a different holiday activity for us (making cookies, doing something kind for others, and lots more).

  124. This is so unbelievably beautiful, Lisa!

    I’m not sure what our favourite tradition is because we’ve got a few, but I do love going out in the woods and cutting our own Christmas tree with all the kiddos!

  125. I love having all of my extended family together and I love finding ways to give to those who are less fortunate, especially Operation Christmas Child.

  126. y favorite thing is decorating the tree with my children, its a found memory from my childhood and am glad to make those same memories with my littles.

  127. My favorite part of Christmas is family and traditions… like the Jessie Tree, reading Christmas stories, going to church, baking cookies… all the wonder of Christmas!

  128. There is a local family who has decorated their home
    Every year since I can remember. Locals and tourists alike visit this magnificent display-visiting, sharing, remembering-from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It has become an Outer Banks tradition-even being featured on the Today Show one year. It is a truly special tradition for our family and our community to remember that relationship and fellowship is at the core of this holiday season.

  129. My favorite part of celebrating Christmas is having the kids act out the Nativity on Christmas Eve. There is always lots of silliness as memories are created.

  130. My favorite thing is getting out my nativities and watching my kids carefully handle them or play with the ones that can be played with. I just love Christmas and celebrating the real reason for the season. This nativity is beautiful. I would love to add it to my collection. Thank you for a chance to win. xo

  131. Favorite Christmas traditions: attending Christmas Eve service at church, having gingerbread “birthday” cake before bed, and Santa’s generosity in leaving each child a new book to keep them happily occupied until a sane hour on Christmas morning when they can wake up mom and dad!

    Thank you!

  132. it is spaghetti dinner on christmas eve with our close family friends- the family we have chosen to create- our children grow together and it is a treasure to be with everyone we love with our whole hearts

  133. Having my dad read ‘The Night Before Christmas’, still fun even though all the kids are grown up πŸ™‚

  134. Everything tradition when it comes to Christmas! The candlelight service, the music, cards and food. Time with family and parties with friends. Our stockings with an apple, orange, and 5 pennies. My Mom got that in her stocking, I got it on mine, and my kids now get it in theirs!

  135. I love building traditions with my kids. We read aloud daily at Christmas, advent calendars, and play… girl is a December 22nd birthday and nativity scenes fit here.

  136. One of our christmas traditions is driving up to the mountains to cut our christmas tree. A new tradition for our family is “Truth in the Tinsel”

  137. I love decorating for Christmas. Getting out decorations and recalling all the memories from them over the years. I love going to church on Christmas Eve for the candlelight service. My grandfather died on Christmas day so it is always bittersweet.

  138. Love reading Christmas books with my boys each night before bed. After Christmas each year, I wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper and the next year, each night of Advent, we unwrap a “new” one to enjoy together.

  139. My favorite part of Christmas is going to Christmas Eve service with my family and going out for sushi afterwards! We are creating our own traditions together and loving every year more!

  140. Spending time with my husband and daughters. My girls are both adults with busy lives of their own so I cherish every second we get to be together.

  141. My husbands family has the grandchildren act out the Christmas Story…it’s the sweetest, most wonderful reminder of the reason why we celebrate!

  142. My favorite part is throwing Jesus a birthday party with the kids. We decorate the kitchen with birthday supplies/decorations and bake a cake, they get to blow out the candles after we sing happy birthday to Jesus.

  143. This nativity is absolutely beautiful! My favorite is being together with my family on Christmas morning and watching my kids’ eyes light up at the magic of it all πŸ™‚

  144. Christmas at our house is noisy with our five children bustling around & we wouldn’t have life any other way. Noisy, happy {most of the time!} & free to just BE!

  145. I love the traditions of Christmas but a few of my favourite are attending candlelight service on Christmas Eve and unwrapping the baby Jesus for our nativity scene and placing Him in the manger on Christmas morning. HE is our greatest gift.

    Would love to win this beautiful nativity! Thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  146. I love to put up holiday decorations, especially the Christmas Tree. As we add ornaments we talk about where each one came from and memories associated with the ornament. We love the trip down memory lane.

  147. My heart jumped in eager anticipation of maybe winning this! My favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating with big extended family on Christmas eve & just my hubby & kids on Christmas morning.

  148. My favorite part of Christmas is sitting in church on Christmas eve with my ENTIRE family (children, husband, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews). It brings tears to my eyes every time.

    I shared on Facebook and pinned on Pinterest as well!

  149. We have so many traditions I love. From decorating, to “Santa ” placing baby Jesus in our nativity, love the holiday season

  150. Each year i purchase an ornament for each of my boys signifying a milestone reached that year our a favorite hobby or thing. We also purchase an ornament as a family signifying the main event of that year.

  151. we do a birthday cake (often coffee cake) for Jesus by the nativity before anything else on Christmas. This last year we added in giving gifts to Jesus, we did gifts through Samaritans purse like fruit trees, chickens, etc. it was a neat way to show our kids that Christmas is about Jesus.

  152. We collect nativity scenes. We started buying one each year, but a few years back we stopped. We have the Little People, the Veggie Tales, Playmobil, a carved wood one, a white ceramic one, one my dad made, one I made…and more. I don’t have a lot of other Christmas decorations. Just these. The kids each get to set one up in their rooms. It’s our favorite part of Christmas.

  153. On Christmas Eve we would organize a treasure hunt with clues that lead the kids from one end of the house to another until they each found a gift: a new pair of Christmas pajamas for that night and the next morning.

  154. Every ornament on our tree has a special memory and putting that up on Thanksgiving Day is something that reminds us of all the good things throughout the Christmas season.

  155. Each year my family goes shopping for a new ornament. We then decorate our tree with all of the ornaments we have collected over the years.

  156. My family has a (ruthless) gift exchange every year that always ends with a lot of laughs and provides loads of material for future stories!

  157. I would have to say my favorite family Christmas tradition would include waking up to baby Jesus in the nativity, going to mass together, and then spending the rest of the day together πŸ™‚

  158. My favorite part about my family’s holiday decorations is how into my mom is – she loves decorating for the holidays & her home just radiates warmth & love. She has a collection of nativities & this would be a gorgeous addition to her display.

  159. There is not specifically one thing that I love ! I just love that it is a reason to get together with all the people I love!

  160. My favorite part is just the being together as a family all day long having an entire day to enjoy together and seeing the joy in my family members eyes.

  161. My favorite part is family: Being off with my family, late nights and long days together, and seeing family I only see a few times a year.

  162. Our favorite Christmas tradition is a cookie decorating contest with my mom. My girls spend weeks coming up with ideas to make the most amazing cookies.

  163. I adore our tradition of Christmas caroling to neighbors and friends. I love the spirit we feel as we sing songs celebrating our Savior’s birth and mission. It always seems to lift the spirits of those we sing to.

  164. I ❀️ it all. The music, parties, wrapping gifts, spending time with my family. It’s my favorite time of the year.

  165. My favorite part was always staying at my grandparents on Christmas Eve with our huge family. We stay at my parents now. After my Pawpaw passed away in 1995, most of the family quit staying.

  166. Love all of it, especially our advent time devotions – sometimes based on a Jesse Tree, sometimes just a book or something I find online. We have had a “Little People”nativity for 10years now and it is well-loved but I’m feeling like it’s time for a more “grown-up” πŸ™‚ version. I love this one!!

  167. Our favorite Christmas tradition is loading up in the car with our two daughters, stopping for some hot chocolate, then driving around looking at Christmas lights!! We look forward to it every year !

  168. My favorite part of Christmas is brunch in the morning. We kept the tradition from when we were little. My sisters both come to my house in Ohio from NYC. We get up super early to open presents together and then, we make mimosas while preparing breakfast. MONKEY BREAD! It’s the only time of the year we eat it! We also make omelets and sausage. We did this every year growing up (not Mimosas!) Can’t wait to have them home again this year, haven’t seen them since March.

  169. One of my favorite things we do on Christmas Eve is opening one gift and drinking hot chocolate, cider, tea, eggnog, etc together.

  170. Cooking Christmas dinner with my sisters for our family Christmas dinner! Lots of love and laughter goes into that meal …

  171. The past several years we have been a part of the living nativity at church. It’s been such a blessing to share the Christmas story in this way. Also the kids love giving shoebox gifts through operation Christmas child.

  172. I love driving around town looking at all of the beautiful Christmas light displays while listing to Christmas music with my family!

    Shared on Pinterest!

  173. We have The Advent Book, and I love that my kids look forward to reading one new page of the Christmas story from it each night and the sing Christmas carols by candlelight

  174. My favorite part of Christmas is visiting family. I lived going to see my grandparents as a kid on Christmas, and now I get to take my kids to visit them as well. I live that my grandparents are still around so my kids can have the same fun traditions.

  175. My favorite tradition has always been reading the passage about Christ’s birth and opening stockings in the morning on Christmas Day. It’s something my parents did and something I will continue to do too.

  176. Our family tradition is picking out an ornament to represent the year. It is always a great reflection as we put them up year after year!

  177. My grandmother recently passed away and my fondest memory is of her nativity scene, unfortunately I did not receive the nativity scene upon her passing but want to keep this tradition alive with my children and have been searching for one online for months with no luck. Your set is gorgeous and could be passed down for generations, creating new memories for my children and their children to come.

    I have shared this on facebook.

  178. So, there’s not much hope of me winning, but I’ll share, anyway. There are so many things I live to do @ CHRISTmas. I think my 2 favorites are caroling & reading CHRISTmas stories each day starting after Thanksgiving. Thanks!

  179. I love this set! My favourite part of holidays is doing stockings and gifts at home early in the morning with mugs of coffee and hot chocolate, and then packing up in the car and heading across town to my parents’ house to celebrate Jesus’ birth with the whole family! It’s a crazy and sometimes overwhelming way to spend Christmas, but I love it to bits!

  180. Oh my, we have sooo many amazing traditions we cherish! Starting December first we take out our ornament that tells the story of Jesus’ birth and listen to a new excerpt every day, I bake cookies with the kids, we “elf” someone new each year (secretly leave treats and special messages for them until we reveal ourselves on Christmas Eve), we cut down our Christmas tree at our favourite farm and cover it in our homemade and cherished ornaments, we put up my village that my dad purchased for me, one at a time each year until his passing 4 years ago, we visit with family and friends, and we so gratefully count our many blessings.

  181. I have been on the hunt for a nativity set for years. Yours is stunning, Lisa!

    Christmas traditions. Growing up I was the only child at our family gatherings so I was the present-passer-outer. It could have been such a downer to be the only kid but having a job made it really fun each year.

  182. I absolutely adore Christmas baking and giving as gifts! I usually make around 60 pounds of fudge. πŸ™‚

    Shared on Facebook!

  183. I am from NZ, but now live in the UK. As a young adult my favourite tradition was that our whole family (5 siblings) got together with our Mum and Nan for Christmas day, and all the kids too. We would play beach volleyball in the afternoon, after a morning church service, and big lunch. Then in the afternoon we played cards and by late afternoon we were worn out and would watch a family movie together – it was wonderful.
    With my own kids, I love letting them open presents slowly and then we spend lots of time together playing with them before moving on to the next. It really helps my boys not just be interested in ‘what did i get?’

  184. This nativity has totally captured my heart! My favorite part of the holidays is that I get to take a couple weeks of vacation and simply enjoy my family. The summer and fall months are very hectic for us so when it comes to the holidays it’s a time for us to relax and regroup and reconnect as a family. Love it!

  185. when I was a kid, my favorite part of christmas was going to midnight mass with my grandma. Now that I’m a mom with young children, I love to celebrate advent and use the whole month of December to learn about and celebrate the birth of Christ.

  186. I love our Christmas Eve service at church. I also really like our Jesse Tree devotional and ornaments that we do leading up to Christmas. Keeps the focus on Jesus in a way that is easy for my kids to understand!

  187. So many traditions, but one of my favorites as a mom has been to have a birthday cake for Jesus (often because we celebrate early in the morning to start the day off right it is coffee cake or a pan of cinnamon rolls) – we all sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus” and the kids enjoy blowing out the candles.

  188. My favorite is the preparation for Christmas and looking forward to the SAvior to be born through celebrating advent.

  189. My favorite Christmas tradition is having a big Christmas Day brunch with my family. After we open all of our gifts on Christmas morning, we pitch in together and make a huge brunch! We have done this since we were children and I intend on continuing the tradition with my own family. It’s a sweet time for all of us.

  190. I look forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior with family, as well as time spent with family over a delicious meal and good conversation.

  191. Our family traditions include reading the Bible on Cheistmas morning and then eating a big breakfast with grandparents and other family.

  192. My favorite part of our family Christmas celebration is just getting to chill out together. We’re either seeing my parents (whom we only get to see once or twice a year) or my husband’s family (whom we get to see a little more frequently, but still love dearly) – it’s a special time together. πŸ™‚

  193. Singing happy birthday to Jesus! We have ice cream cake with candles for breakfast (we live in Australia it’s HOT) and sing Happy Birthday.

  194. Oh Christmas, nothing beats it. It’s our Savior’s birth celebration, and nothing beats the true warmth I feel during this season. My favorite time is looking at the lights of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve with no other lights on or distractions. It’s a beautiful moment of reflection to meditate and count blessings. Sharing this time with my family is a must do tradition.

  195. I love that we’ve reserved Christmas morning to celebrate as a family in our home. While we love to visit with the family later, it gets so chaotic that it’s nice to have that time together to create our own traditions.

  196. We live in the Phoenix area, so being able to get outside and throw the football around, and be the spot all the family wants to be, is a wonderful time…and the kid’s Christmas Service at church is always a wonderful moment!

  197. My very favorite part of Christmas is being able to know, love, and celebrate Jesus and His birth! The second part is celebrating Christmas with my husband, our four children, and our five grandsons. I am always thankful and filled with joy when we are all together:-) Life is a gift and I enjoy each and every single day! Glory to God!

  198. My favorite part of our Christmas celebration is the chance to get together with so many of our friends and family we may not see all year!!

  199. My favorite part of my families christmas celebration is seeing the magical look of wander on my kids faces when they go to bed christmas eve and wake up on christmas morning. They are ages 2 and 4. So the innocence of it all is still there.

  200. We wrap our big Nativity’s Baby Jesus up and put him under the tree. He is the first present the kids open on Christmas morning.

    Your set is precious, by the way. Would love to own one.

  201. Christmas Eve we have dinner and do presents and a candlelight service with extended family, and it has always been my favorite tradition. Then on Christmas Day, we can just enjoy the day with our kids and it’s simple and relaxing!

  202. We love reading the story of the Jesse Tree and all the Bible stories that trace Jesus lineage from Abraham.

  203. Every year we go to the Christmas Eve service at church, then we eat dinner at In-n-Out and drive through neighborhoods looking at all the beautiful Christmas decorations. After that, we go home and each open a new pair of Christmas pajamas. It’s such a fun tradition that brings us together even more than opening gifts on Christmas morning.

  204. I love the build up of Christmas Day where everyday in December we do a craft to remember the story of Jesus birth. My kids think this time of the year is so special!

  205. My favorite part of Christmas has changed, as my family has evolved. As a child, I loved cutting down the tree and decorating it with my parents and siblings. Now that I have a young family of my own we are trying to create our own traditions, one being cutting down our own tree together. Last year we read an Advent story “Charlie & Noel” each day of Advent. I hope to do that again and emphasize the meaning of the season and not the gifts. My newborn was named after Saint Lucy so I’d like to celebrate her feast day this year during Advent. The gift of family is so amazing, especially during the Christmas season as we reflect on the Holy Family!!

  206. So many wonderful traditions in our family, both small (like my husband saying that it’s not properly Christmas until he’s listened to this one particular Christmas song!) and large (like not opening gifts until after the lunch AND the washing up!), and we have many that have come down through the generations which is such a blessing and a joy as we pass them on ourselves. I think the best part for me is not so much the traditions in themselves, but in using them to make a really wonderful family day for my kids and anyone else who is with us.

  207. Favorite christmas tradition is waking up at 5am to open presents. And of course the christmas shopping the day after christmas.

  208. Cutting down a Christmas tree. We go with my parents and siblings and each family cuts down a tree for their household but we all search together than we go back to my parents house and drink hot chocolate. It’s great fun and makes seeing everyone’s tree decorated so much more special!

  209. We cherish the Advent part of our Christmas. It truly makes the celebrations on the 24th and 25th feel like hearts and minds are in the right place for celebrating the birth of Christ!

  210. Our favorite Christmas activity is all the baking my daughters and I get to do together! We make special aprons for the occasion and bake away!!

  211. Growing up, it was time with family in our pj’s and my dad’s homemade pancakes. Now with kids of my own, it’s the reading of the Christmas story and the gift of Jesus. It’s the best!

  212. My favorite part of Christmas is teaching my daycare kids what Christmas is all about. We do a service project every year, and I can’t wait to begin working on it with them!! πŸ™‚

  213. I love to share the message of Christ with my children, it is so exciting to spend so much quality time reselling His story! My oldest is 5 and really gets it now, and interacts with diologe which is just so neat!

  214. We always put the wisemen of our nativity somewhere else in yhe house depicting the fact that they were not at the manger, but rather gave their gifts and worshipped Jesus sometime later.

  215. My sister and I would make candy with our Grandma. She has been gone for a few years but we have kept the tradition alive and are now passing it on to our children.

  216. We always have fun decorating together and talking through the symbolism or memories in our decoration pieces. Thanks…this is such beautiful, unique set!

  217. My favorite part is probably Christmas eve, when my siblings and I dress up in goofy costumes and play board games. It’s our strange tradition and it is so fun!

  218. I love surprising the girls after they have gone to lay down in bed-getting blankets and hot chocolate ready in the car- then going to get them out of bed in their jammies to go drive around and look at Christmas lights. It’s such a fun family time!!

  219. I love all the Scandinavian foods we eat at this time of the year and the new traditions we are creating with our kids!

  220. Love this set! Beautiful!

    When my daughter was about 6, I took her to buy an ornament and she picked out one and then wanted a second ornament that depicted the nativity scene. I told her that she could only have one ornament, but she told me that she needed that second one because that is what Christmas is all about. Needless to say, I bought that second ornament and it is always displayed right up front on our tree. πŸ™‚

  221. My favorite tradition is waking up to a roaring fire that my dad has built and opening presents in age order from the youngest to the oldest.

  222. The whole side of my husbands family all stay at my inlaws cabin. It is the best thing to see not only your kids open their gifts but to get to see all of your nieces and nephews. We spend a few days together. These are memories our kids will have forever.

  223. Since we have moved so far away from family, our biggest Christmas tradition is driving “home” to see them. I love that we can spend time together as a family. We act out the nativity every Christmas Eve. When we were little, us kids did it, now our children act it out with their cousins. This giveaway is amazing thank you! I have always wanted one for our family and never been able to afford it!

  224. My favorite Christmas activity is snuggling in our pj’s on Christmas morning and reading the Christmas Story from the Bible.

  225. We always celebrate at the candlelight Christmas Eve service and the kids go in their Christmas PJ’s. Memories we will cherish forever.

  226. One of our favorite things to do at Christmas time is to bake a birthday cake for Jesus. My boys love getting involved!

  227. we always take food and gifts to a family in need before we celebrate our Christmas Day together. This is a tradition that my precious father began with our family. It has always been my favorite part of Christmas. I pray that my grandchildren will pass it on to the generations to come in our family.

  228. Love this.. I have a thing for nativity sets… this year participating in A Meaningful Christmas- and I am pretty sure that will be my new favorite!

  229. We’re still in the midst of creating those traditions with my husband and children, but growing up it was me waking up all of my sisters and parents because I was overly anxious about getting going– and we’re talking like 5 a.m. I can see now, as a parent, why my parents probably didn’t appreciate that. πŸ™‚

  230. I’ve been a nurse for a long time and have missed many December 25ths with my family. My favorite thing is being able to create our own Christmas joy together even if the “real” day has come and gone. It has alleviated a lot of stress over the years.

  231. My favorite part of Christmas is when we break out the old Christmas vinyl records and music we’ve collected for years!

  232. i love being together to put all of the heist as decorations around the house and mostly the ornaments on the tree πŸ™‚

  233. My favourite part of Christmas is seeing our kids eyes sparkle when we read from the Jesus Storybook Bible all through Advent. They sit quietly through each reading and take it all in πŸ™‚

  234. My favourite part is my kids picking names to buy each other gifts. They all LOVE being able to choose something special for their siblings. They are so generous and thoughtful with their gifts!

  235. my favorite part about Christmas is challenging myself to take time to do the special things. We aren’t good at routine, but each moment we create to read our advent stories, to cut & hang snowflakes, to play with the nativity pieces, to make special cookies, to find ways to give to someone else….those moments are Christmas treasures for me. They tend to come in authentic ways when I just challenge myself to create the time. God’s gift to us is so amazing…so I try to find amazement in little things.

  236. I love Christmas Eve service by candlelight. Our family does a finger food dinner either before or after service together. We still eat by candlelight too.

  237. I love sitting around the Christmas tree with my husband and children on Christmas morning reading the Christmas story, sipping coffee and opening gifts!

  238. My favourite part is our big Christmas dinner together. We read the story of Christ’s birth and spend time with each other celebrating.

  239. I love our advent tradition we do with out kids. We have a wooden advet calendar and every night gather together to read part of the Christmas story, sing a Christmas carol and open the door for a special sweet treat. It’s so fun to count down to Christmas and keep emphasizing with our kids the real reason of the season. πŸ™‚

  240. So many favorites… Christmas cookie baking, christmas lights everywhere, decorating the tree, family time. After living far from family I am most looking forward to having time together this Christmas.

  241. We don’t put the Baby Jesus is our nativity until Christmas morning. My favorite part of the morning is when one of our daughters put the Baby in the scene. Then Christmas is finally here!!

  242. My favourite part of Christmas is snuggling up in our Pjs and watching Christmas movies with the kids :). I also love the extra family time we get since my hubby has extended time off around the holidays. There is something so special about that time together!

    P.s. What a gorgeous nativity set!

  243. There are so many favorites! I love when we go and pick out a fresh tree together, and put on Christmas music while we decorate. I love making homemade ornaments with my kids. I love putting up the Adornaments and reading the Christmas story. This is one of my favorite times of the year!

  244. I love the whole season… making cookies with my kids, my gramma used to always take the sisters downtown Chicago to see the Marshal Fields Christmas windows, the day of, just celebrating Jesus and all He is to us.

  245. One tradition each year is when the kids come home from being with their birth mother on Christmas Eve, they get to open one gift from us, we read a story/have hot cocoa and go to bed to wake up and see what Santa brought us!

  246. My favorite part of Christmas with my family is going to our church’s Christmas Eve candle light service, coming home and reading the Christmas story out of Luke to our boys, and then giving them a pair of Christmas pajamas to wear to bed.

  247. I love reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning. This year my kids and I are trying to memorize Luke 2:1-20.

  248. We celebrate by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. My mother started this by baking St. Lucia’s crown and using this for the cake. I now make a point to make this crown myself and sing with my family. It sets the tone for what we should celebrate ultimately!

  249. Hi Lisa! I always love the candle light Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church. . .especially the part where the Hallelujah Chorus is played on the organ and piano – such a great celebration of Christ’s birth. LOVE this nativity, your vision for it is beautiful!

  250. Growing up we always moved the figures from our nativity closer to the stable each day, with the animals arriving first, followed by Mary and Joseph on Christmas eve. First thing Christmas morning we would place baby Jesus in and bring in the shepherds. Then, finally on the feast of the three kings we would add them and their camels. I love being able to pass on this simple tradition with my kids now.

  251. My favorite part is seeing my children’s eyes light up when opening their gifts Christmas morning. They mean the world to me and their happiness is icing on the cake for me and my husband.

  252. I love having all exteneed family celebrations done ahead of time so on Christmas day we can stay in our pajamas all day!

  253. My favorite Christmas tradition is wrapping up 25 Christmas books to be opened up each day, as we count down to Christmas day. My children look forward to read one every day.