let’s gather {hospitality and a giveaway!}

I love having people over to our home. Sharing a meal together is one of the easiest ways to deepen friendships and connect.

But having people over can be hard too! It’s easy to worry if my home isn’t tidy enough. And David can be tricky–he often grabs people’s drinks or knocks things off the counter.

Instead of avoiding hospitality, Steve and I have tried to jump and let it be imperfect. We have our community group over every Tuesday evening for dinner and to discuss Sunday’s sermon. Everyone pitches in with the meal and dessert. People sit in the dining room, kitchen and living room. It’s very casual. And it’s been a great way to grow closer as a group.

We also have an fairly ‘open door’ policy with our guest room. We love having people stay with us and we encourage them to use us as a landing place–and come and go as they want.

This book by Sue Moore Donaldson is FULL of amazing tips and insights for practical hospitality. Sue shares stories and gives an honest look at what it means to open your homes and your hearts to people. And she’ a real-life friend! So I can tell you from experience that she has a true heart for hospitality. Click here to read Sue’s blog!

TWO lucky winners will receive the book Come To My Table and a ‘feed your soul’ necklace from my workshop.

For a chance to win Sue’s book Come To My Table and a necklace, simple leave a comment below telling us one way someone has shown you hospitality.


  1. My sister takes my kids every-so-often so I can get some ME time in. I L.O.V.E. my kids, but a little time with just the hubby helps 🙂

  2. A friend of mine hosts homemade pizza Friday. She posts it on Facebook and the first to comment is her guest that week. Really fun idea and yummy pizza. I was thrilled to be first to respond when my husband was out of town for the weekend. Hospitality to the max for the mom of little ones to have some place to go and not have to cook for a night 🙂

  3. The house church in wee Kennicott was my weekly refuge from work and loneliness during a summer of work in rural Alaska. Each week a nice man would provide for my 30 minute commute down rocky dirt roads (sometimes via ATV) to the Rowland cabin with it’s soft evergreen yard and the happy golden-retriever dog. In their living room with it’s bearskin rug we’d gather and worship with those good old hymns as we took in the picturesque view of the local glacier and mountain setting that our Maker designed.

    Each week the Rowland girls of the house would prepare a scrumptious meal for everyone to enjoy after worship – strangers and newcomers always welcome to take a heaping bowl of stew and fresh home-baked bread. We’d sit at the table Mr. Rowland designed and chat about the latest bush news and life happenings.

    The love that was expressed through the people at house church and the relationships that blossomed through it is one of the greatest things I have known; I will cherish the memories of this hospitality as a great gift from God ’til my mind no longer functions.

  4. Our church has “Hospitality Sunday” at the end of every month. We are encouraged to welcome one (or more) families from our fellowship into our home to share a meal. Always a blessing for the giver and receiver of hospitality.

  5. Our Missional Community meets at the house of a family of seven, one of which is a new baby. I am very thankful to this family for the hospitality they show us all, each week in their home.

  6. i am a seminary student and there is a family here (some of my dearest friends now) that always invites me over for dinner and conversation. it is wonderful and has made me want to be more hospitable in my life.

  7. I love the hospitality shown by our small group as we meet in each other’s homes every week. It’s such a blessing! Would love to win!

  8. We have very dear friends that we only met last January. I know that we can drop in to see them at any time, and we’re always welcomed in the door with a cozy spot to relax and a warm mug of herbal tea. It’s such a joy to be around them, and I always feel at home. I’m so glad that God brought them into my life!

  9. Nearly every week our small group gathers together. We bring food, wine, smiles and tears and share them all together. Our children are growing up together and, actually we all are…

  10. I just moved to a new state, and pretty much asked to crash a dinner book club a couple of months ago. The hostess was so welcoming, and I now have this circle of friends I’m really getting to know and enjoy!

  11. One of the sweetest things is when your home from the hospital with a new baby and your friends and family bring you meals. Best form of hospitality ever! 🙂

  12. I live in New Orleans. During Katrina, my family & I evacuated to Little Rock, AR for our “3 day getaway” (what we always called hurricane evacuations as they usually turned into little getaways). My friend & his partner put us up in their small 2 bedroom apartment with 2 dogs & a bird. We stayed there for 3 weeks. Not only did they allow my immediate family & pets to stay there, they cooked for my extended family that travelled with us & stayed at a hotel. THAT was true hospitality & I will forever be grateful to them.

  13. Sue’s book is available at Amazon.com. It is so good and you learn so much from it. Our Bible study had a Christmas Party for Jesus and brought gifts for a local Women’s care in our town.

  14. Lisa,
    Sue is my sweet cousin twice removed. Her grandmother and mine are sisters. Sue is a delight and we have been in her Mom’s home many times. My 40 something son just loves her Dad and playing table tennis with him on the back patio. OF course, this was several years ago. And Sue taught David in honors English and he was her only relative to teach. We love them and their family.
    Becky Jones

  15. My older brother and sister-in-law are the hosts with the most. The most recent example was last week as we celebrated our Mom’s 80th birthday. They whipped up a delicious meal and had the best game on hand for the mixed crowd of 17 to 80 year olds. They create a wonderful atmosphere where everyone can relax and have fun. I love them so much for that!

  16. My daughter and I just came home from Mexico. On my birthday last Wednesday, the hotel staff left me chocolate cake, swans made from bath towels, and happy birthday spelled out in stones on my bed. This is a fine example of true hospitality.

  17. My sister is the most hospitable person I know. I can show up at any time and she will always put out a spread, make us feel at home, and keep things casual. There’s never any pretense and the air of informality always makes visits a joy!

  18. When I was single and had just moved to Austin I met a friend at Bible study and she invited me over to watch a TV show with her. I had never before watched this particular show, but I went and we’ve been fast friends for almost 15 years now.
    We always joke that God knew how lonely we both were and put us in the same room so we could support one another.

  19. My friend Trish always has the coffee on and an open home for our family when we come to visit! She is my dear friend, but because we live 4 hours apart, and both of us are busy mommas, our visits are few and far between. Nevertheless, she has always been a model of hospitality to me.

  20. I like making sure our bathroom is stocked with necessities for whomever so they don’t ever have to asked for anything while in there! 🙂

  21. After 40 years, a dear high school friend and I reconnected. And even though I live in the Midwest, and she in Georgia, she invited my husband and I to join her and her husband to vacation with them on a beautiful island off the coast of Georgia for the Fourth of July holiday. What a lovely and memorable weekend we enjoyed together. We received a delicious taste of southern hospitality!

  22. I have a dear friend who is a shining example of hospitality to me. Even though she is a busy mom with 3 young kids her home is always a place of peace and restoration. Amazing food, music, soothing decor. No matter how crazy the day, a stop at her home always recharges me!

  23. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my arm broke and I had to have surgery. When I came home, my co-workers at the school where I work in the office brought me and my husband dinners every weeknight for a little over a month! Sweet people, love ’em all dearly! (PS – I’m in complete remission now for two years and back at work!)

  24. recently some acquaintances let us stay the night at their house. but…they are building a new house right now and living (all 8 of them) in a small 2rm/1bath spot in a shed on their property (maybe 300sqft of living space). The whole family so graciously let us stay in their warm living space while they camped for the night in the cold part of the shed!!!

  25. In August, my husband and I welcomed our first child. We went through a lot to get him (hello, IVF) and were so thrilled to be holding him. Three days later my father was hospitalized. My father died when my son was just over 3 months old. I can’t express how thankful I am to all of our friends and family. During those three months (and well after!) they fed us, did our laundry, held my son so I could visit with my dad, and gave us incredible hugs and words of support. The post office could have survived on the delivery to our house alone! Now that we are starting to find a new normal, I would love to start trying to repay the kindness shown to us in those first months.

  26. This is a book I need to look at. I always feel like an inadequate hostess. I want things to be ‘perfect’ but I judge myself way too much. I did help my elderly neighbour during a 3 day power outage, but she resisted my help. I struggled to have her accept meals and to come into our home to warm up by the fire.

  27. Some years ago, a lady with a very busy life agreed to go with me to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, where her husband worked. I was single and needed a friend, and she had a family and plenty to do, yet she spent the day showing me around and visiting. Sometimes I look back and I’m embarrassed for asking her, but her gracious hospitality was wonderful. Thanks.

  28. When we lived on the other side of the country, we were faraway from our family. Our dear friends invited us over for holidays and we started our own traditions. Such a blessing!

  29. Love this!

    My darling grandmother has always showed the sweetest hospitality. She keeps a basket of little soaps and shampoo on hand, always has fresh sheets on the bed, and does little things like keep my son’s favorite snacks in the kitchen when we visit. It’s such a balm for the soul to have gentle care expressed by those we love!

  30. A friend & Bible Study leader opens her heart & her home regularly to women (myself included:) for what she likes to call “sheship” aka fellowship for women. So blessed/inspired by her kindness & generosity. She feeds our stomachs & our souls!

  31. Our neighbor Ed helps us out in every way before we even ask him. We recently moved from the busy city to the country and we couldn’t have asked for better neighbors than Ed and his wife Val. A few weeks ago we got caught in a debilitating Atlanta snowstorm and during our 10-hour drive home, Ed offered to go feed our animals and my mother who lives with us. It took away some of a very stressful day.

  32. Our family had just moved to a new city and we were living in a hotel while looking for a home. A family that we had met through an acquaintance helped us in so many ways. Our favorite was spending July 4th with them and other friends. It is amazing how many details you can remember when you are blessed by others. It meant so much to us.

  33. Our friends knew I was having a week so they invited our family over for snacks and games and made my week end much better than it started!

  34. I love the simplicity of Come to the table so many blessings happen there can’t wait to read the book and love the necklace!

  35. I was diagnosed with multiple debilitating chronic illnesses about 2 years ago which have required major changes in what I’m able to do for my family. My church family has repeatedly shown us hospitality by calling or texting and saying “when can I bring you a meal this week?” and then doing it! And sometimes with the meal, they come with cleaning supplies to work on our bathrooms/kitchen…such a gift! and they always bring enough for leftovers for at least 1 meal!

  36. I truly experience the offering of a readily receptive and sustaining environment among my fellow homeschooling moms at our co-op. They offer such grace and hospitality. Hospitality can be as much an attitude as an action…

  37. This past Thanksgiving, my family was going to be out of town & working in retail meant a late night Thanksgiving Eve & an early morning “Black Friday” the day after Thanksgiving. A co-worker of mine, who I barely knew, invited me to her & her family’s house for Thanksgiving. My dog, Milo got to go, too.

  38. This book sounds amazing and the necklace is beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win! My friend Rachel has shown my girls and I hospitality many times…by having us over for playdates and fixing us a nice lunch. She’s a mom herself and busy, busy, busy. Yet she always takes the time to prepare a delicious meal we can sit down and enjoy together. It’s God’s love in real life.

  39. We were camping in Kauai many years ago in a remote camp site and there was a guy there covered from neck to toe in tattoos – I said to my husband, don’t talk to him he looks very suspicious…..I went for a walk along the beach and came back to my tent to discover my husband and the tattooed man sitting around the campfire drinking coffee! It turns out he was one of the nicest people that we have ever met and we are life long friends! My husband taught me about hospitality that evening and to never judge a book by its cover! Mel x

  40. I have just moved into a new tow. My first day here, a neighbour came out as I was walking the dog past her house. She invited me in for coffee. I have never felt so welcomed and it meant a lot.

  41. My mil… it might sound weird b/c she is family but she always treats me like a guest, waiting on me and having special treats for me when I visit. She has taught me a lot about how to make someone feel welcome.

  42. My in-laws are very hospitable. Whether we pop in unexpectedly or at a family gathering, there are always stories to be told, photo albums to go through, and plenty of food to go around. Sometimes we just sit in a circle (my husband comes from a family of 7) and pass the old pictures around while telling stories of their childhood adventures.

  43. I have a best friend whos door and heart are always opened whenever I’ve needed her. She is warm and inviting and the coffee pot is always on. Through her hospitality and love I’ve always found refuge and comfort at her home speeding countless hours talking about everything in life good, bad or indifferent. God has truly blessed me!

  44. While traveling cross country my sister in law’s parents opened their home to my husband and I and four children, never have meeting us before. They even showed us a great place to see the lake and fed us. It was pretty great of them to be so hospitable.

  45. We are always happy after we have had friends to our home, but it is often a challenge to get past our excuses. We so easily talk ourselves out of inviting people over. Life is just so busy! We are trying to get better at this!!

  46. As someone who was “adopted” into Sue’s family I have witnessed her Hospitality for many years. Every year at Thanksgiving there was a person, or 5, that Sue had met randomly at some store or restaurant and had found out they didn’t have a place to go. These people almost always turn into life-long friends!

  47. When my oldest son was in the hospital many years ago, my cousin’s husbands aunt( who we didn’t know) let us stay at her house, which was close to the hospital and would make us breakfast and pack us a lunch! What a sweet lady she was!

  48. I worked with a beautiful (inside & out) older lady who, when I had no place to live for 3 months before my wedding, took me in. I will never forget that!

  49. I love when my teenage son brings all his friends here to our house. I love knowing where he is and that he is safe and feeding a bunch if teenage boys is so nice. They will gladly eat whatever you put in front of them.

  50. I used to have people over all the time and have gotten out of the habit over the past few years… But over the past few months, I’ve been wanting to get into the habit again. I’ll be getting this book no matter what 🙂

  51. My mother in law has truly shown me what hospitality is. I was 16, pregnant and marrying her son and she welcomed me into her home. Twenty seven years and three children later, I am still happily married and have paid forward the hospitality. ; )

  52. Recently some friends invited us over for lunch after church. She had a frozen lasagne in the oven that was ready right when they got home, she made some garlic bread. It was simple but so nice not to have to go home and figure out lunch.

  53. My friend Robyn watched my kids for a bit when my husband and I would both be home late and when we came to get them right at dinnertime she stretched her not-fancy weeknight meal to accommodate my family of five! True friend!

  54. My Uncle invited my husband and I stay with him at his apartment near Barcelona, Spain. We woke up to fresh croissants from the local bakery. My Uncle is the best at taking care of his guests, especially when they are family!

  55. My grandmother was the best!! She opened her home for lunch everyday for anyone who wanted to eat!! She was the best! She baked a cake almost every day from scratch! Love her and miss her everyday!

  56. My dear friends Tim and Allie have been open home and open heart and become my family. When I first moved here they had me to dinner, my children met their children and friendships were born and newness forgotten as their whole family took us in. Our hearts were broken and bleeding and were suffering from divorce, and they were and are loving and kind, helped heal and pray for us often. Where would I be without them. Holidays, birthdays, love is poured out on us like rain and so gratefully accepted. We are blessed

    1. My sisters home is always open to me on a moments notice and she makes sure to have gluten free food available.

  57. I grew up in a family that practiced hospitality. My mom was a pastor’s wife and never lacked for opportunities to open our home up to church members, neighbours, visiting missionaries, extended family members. I love that I have such a beautiful example of how hospitality looks and it has been instrumental in shaping me into who I am and how I see my home – as a place of refuge for others.

  58. Every Sunday, our friends open the doors of their home to our family.
    We read the bible, cook, eat, play games, take walks, and laugh a lot.
    They have a true gift of hospitality.
    We have been encouraged by their example, and refreshed by the fellowship.

    I appreciate the glimpse into this part of your lives, Lisa.
    Thank you!

    {{* *}}

  59. when times are tough, my friend hayley always makes sure that she cooks us a meal or has us over for dinner so that there is one less thing i have to think about x

  60. My husband and I moved away from our birth city many years ago, and after my parents passes away, my sister in law (and brother) have opened their home to us each time we visit. They clear their schedules for us, set up a beautiful guest room, that they refer to as our room, and stock the fridge with all the foods they know we love. They go out of their way to make us feel welcomed back.

  61. My sweet friend, Patty, is the picture of hospitality. She is never too busy, too tired, too anything to stop and pour into someone who needs some love. When you walk into her kitchen and she hands you a glass of iced tea, you can exhale and escape the world for a bit. After visiting with her, you feel you can take on anything.

  62. Does hospitality have to happen just in your home? When my husband lost his job, I started working. My grandma kept my kids. My job was an hour and a half away in my hometown. She would meet me when I got to work and take my car w/ my sleeping kids in it to her house. When I got off work, she was always there with my car and kids. In addition, there was usually a crockpot or cassrole dish with that night’s dinner.

  63. We recently had baby #3 and for 2 WEEKS we were blessed with meals from neighbors and friends. I couldn’t believe it! I was so grateful for the help and it definitely helped us to adjust our life with another newborn around!

  64. I so enjoyed reading each and every story shared here tonight. I am, too, reminded of many, many people and situations that were filled with this spirit of true hospitality. If I were to choose one thing to share here tonight, it would be this: “Mi casa es su casa!” is what I heard repeatedly said by different people I met and friends I made when I visited Mexico and eventually moving in for over 4 years, first not knowing the language or anyone in particular. I am forever grateful for such experiences of deep warmth of loving hospitality shown..and forever friendships. God is amazing.

  65. My husband and I were preparing to move to a new city where we knew absolutely no one. Some friends called up a couple that lived in our new city asking if they would consider putting us up for the weekend while we looked for an apartment. I’ll never forget their sweet four year old daughter meeting us at our car and asking if she could help carry in anything for us. They welcomed complete strangers with open arms and we became very close friends. They invited a young couple into their family and lives, having us over at every holiday and helping us navigate some difficult times. They have remained an example to me of true hospitality and one I strive to emulate.

  66. My husband was injured in Iraq several years ago. He is still dealing with many mental and physical issues. We have been shown hospitality in so many tangible ways. People from our church have cleaned our home, done repairs, brought food, visited….

  67. A friend of mine has always been so hospitable. She is so gracious and loving and opens up her home to our church group for various functions.

  68. Some close friends/neighbors are always inviting us over for a spontaneous get together, even if their house has a few little “piles.” They care more about others than their little “piles.”

  69. We had to evacuate from fires here in CA and our friends (who happen to be on vacation) called us and invited us over to their home for as long as we needed a place to stay. Some mutual friends had their spare keys. True friends showing us true hospitality.

  70. As my dad was going through some testing for a possible brain procedure, my fabulous friend opened up her house and arms and let my family stay during this difficult time.

  71. Both our daughters are warm and loving to encourage us to visit them anytime. They get their hospitality genes from
    my husband’s mother. Grandma Glady was the hostess with the moistest and always made everyone feel welcome to her home. She was a great cook and very gracious hostess. Thanks for a chance to win this fun book and necklace.

  72. I have a friend who has showered me numerous times with her hospitality of food, her home, and just lending an ear. What I’ve most learned from her is not to overthink it, but just ask people to come.

  73. I won’t go into lots of details but during my husband’s illness and subsequent passing, numerous anonymous people ministered to my life and the lives of my children by helping in various ways. I am forever grateful!

  74. When we first moved to a new area and started at a new church…a couple invited us and 2 other couples to do a Bible study. That study turned into “doing life” together. They opened their home so unselfishly, and friendships flourished! We no longer live there, but are connected for life. Their home still feels like “home” to us~

  75. My mother in law is amazing with hospitality. She makes you feel so welcome. Her house is never perfect but it FEELS perfect. Her food is incredible. The pans and dishes in the sink don’t even phase her. She really enjoys the people that are in her home. I hope to be half the hostess she is..and just relax!

  76. My mother-in-law is always a wonderful hostess and makes everyone feel so comfortable and at ease. Which in turn allows everyone to enjoy themselves and offer a helping hand. 🙂

  77. My daughters have been great hostesses. I love to visit their homes and feel very comfortable and at home with them!

  78. I love being the person who hosts others and welcomes people into our home. I too get anxious worrying if my home is tidy. I have a good friend who totally makes you feel comfortable in her home at any time. She has two kids, a small home and a big dog, but she is always welcoming us in for a relaxing time so the kids can play. And, she decorates really pretty too!

  79. My best friend, you visit her house and it’s like home. One reason among many why she is my bestie.

  80. my husband and i joined a church over 1 year ago. and to this day, we are still learning and getting to know ppl on a deeper level. Families have invited us into their homes, prayed for us, and sent us notes and small gifts during the holiday season. i certainly feel blessed and loved. i pray that we will continue to be faithful in shepherding and loving on each other.

  81. This week, my sister-in-law and I have been staying at the SECU Family House in Chapel Hill, NC. Her husband is critically ill, and this place is much like the Ronald McDonald House – except for adults. The hospitality has been amazing. It is a haven of peace and calm at the end of a long day spent with doctors, nurses, tests, etc.

  82. My mom and dad were the best example of showing hospitality to family and friends. But what I remember the most was when my daughter was only 2 months old and I needed surgery. My husband couldn’t take any more time off so my mom and dad offered their home so I could recover there. My dad even took a week off from work so that not only could I recover but to help me take care of my newborn daughter. They cooked meals, took care of my baby between feeding,and let me rest. It was such a beautiful example to me of a parents love and just wanting to help their daughter.

  83. We were new to town and trying out a new church. The pastor introduced himself and asked if we had plans for lunch. We didn’t and so he asked us to come over to his house. We accepted. We had a young baby who needed to eat so he gave us directions to his house and told us where the spare key was (in the garage, behind the hockey sticks). He family stayed to clean up a few things. We made ourselves comfortable in his home and waited for lunch time. While we waited, other guests arrived, about 4 more in all. We had a wonderful roast that had been cooking all morning. They were so thoughtful and kind! I learned a lot about hospitality from their family and the community that they served. 🙂

  84. My husband’s grandmother knows hOw to combine making you feel like a guest and how to feel at home. Always love visiting her.

  85. When our electricity was out for several days, one of our friends from church, insisted on us to come take showers at her house and to bring our dirty laundry. While we were soaking up the hot water, she washed our clothes. We were sooooo thankful for her kindness…..

  86. My daughter and I are in Florida right now for a wedding. The mother of the bride, whom I had never met before, left a fruit basket in my hotel room that also included gluten-free vegan cookies for my strict dietary needs. Do you know how hard it is to find cookies that are both gluten-free AND vegan?

  87. My mother was just in a horrific bicycle crash (hit by a truck) on an out of state trip. Strangers have taken her and my dad in as they heal and recover from this tragedy. I have never seen the hands and feet of Jesus as much as I have these past few weeks. Complete strangers opening up their homes, meeting my parent’s real needs, and allowing them a place to rest and be restored. I hope to show this kind of hospitality to someone someday!

  88. The last time we visited my best friend’s family, they were just getting back from a two week long trip and yet they gave us their bedroom so we could have the extra space and the master bath. I know she missed her bed and yet she slept on an air mattress with her husband in the living room for the weekend. Now that’s friendship!

  89. When my husband and I were building our home and had a couple months of being homeless our daughters and their husbands and also friends warmly welcomed us into their homes. We had a schedule so as not to wear out our welcome anywhere! I love to have fresh flowers in the guest room when we have over nighters. What a great giveaway!

  90. Our friends invited us over for dinner at their new home. My husband works in construction, so they work until they’re finished. His job was going later and later, so I called to apologize and reschedule. They wouldn’t hear of it. We arrived around 8:30 (I think three hours later than planned!), and had a great time. They wanted to spend time together, and that was what mattered.

  91. A friend helped prepare meals for us at times when my husband was away on business travel. It really helps when you’re the only adult around to care for the little ones.

  92. A co-worker and her husband invited my family and I to dinner one night. They eat late and knew our three-year old wouldn’t make it through dinner. They told us to bring his jammies and they set him up in their guest room and they made sure that he was comfortable, safe and secure. They had never met my son and how they made him feel and took care of him allowed me to relax and enjoy my dinner.

  93. I love opening our home to others! It’s so fun to cook and get everything prepared! I’m thankful my husband helps a lot, and I pray our children will learn hospitality from our example!!

  94. When I think hospitality, I think of my brother and sister in law. They have a house at the beach, and they always welcome us with open arms when we come to visit there…they make us feel like it’s our special home away from home.

  95. My best friend has a quest room ready for us anytime and she puts chocolates out and little goodies.
    On Erma Bombeck’s , If I had my life to live over and this is one of her quotes “I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained or the sofa faded.” This resonates with me as to truly live is now and not worry how things are. Your friends love you for who you are and if not they are not your friends.

  96. My mom often leaves a small vase of fresh flowers in the guest room when she has company. It’s a simple gesture, but one that I really notice and appreciate. (Especially since I never think to put fresh flowers in my own bedroom!)

  97. My sister shows me hospitality by always having her guest room (which we call the Michigan Room) clean with fresh sheets and flowers. Sometimes she even leaves a little gift for me and I ALWAYS wake up to the smell of coffee!

    This is so fun!!
    HAve a great weekend

  98. The most hospitality I ever feel is when a friend or family member welcomes me into their home with open arms and love, that’s the ultimate hospitality, right?

  99. My oldest son is considering moving cross country to Oregon for college. A colleague of mine from Oregon has told me that my son will always have a place to go for a home-cooked meal or for the holidays. Now that is real hospitality (from a man that has only met my son once)!
    Please enter me in your lovely giveaway.
    Blessings, Patti

  100. My mother and grandmother were the best role models of showing hospitality. They could whip up a full meal including dessert (usually a sheet cake with their famous butterscotch icing) for an unexpected guest in a little over 30 minutes and serve it in a sweet southern way that you would never forget. My mother at 75 still says, “Our front door swings on welcome hinges” How sweet is that!! I love her!!

  101. I love the feeling of not having things perfect when I go to someone’s house! It makes me feel more comfortable and at ease! I love my sister in law, Sue, to pieces for teaching me this!

  102. By inviting me into their home to get to know me better when we were new in town. Graciously providing dinner for my husband and me and building genuine fellowship as they made us feel so welcome!

  103. I first learned what true hospitality is from my own mom, and have come to appreciate what it takes to extend it to others. While on a visit to Turkey, my friends and I were in a small town by the Black Sea and witnessed a festive wedding parade in the middle of a street. Even though we were complete strangers, we were invited to share in their celebration and spent the evening learning Turkish dance and making new friends with the newlyweds at their party!

  104. What a beautiful necklace! I used to worry about my house having things sitting around….cluttered….but I finally got over that and figured….”I’m creative and my house will always have “things” around….now when we have friends over…they say that our house is always cozy and welcoming!

  105. It’s such a treat when my friend Lisa calls and says “My house is a mess, come on over anyway.” And we talk and pick up the kid stuff, and end up having a blast. Hospitality without perfection is the best there is…. Sadly I recently moved away from her to another town. I’ve yet to make new friends like her. But maybe with this book I could? 🙂

  106. Love the care shown when sick. The food, the calls, the visits, and most important the prayers on our behalf.

  107. It is always a blessing to be invited over to others homes. Our family has been invited over to friend’s homes who have a lot, and who have a little. We’re always blessed.

  108. While visiting with friends who were shortly leaving for the overseas mission field, I stayed at a college friend’s apartment. She turned it into a mini reunion for two more of our college friends, and it was a sweet time of catching up where we left off, laughter, a dinner out on the town, and everyone sleeping on sofa cushions and in sleeping bags. Nothing fancy, but a memory to cherish!

  109. I have been so very blessed by so many. I work with the public and have some wonderful customers that remind me on a daily basis I am important, loved, and cared for. Lovely giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  110. When my family and I moved to a new city, a coworker went out of her way to share doctors, lunch, and also invited me to her home. This really made me feel like I had a friend I could turn to in a new environment. We are still great friends today!

  111. All of my friends and family have an open door policy also. We can pretty much always find a bed to sleep in when heading home or visiting friends!

  112. Our small group readily opens their home for our weekly gathering. The tea is on, snacks are on the table and we gather to dig deeper. It feels like home.

  113. During a very rough time for me spiritually, emotionally and physically, I was given a guestroom, delicious meals, friendship and love to heal and grow. I will be forever grateful for two amazing friends who didn’t “have to”, but “chose to” be the hands and feet of Christ and show His love to me in a tangible way. That is hospitality.

  114. My sister is the best welcoming host! When I get to spend the night at her house, I feel at home with the family, the non-fuss attitude and fun. I get to sleep in my nieces cozy bed and wake up to a steaming latte she makes for me.

  115. my mother and step father always show me and my family hospitality when I come to visit, and since they live close to the ocean it’s always a great weekend get away in the summer.

    I have a friend who’s in laws own a cabin in upstate NY and we sent a few weekends with them this past summer. It was such a fun time, just hanging out by the lake and cooking meals together.

    It’s always such fun to spend time with family and friends. I plan on opening my home up to new friends we meet in the blog world while they pass through our state as they do a thru hike on the Appalachian trail.

  116. I like have friends at my table, however, I know I worry about having things perfect. I am trying to learn focus on my guests instead of my house.

  117. My husband’s grandmother and mother are both incredible examples of genuine hospitality. Grandma’s husband ran the local garage in the area and there was always someone at the lunch or dinner table every day. In those days (1950’s), money was tight and Grandma was the pro at making a delicious meal out of almost nothing. Her daughter learned at an early age that opening your door to ALL was the norm. Now, my mother-in-law miraculously creates meals that would impress the Queen; although she is as humble as the home-made apple pie she sets before you. These two women have taught me the importance of opening your home (and all that it includes – good & bad). The rewards are life-changing.

  118. Our relatives at the beach always have snacks waiting for us no matter what time we get in, even in the middle of the night for them.

  119. My husband’s family, are the most hospitable people I have ever met. They welcomed me as part of the family and were always excited to see me, with my husband or not. They have actually taught me how to be more welcoming and to not worry about how clean my house is or how pretty my food is presented, but just to be open to having people come over.

  120. My sister is a wonderful hostess and allows us (all 5 of us!) to stay in her home any time we feel like visiting! Our children love traveling to see them and it’s truly fabulous to relax in her home.

  121. I lived in Mexico for three months working at a clinic right after college. My friend’s mom’s dad’s friend’s children (emphasis on how far removed these people were from me!) were missionaries in the same city. They found out I would be living there so they had me over for dinners, took me to church with them, and even took me on vacation. They were the kindest and most hospitable people and really made my time there what it was!

  122. My brother in law and sister in law invited us to stay with them during our remodel when the paint fumes were too dangerous to stay at home.

  123. I am most grateful to my mom’s hospitality when I got married. My fiance’s lease was up on his apartment but we did not want to live together before the wedding (not even for just six weeks!). So he moved into the house and I moved in with my mom. It was fun to share the same roof again with her and we had some very sweet moments together. It was a great way to spend my last 40 days as a single woman and I’m so thankful for her generosity!

  124. My lovely sweet sister had just moved our Mother into a new house when I was about to visit from out of state. Not only had she made sure my bedroom was sweet smelling of lavender and sunshine with fresh linens and bedside books but she had also made sure the fridge was stocked with yummy gluten-free/milk free food stuffs. Oh, and Mom took the smaller bedroom for the duration of our visit so hubby and I would be more comfortable. It seems we had a good teacher.

  125. As we were moving to a new town with my husband’s job, a sweet new friend let us stay in their guest room as we did some projects on our new home. We had a 6 month old and were a little overwhelmed. She taught me a lot about loving people well and including others in her own family routine. She passed away last year and I miss her, and am forever grateful for her example to me.

  126. Our first Christmas as a married couple was kind of sad because we were 800 miles from the closest family. However, a couole from our small group, whom we had only know for 3 months, invited us to spend the holiday with their family. It was the sweetest thing anyone could’ve done for us!

  127. I think the most wonderful hospitality I’ve been shown was having a distant family member tell us we are always welcome to stay with them and knowing they truest mean it. Today we are having famy and friends over for our little girl’s 2nd birthday and I keep reminding myself that it is ok if the house isn’t perfect like I always do. I want them to be comfortable and feel welcomed and loved most of all.

  128. We were without power here in PA last month for over a week after a big snowstorm. Our family, friends and neighbors who did have power were extremely generous and offered us all those things you never think about- heat, lights, hot water.

  129. The benedictine monks of St. Gregory’s Abbey were the first to teach me about hospitality… I’ll forever cherish Tuesdays during lent, lentil soup and fresh bread, through my 4 years of college. =)

  130. Too many times to count but what sticks out is it seems every time I move, I have weeks where I have no home. Friends have welcomed me in to their home for days or weeks. Just c’mon in and make yourself at home. I’m so thankful!

  131. We have sweet family friends that welcome us wherever we are meeting. Always with a hug and a smile. They’re the people we break bread with around the table and toast with late into the night. Hospitality.

  132. My husband travels a lot for work, and some friends at church have my little boys and me over for dinner almost every time. My littles are messy and picky and wild, but we are always welcomed with open arms.

  133. We just returned from a trip to Eastern Europe as a family to serve together. We had a few extra days before we could get a flight home and stayed in Budapest, several friends who work there took the time to show our family around the city and introduced us to many local treats, street foods and amazing sights while encouraging us, loving on our children and just being together! It was a blessing from the Lord!

  134. We have friends who live in England and they tell us we are welcome anytime. What a nice invitation 🙂

  135. When I visited my friend’s home for an overnight visit, she had a basket of toiletries waiting for me in her bathroom in case I forgot something, which happens often.

  136. We have sweet friends that we consider family and they have an open door policy to us to their home and us to them to ours. Love great friends and hospitality…. and that necklace! 🙂

  137. My husband and I are vegetarian. We appreciate so much when friends make special effort to have something we can eat each year (we spend Christmas with them). Of course, we always take some things to share as well.

  138. My husband and I are vegetarian. We appreciate so much when friends make special effort to have something we can eat each year (we spend Christmas with them). Of course, we always take some things to share as well.

  139. We love it when our kids have friends over. My college aged kids know that they can always bring a friend home with them when they come home for the weekend. Sometimes, it’s a whole car full of extra guests. We had a family friend with the same policy when I was that age and it’s become a part of our family practices now as well. It’s a great way to stay connected with your older children.

  140. My friend Becky opens her home, her refrig, her extra bedroom.
    She is warm, welcoming and present. We sit in her sunroom, look at the gardens and the pond, drink coffee and talk. I need to learn how to be more like her.

  141. Our friends always let my husband stay with them when he travels on business to florida. Nothing like staying at a friends house then a hotel when your away from home.

  142. I love letting my kids have a friend over for lunch or dinner. I am cooking anyway, so the more the merrier

  143. My best friend’s family shows hospitality so well. Growing up, their house was always so welcoming and made you just want to hang around and talk. Now, as adults, my husband and I still think so. Now our desire is for our house to feel the same way- like home to others.

  144. My brother and his wife are the best at hospitality. I feel as at home in their house as I do in my own. His wife always makes sure I know my way around the kitchen, have what I need in the guest room, and even does my laundry for me. I get so spoiled. As an added bonus, it never fails that even though I go to bed alone I wake up with two little bodies in my bed for morning “smuggles”. THE BEST!

  145. I am a missionary in Uganda, and when I was traveling around this summer raising finances to be able to go SOO many people showed me unbelievable hospitality! Here are a few things that stood out:

    1. A friend asked me my favorite snacks, when I got to her house to stay the night, she had a plastic tub FULL of my favorites for my drive the next day! SOO sweet!

    2. One family homemade meals for me, took me to their favorite tourist spots in their town and their favorite restaurant too! All in less than 24 hours! Incredibly fun and welcoming!

    3. One family gave me their spare bedroom which included lots of pillows, a tv and cable! Then they left me alone and I just rested! Haha!

    🙂 I can’t wait to have my own home one day to do these things for friends, family and even strangers!

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