thing you should be thankful for {unexpected blessings}

I always imagined myself with little girls. When I got pregnant with David, I was disappointed to find out I was having a boy. Then with my second pregnancy, I hoped for a girl again, and Matthias came along.

Of course, when David was born, his disability was a shock. And although it brings it’s own challenges, it has made me kinder, softer and taught me so much. I wouldn’t have asked for that, but I’m thankful for David and the beauty he brings to every day.

These pictures serve to remind me that i have no idea what I want. These boys are the best! I couldn’t ask for more.

I didn’t ask for this, and yet, I find myself overwhelmed by my blessings. As we approach a new year, I don’t know what God has in store, but I want to have an open heart to the gifts he gives. Sometimes I don’t know what to ask for, but He knows what I need.

What unexpected blessings are you thankful for today?


  1. I desperately wanted a boy with my first. So afraid I would screw up a girl. My second was a boy and I was sure it was another girl. Each child born was and is all part of God’s plan for they each have helped me become who He intended too. Blessings to behold!

  2. Below zero weather has been an unexpected blessing. Instead of going out and doing a million things, this holiday season my family and I have stayed at home and really just enjoyed each other. Unexpected and wonderful blessing:) And the photos of you with your boys are precious:)

    Jessie @possiblemary

  3. My daughter’s unexpected pregnancy and the gift of my granddaughter who brightens our lives especially around the holidays. She reminds us of the magical and fascinating world that we live in. 2 years old and just wonderful!

  4. When I was pregnant for the first time, I honestly didn’t care if I was having a boy or girl. It was a boy. The second time, I kind of wanted a girl. Thought it would be cool to have one of each. But I had another boy – and I was thrilled anyway. I loved raising boys. Now that I’m older (51) and reflect back on things, the love becomes more clear, especially since my oldest son passed away 4 years ago at the age of 21. Ladies – it doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl. Children are a gift from the Lord and I obviously know that their precious life can be cut short. Enjoy every moment.

  5. Beautiful photos and words, Lisa. I am also a girly girl and the mother of two boys and wouldn’t have it any other way! A wonderful and blessed new year to you.

  6. I keep learning that what I want isn’t the best thing for me nor is it what God has in mind for me. The hardest things bring the greatest blessings and learning. I appreciate your faith, testimony, and example so much! You have become a blessing in many lives as a result of your sweet little David, your love for him, and your testimony! Blessings to you in the coming year!

  7. I have 4 boys, but always wanted girls. I’m so thankful I have boys. Nothing beats a hug from a sweaty little boy. I was a totally girly girl growing up and never would have done the things I get to do now with my boys. Camping, hiking, watching sports…it’s all amazing.

  8. I have two boys also – always wanted a girl. I have a son with special needs and has changed me to be a much better person. Thank you, Lisa, for being such a great mom and such a wonderful inspiration! Happy New Year!

  9. I have two boys as well, and I know for sure that it was God’s hand in doing that. He gave me these unbelievable amazing boys and I am SO incredibly thankful for. (i could have gone either way when I was having them whether they were boys or girls…but when I found out they were boys I was over the moon!).

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