Being present: This moment matters!

Do you struggle with anxiety? I haven’t thought of myself as an anxious person but more and more I see how much worry, stress, and fear I carry.

Today I’m reminding myself that I can’t control all the things. I’m trying to breathe, pray, be present in THIS moment.

Control is an illusion and I feel like that illusion has been ripped away {I want it back!} And yet there is so much good. So much good. This moment holds beauty. In this moment I have everything I need.

This moment matters. {And I don’t want to miss it}. 

I created this necklace to help keep me grounded. I wear it as a reminder to stay in this moment—to be present in whatever is happening. The beauty, the mess, the silly, the scary—I’m here for it. {It’s also buy one, get one free! So wear yours with someone you love!!}

As we are approaching Christmas, I hope you can take time to step out of the business and stress and just enjoy the moment you are in. Time with the ones we love {even when it’s messy, imperfect, and not what you imagined} is what matters most of all! Merry Christmas, friends!!

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  1. I really lovee everything that u create it definitely holds a special place

    It is so heartwarming lovely special please don’t ever Stop!

    Sherry smith

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