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an everyday moment {dishes}

February 11th | an everyday moment

one of my favorite household tasks is doing dishes. {although you wouldn’t know it from the stacked up dishes in this picture!}  maybe it’s because i love our fiestaware dishes. maybe it’s because i love the big window over the sink.  but i don’t mind dishes at all.

it only takes about 10 minutes to take the kitchen from messy to sparkly. i like quick projects!

and what other chore allows you to stuff dirty things into a space and close the door {and that’s what you’re supposed to do!}

just don’t look at the stack of paperwork next to the fridge {paperwork is one of my less favorite duties!}

who does the dishes in your home?

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  1. Allison says:

    Me, myself and I :-( Oh, and the dishwasher… I cram that thing full of dishes!

  2. Aimee S. says:

    I’m so lucky that my husband cleans the kitchen and does the dishes. Our daughter unloads it. I rarely do any dishes. I would say it’s because I cook all the time, but he cooks, too–on the weekends.

    I have the same Fiesta ware! I love it! I like mixing all the colors, too. :) I noticed it when you posted pictures of your valentine’s day table setting.

  3. Nancy says:

    That would be me. Occasionally my husband will put a few dishes in the dishwasher, but the for the most part the task is mine. Thanks for the reminder though that I need to turn the dishwasher on and that I should go out and buy some pretty flowers. Flowers in winter are what keep me going when we have 16″ of snow outside.

  4. Michelle B says:

    I have those same dishes! Same colors! Although for christmas I did get some red and white to mix wtih the green. Wouldn’t it be fun to get organge for the fall? But I can’t say that doing dishes is my favorite thing to do. So here is a question for you (and maybe for one of your videos {love those} ) What is your home routine? How do you keep up with the housework, laundry, etc? Do you have an excerise routine?

  5. Tamara says:

    believe it or not, that’s a combo chore at our house…with all three of us doing them as needed. and i agree – sometimes WHAT you’re washing makes all the difference. we use my grandma’s silver flatware for everyday and i enjoy washing it, knowing she did the same for many years. happy friday!

  6. Holly says:

    Dishes most often fall to my husband. He hates it, I don’t mind them, but for some reason I never get the motivation to do them. I’m lucky I have a honey who will do them :)

  7. tara says:

    My husband and I both do. Recently, we have added unloading the dishwasher to the chore chart. I don’t know why we didn’t think of that sooner!

  8. kristyn says:

    That would be me, and we don’t have a nice place to tuck them away…I really am the dishwasher. Most days I don’t mind them.

  9. Southern Gal says:

    My dishwasher! And I have a great one so I only have to rinse the dishes lightly before loading. I used ot wash all by hand, but finally gave in about 15 years ago and have never looked back. I love your window!

  10. Ruth Yoder says:

    definitley me! but I enjoy it now every morning, and usually a partial toward the evening. I wash by hand. It is kind of methodical now. and I definitely play music or watch a show just for me!

  11. Michele says:

    I do the dishes and load the dishwasher and my husband usually unloads the dishwasher and helps put things away. He’s pretty great like that!

  12. Darlene says:

    My favorite chore is laundry. I’m sure I’m in the minority on this, but there’s something about it I love…maybe it’s the fresh smell :). Dishes don’t bother me either. I really like to clean for the most part. It’s a real destresser for me.

  13. that would be…the dishwasher…of course, i am the diswasher stuffer….i feel the way you do, but about folding clothes…i love it …the fragrance of fresh clothes, the warmth from the sun (or dryer) and the soothing act itself…

  14. Paige says:

    I’m lucky…my husband chips in a nd does the dishes sometimes. We share that chore. Now laundry on the other hand, he doesn’t go near that! I’d love to see more pics of your kitchen and your colorful and fun dishes!

  15. Dallas says:

    The dishwasher does them of course! And that’s me! lol…I mostly put them in the dishwasher but when I’m not on top of things and the dishes start to pile up my hubby will do them :) To cool how you have nice green grass to look out to…I’ve been looking at a winter wonderland the last 3 months.

  16. What pretty dishes and a pretty view you have! My dishes are ugly grey ikea dishes,combined with a multi-coloured walmart set. But I’m not getting dishes I like until my kids are older 😉

    If dishes get washed at our house, I’m the one that washes them. I put nearly everything, including pots and pans in the dishwasher. My husband objects, but I tell him that if he wants to wash the pots every day, then I’ll leave them out.

    I actually really enjoy washing dishes by hand once I get started. It’s very calming, as long as the kids aren’t pulling at me. My 3-year-old dries the dishes for me.

  17. Tammy says:

    I love all chores but since I do the cooking my hubs does the dishes. If he is really tired or I’ve made an extra big mess I always offer to help him though!

  18. I also like doing the dishes, especially when things feeling sort of crazy. The methodical movements are soothing. Your big kitchen window looks particularly lovely.

    Typically, in our household, whoever did the bulk of the cooking for the meal takes it easy while the other spouse does the dishes. I’m grateful that my husband started that tradition.

  19. Suzanne says:

    I load and my kids take turns unloading. I love having a dishwasher – we didn’t have one growing up. It’s a wonderful convenience!

    I also have the multi-colored fiesta. Love it!

  20. Gina says:

    OK, technically, the machine does all the work, but occasionally I do a load by hand. The boys are good about helping me put up clean dishes – but I find things in odd places sometimes! I try to buy the best smelling soap I can find – I figure they all do the job, but the smell is gonna make me happy standing at the sink! (:

  21. I actually enjoy “handwashing dishes” and have wondered why. I do not enjoy loading and unloading the dishwasher. or putting up dishes. I guess that’s it – a satisfying project. I especially like it when I wash my favorite dishes – handling them. Amazing. I’m the family joke because I’ll handwash all day, but procrastinate with the dishwasher.

  22. Denise C. says:

    Our LG dishwasher washes the dishes! I was our pots/pans by hand, they are All-Clad & need to be hand washed.

  23. Bethany Rogers says:

    It’s a family moment at our house. Thankfully, my hubby unloads the dishwasher (which he likes doing) with the help of my 6 year daughter, who handles the silverware (which, I’d say, she likes because we all seem to be hanging out in the kitchen together). Then, I load and (or) handwash, which I love doing :) It is very ideal way to spend time together. Just jotting this down makes me wish I was home doing dishes :)

  24. Paige says:

    Me. And the dishwasher. I think it’s really an important thing to buy a house with a window looking outside. I spend a lot of time doing dishes so I want a nice view and it’s especially nice in the summer while I watch the kids play. Great pics.

  25. Melissa says:

    That would be me! Occasionally the hubby will help.

  26. Katie says:

    I love evenings, after my husband gets home, after dinner when he takes the boys upstairs for a bath. I pour a glass of wine and wash the dishes. It is finally quiet, it is just me, and when they’re all done and the counters are cleared and wiped off, I send the universe a little kiss for making it through another blessed day.
    Happy Weekend!

  27. Meredith says:

    I love doing dishes too! It’s such a straightforward job and the dishwasher is definitely one of my favorite things in the world having grown up without one in our house :)

  28. Kelly says:

    My husband and I do the dishes. If ONE cooks, then the OTHER ONE cleans the kitchen and dishes. :)

    Love your blog and jewelry!

  29. chanda says:

    Every night we eat as a family all 8 of us. No one leaves the kitchen till every thing is done. We have mastered cleaning the kitchen, we can get it all done in 15 minutes which includes sweeping the floor!!!! It’s the best time of our day!

  30. polly says:

    I am usually the one who does the dishes, and I always have been … even with 5 kids in the house! I hated doing dishes growing up because I thought it was soooo gross – now that it is my own house and my own family’s “gross” dishes, I don’t mind one bit! I have let my kids off the hook for about 25 years of dish duty!

    (Paper work is my ultimate nemesis!)

  31. Paige says:

    We both do the dishes here. I love my Fiesta too…and yours!

  32. Melissa says:

    Love doing dishes with my little helper, my daugher Jane! Your photos are sweet. I want to jump in your kitchen sink and swim with your Fiestaware!

  33. Mostly my girls but I do the breakfast ones daily. I like a clean kitchen as well.

  34. Megan Lane says:

    it’s a joint effort here. i can’t say i enjoy it though. perhaps i would if the view through my window wasn’t the side of another house!

  35. Michelle says:

    Dishes are usually done by me…but every once in a while my husband gets in there and takes care of them for me. It’s a nice treat!

    ps…I have the same faucet…love it.

  36. Robbin says:

    We do dishes by hand – first time in years since we moved into a tiny house that had no dishwasher…NO room. At least we have a window with a view…the wall of the apartment behind us. But it’s far enough away that we do get sunshine in and makes it nicer at least. But it is nice to get them done and have clean countertops. We share the chore especially since our schedules are different. I’ll do them at night when he’s gone to work and he’ll do them when I’m at work if there are any around…and I do leave some around just so he doesn’t feel left out. :)

  37. kristen says:

    dishes are *not* my favorite chore, but i do like the impact of a clean kitchen . . . & i heart my fiestaware, too. happy dishes!

    i prefer laundry . . . love the sorting, the transformation from basket of wads to tidily folded stacks & the smell of fresh, clean clothes still warm from the dryer!

  38. Philippa says:

    One of the many firsts my lovely hubby has given me is a dishwasher. It was never high on my priorities but I have to admit they are handy! I load the dishwasher after breakfast and lunch most days (hubby makes breakfast and lunch.. yum!) and hubby loads it after dinner and takes care of extra dishes from my cooking.

    Like you Lisa, I enjoy hand-washing dishes and always did them straight after a meal. Darling hubby likes to leave them to soak in sudsy water for a couple of hours and THEN load the dishwasher!!! Go figure… giggle..

  39. I do.
    I can take 10 minutes tops {if there is a lot that day} to load the dishwasher. If i have one of the boys do it…it can take 45 minutes for them to load it up. So i make them unload it once in a while.

  40. Jenny says:

    My hubby and I both do the dishes and, incidentally, that pile of dishes looks awfully familiar!

  41. Lisa says:

    My husband… he thinks I am completely incapable of correctly loading a dishwasher and I am most certainly NOT about to try to convince him otherwise 😉

  42. cheri says:

    i also don’t mind dishes at all….and really HATE paperwork…and dusting…and cleaning the shower! :)

  43. Brittany says:

    I live in an apartment, there’s three of us, and dishes are my favorite by far. I do the dishes, they take out the trash :)

  44. sarita says:

    since it’s just me and dog i do the dishes – but i only have a few – so it’s easy and quick..i like getting them done and put away. i remember when i was a teen and had to do the dishes for 5 people – and my mom was the kind to put the potatoes in a bowl and on the table – as well as the veggies – so there were a LOT of dishes! when my parents were looking for a new house i asked if it had a dishwasher. My dad said no but it had a garbage disposal – i said i would eat the garbage if they would get a dishwasher!!! we didn’t move – so never got a dishwasher but did have a garbage disposal!! it wasn’t me!

  45. Karen says:

    I planted a flower garden right outside my kitchen window so I had a pretty view while doing dishes. I also have a bird feeder and bird bath in the garden so I can watch the birdies. Makes the chore so much more pleasant!

  46. caroline says:

    We are supposed to take turns…..but it is usually me! I don’t have a dishwasher so it takes a little longer than 10 minutes….I truly don’t mind though as I love making my kitchen sparkle and my teenage boys are not so good at wiping down the counters and stove! I’m so used to doing them now (going on 25 years with no dishwasher) that I find it relaxing to dip my hands in warm soapy water and just letting my mind wander as I wash away!

  47. Kathy says:

    I am like you! I actually kind of enjoy doing the dishes too! That and vacuuming…now dusting! Yuk! It can get pretty ugly around here when it comes to dust…I don’t do it until I see finger prints in it…sorry. 😉

  48. Sheila says:

    My husband does the majority of the dishes, usually after I go to bed. He says it’s relaxing (yeah, he’s nuts). I have the same Fiesta colors for about eight years and none have broken. It’s kind of too bad, though, because I would love new colors, but can’t bring myself to buy more when I still have 16 plates! Hmm, now that I think about it, I painted my kitchen a bright green recently and I think the dishes clash now, guess that’s my justification. Off to buy more Fiestaware! Thanks for helping me decide, Lisa!

  49. Iowamom says:

    The dishwasher washes them, sometimes the kids helped unload but mostly the kitchen is my responsibility. As my kids get older they’re taking on more and more which is helpful. I loathe folding and putting away laundry. Also, dusting is a huge bummer for me. However, I love to vacuum and keep things tidy. It makes me smile! :)

  50. kat-in-texas says:

    That reminds me of the joke, “Why did the groom want his bride to wear white? He wanted the dishwasher to match the refrigerator!” (yuck yuck)

    Doing dishes not a favorite of mine (or any other housework). We use our dishwasher daily!!!

    p.s. I have that same faucet–does your handle get stuck, sort of? Mine is not smooth anymore. Drives me crazy!

  51. Katy says:

    I live alone ~ so the dish washer is me.
    I don’t have a dishwasher : (

  52. abi says:

    I have fiestaware and love it too! It does seem to make doing dishes more fun when you love them and they are bright and cheerful.

  53. debbie says:

    dishes – least favorite chore! I load it (somehow I can fit more in there than the husband), but my darling husband typically unloads the dishwasher. I do ALL of the handwashing- typically just pots/pans, but I don’t like to do it! Laundry is my favorite chore – even the folding! and my 8 yr old is getting to where she can put her clean things away – if only my 4 year old was ready, but alas, she is not. She’ll try, but when she does, you can’t tell it was every folded!

  54. April says:

    I love the look of Fiestaware, but my family will not let me purchase it. They showed me this link about Fiestaware being described as being “one of the most radioactive commercial products you could buy.”Just thought I would let you know.

    Oh, and I do the dishes in my home and my dishwasher is broken :-(
    Now the dishwasher is used as a glorified dishrack.

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      hi april! yes, i’ve heard that the vintage pieces were made differently. we use the new line and it’s great. xo

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