{new} button button bracelet

i am so excited about this little bracelet. the buttons are so cute i can hardly stand it! and i love that buttons represent a connection, keeping something in place. isn’t that perfect?!

i have two good friends who spend a lot of their time sewing. you might know these amazing ladies. maggie {here} from gussy who stitches up a mean ruffle and my sweet lindsey {here} from the pleated poppy who makes posie pins and scarves and so many beautiful things! you’ll spot a bracelet for each of them in these pics. i think this is a perfect bracelet for someone who sews or is creative. so sweet!

you can see more details about the button button bracelet HERE.

my grandma collected buttons and passed on her sweet collection to her daughters and granddaughters. do you love buttons like i do? what do you do with all those little extra buttons that come with clothing?


  1. Lisa, I’m sure you hear this all the time but I just had to tell you how wonderful your jewelry and ‘other goodies’ are! You have such an amazing talent. I saw a link to your website on Funky Junk interiors and even though I don’t need any gifts right now I bookmarked your site for later! Everything is just gorgeous! Love your blog as well 🙂

  2. buttons, buttons and more buttons I need them all!!!! I have most of them in 2 plastic cake savers. I know this is not pretty but I am messing with my buttons so much they have to be handy. Every single craft project I do has buttons on it. I make Vintage jewerly so buttons are a big part of my life with that. For decor I have a cute little cake stand with a glass lid and a small bird inside, his nest is a colection of small cream buttons, I wish I could send a picture.

  3. I am also a button lover. I have way more than I will ever need. I especially love just seeing them, so I keep some small ones in glass tubes….they once held cigars!
    Your bracelet is fabulous and I am really in love with the mason jar necklace! I am saving my pennies!

  4. My mom and I love buttons-she has a whole post about white oyster buttons that she has collected for over 30 years and I love your bracelet! I have the family tree necklace from last year, but have a new baby boy…so I will have to get a new one! ; ) I wear it all the time in 10 inches of snow Missouri and my gal friends l.o.v.e. it!

  5. I love Maggie’s bracelet! My mama had a huge tin of buttons that I loved. They were my grandmother’s who gave them to my mom. Somehow over the years of moving, etc, the tin has disappeared. I miss running my fingers through all those unusual buttons. I’m hoping they will turn up one day…

  6. LOVE your new creation!!
    I wish I could afford to purchase each and every one of your designs. I would have SO much fun wearing them and sharing them. *I had one of your necklaces on today.*

  7. oh those buttons are absolutely adorable.
    my mom was the seamstress in our family.
    i wish i could sew! i could always just fake it and wear this instead. : )

  8. I love this! Growing up, my mom kept a big mason jar filled with buttons. I used to pick it up and stare at it, shake it, draw it. That little jar full of so much wonder.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    these are all of my favorite things, buttons, ball jars, very cute idea….. and I put my buttons in ball jars, they look so cool….thanks for your creativity , it’s inspiring…

  10. Of course it’s darling EVERYTHING you do is darling. This is really cute and the perspective on the models’ wrists helps show scale. Another precious piece for my wish list. :sigh:

  11. Dear Lisa, just discovered your website recently, and I keep returning to it. I wanted to let you know you are such an inspiration for my heart and soul. LOVE your jewelry, so just for the info, have you ever shipped to Croatia? Could you? 🙂 Kisses!

  12. Oh I NEED this. I just decided moments ago that I am going to have a booth at quilt Market in May and I need to wear this there.

    It’s darling. You’re awesome.

    Gigi’s Thimble Quilt patterns

  13. so fun!! lola would simply drool over that bracelet if i let her see it. oh my gosh, i can just see her in a little necklace with a button charm! she is obsessed with buttons. i have a tupperware of buttons i keep for sewing or craft projects, and one of her favorite things to do is sit down at the table with it and dump out all the buttons, sort through them, talk to them, rearrange them, tell me about every single one of them, and then put them all back away. anything that she spies that is round is called a button. stickers, cheerios, money. they are all buttons. buttons make her day a very happy one.

  14. I have lots of buttons. My neighbor gave me a jar of her mom’s old buttons . I made her a little quilt and put some of her buttons on it. She loved it. I also love the button bracelet.

  15. i’ve got a thing for buttons to xo love this!
    my daughters make friendship bracelets and necklaces embroidery floss and colorful buttons! very cute.

  16. Growing up my mom had a box with extra buttons. And now that I’m have a home of my own I keep my extras in an old tin. When I have to get it out to sew a button on, my daughter sits with me and looks at all interesting buttons we have.
    Love to read about you and your family everyday.
    Take care of each other. Prayers always for the little guy.

  17. Lisa! I have a LLD gift card, I got it from a generous girlfriend! Might have to use it on this bracelet.
    Sooo cute.
    You, your designs, your blog, your family……it is all soooo inspirational! Thank you!

  18. LISA!!!! This is TOO much … I *heart* it so. This is going right to the top of my wish list! And thinking up words to add to the charms … maybe, sew, snip, gather, knitty, bitties …

    Way to knock out the new designs this week!!

    Happy Thursday!

  19. OH MUH WORD — you are sooooo amazing! lisa, thank you for your sweet words. i know i can say confidently that lindsey and i both appreciate it and you 🙂

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