I love having people over to our home. Sharing a meal together is one of the easiest ways to deepen friendships and connect.

But having people over can be hard too! It’s easy to worry if my home isn’t tidy enough. And David can be tricky–he often grabs people’s drinks or knocks things off the counter.

Instead of avoiding hospitality, Steve and I have tried to jump and let it be imperfect. We have our community group over every Tuesday evening for dinner and to discuss Sunday’s sermon. Everyone pitches in with the meal and dessert. People sit in the dining room, kitchen and living room. It’s very casual. And it’s been a great way to grow closer as a group.

We also have an fairly ‘open door’ policy with our guest room. We love having people stay with us and we encourage them to use us as a landing place–and come and go as they want.

This book by Sue Moore Donaldson is FULL of amazing tips and insights for practical hospitality. Sue shares stories and gives an honest look at what it means to open your homes and your hearts to people. And she’ a real-life friend! So I can tell you from experience that she has a true heart for hospitality. Click here to read Sue’s blog!

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For a chance to win Sue’s book Come To My Table and a necklace, simple leave a comment below telling us one way someone has shown you hospitality.