Anna and her adorable boys modeled for our Mother’s Day collection this year. I wanted you to get to know Anna and her sweet heart. Hear are some questions she answered for us.

What surprised you most about being a mom?

I think what really surprised me was me! I had a moment a few weeks back where I thought….if the kidless 25 year old me can see the 33 year old mom of 2 me – she would trip out! I can’t believe how much I can handle, multitask, and ultimately LOVE in my everyday. I’m not going to pretend I’m not a mess most days but that’s just because life is so full and amazing.

What is something special you do for yourself?

I am fortunate to have a husband with flexible hours so at least once a week I get a few hours alone. I try to go to the gym, do a devotional or journal, walk around to stores I don’t love dragging my kids along to, crochet at a coffee shop while listening to a podcast, catch up on some odds and ends errands. I really try not to seek out a friend at those times so I can have quiet headspace and just concentrate on myself in those hours. It’s so refreshing for me!

What do you worry about?

I worry about big and little things! It can be small from not forgetting to give my son a snack for school to a safe drive for my husbands commute to work. Fear and worry go hand in hand and it can be so overwhelming. I try to give those things to The Lord when I get in that funk. He is the only one who can take those burdens from me and give me peace. When you love so deep it’s hard to let go and trust God. He is the only one who calms all my fears.

What advise would you give new moms?

Think of your friends that you love the way they are raising their kids. You love the behaviors of the kids and the way the family interacts. Those are the friends you will want to go to with your questions about your own kids. Ask a lot of questions. We need each other to help raise our families. Seek out like minded sources.

With each kid I have learned how to let go more. Take life less serious, roll with the punches, enjoy more crazy and remember this is such a brief season in our life.

Thank you, Anna! We love you and your sweet family!