one evening at hilton head, we stayed out on the beach until very late. just talking and eating dessert and enjoying the warm night and moonlight.

my first instinct was to get up and go inside, but i told myself, no just relax. enjoy these moments. there is nothing to rush off to do. i need to sit here in this moment and just be. and i’m so glad i did.

i had the loveliest chat with emily {have you seen her new book? you can read the first chapter here} it was the kind of conversation that goes deep to the hard places that i sometimes don’t want to think about, let alone say out loud.

and while we were chatting i set my camera on the sand and turned the autofocus off. i let the shutter take forever to capture the image–of the soft moonlight, the waves rolling in and sarah and the gypsy mama running and spinning circles on the sand.

such an amazing, magical night. i feel like i can still hold those moments in my hand.

have you taken time lately to just sit and be and not rush off? have you taken time to linger and really be present in the moment?