Hi friends! I have a big favor to ask…

Do you ever feel like a failure?

Do you feel like you try and try and it’s never enough?

Do you feel like everyone needs all your energy and there’s nothing left for yourself?

Do you wonder why you’re so unhappy even though you’re doing all the right things?

Me too!! And I wrote a book about it. I want YOU to read it and I need YOUR HELP getting the word out.

Will you join my launch team?

I need like-minded friends to read an advanced copy of the book and talk about it on social media. I need you to share it with your friends. I need your help getting the word out!

Interested? I hope so!!

The book releases January 29, 2019 let’s start spreading the word.

Want to know more?

My ideal launch team members…

…love to read.

…enjoy using Facebook.

…like to tell others about the books they are reading.

…are willing to share about new books on social media.

…are willing to write a review of the book.

If this sounds like you, I would love to have you on the team! There will be a limited number of physical Advance Reader Copies available and all launch team members will have access to digital PDF copy of the book in the official Brave Love Launch Team Facebook group.

Fill out this questionnaire and you’ll become part of our private Facebook group. We can hang out, encourage each other and get the word out about Brave Love.

Join my launch team! Click here.


  1. Lisa, I’ve read your wonderful book, shopped your jewelry & read your blog, although I saw on Facebook or an email last week that David was having some complications & in the hospital, I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers & was just wondering how things are going now and that David is alright? Just wanted to say, even though I’ve never met your family or you, I feel like I would know you all thank you so much & God Bless

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Love the jewelry, very unique. Wondering if you’ll have any anklets in the upcoming months?


  3. Lisa- I am a bog fan of your blog and always LOVE sweet, honest posts. Thanks for sharing your world with the internet.

    Your fan from Oregon.

    ps. one of my most favorite cherished gifts of all time are the 3 rings (with my babies names on them) my husband bought me from your store. so super special.

    Can’t wait to read your book

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