friday love

it’s time to share some cell phone pics from the week!

1 three sisters, all wearing black flats.

2 earrings displayed at our open house {it was such a great night!}

3 david helping decorated {or undecorate} the workshop

4 matthias got an ice cream at thrifty–yum!

5 i guess it’s time for peppermint jo jo’s–yay!

6 hey let’s take a family photo–after 200 trys, this was the best. ha!

are you hitting any black friday sales today?


  1. I love your jewelry and everything else! My family just took 200 photo’s today in search of the perfect one for the Christmas card. It is not our best, but it will do. I can completely relate. The Christmas ornaments I ordered are beautiful!

  2. Black Friday – heaven’s no! I don’t have the stamina to survive so I leave it to the diehard experts – I certainly would not want to get in their way! Today we had fun decorating the house for Christmas. It’s 6:00 PM over here and everybody is still in pj’s!

  3. Love Christmas Joe Joe’s!
    No Black Friday ever for this chickadee! Small Business Saturday and a bit of online shopping is more my speed! Today I am just baking cinnamon rolls to enjoy for the next couple of breakfasts and freeze for Christmas morning.

  4. What a great week!

    I know you usually keep business and this blog fairly separate but just wanted to pass along that my sister got her birthday bracelet this week and loved it. This is my Thanksgiving miracle since she is the HARDEST person in the world to get a gift for.


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