i am so excited about this little bracelet. the buttons are so cute i can hardly stand it! and i love that buttons represent a connection, keeping something in place. isn’t that perfect?!

i have two good friends who spend a lot of their time sewing. you might know these amazing ladies. maggie {here} from gussy who stitches up a mean ruffle and my sweet lindsey {here} from the pleated poppy who makes posie pins and scarves and so many beautiful things! you’ll spot a bracelet for each of them in these pics. i think this is a perfect bracelet for someone who sews or is creative. so sweet!

you can see more details about the button button bracelet HERE.

my grandma collected buttons and passed on her sweet collection to her daughters and granddaughters. do you love buttons like i do? what do you do with all those little extra buttons that come with clothing?