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an everyday moment

March 17th | an everyday moment

instagram for iphone has been an amazing way for me to document life’s everyday moments. above, morning sun, shining on the plants in our front yard.

i get together with my coffee girls {my sweet friends jen and brenda} at least once a week. so fun.

i pass this barn every day on the way to work. it’s totally broken down and kind of charming.

our internet has been really choppy at home, so i’m doing lots of work at the office and the other morning i woke up early to head to my favorite coffee shop to complete some work. the street lights were still on and the glow was magical.

this is our shadow family, waiting outside to see rango last weekend. dinner at chili’s. such a fun family night.

what everyday moments are you treasuring today?

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  1. I try to treasure every day moments every day, one of the reasons I blog…

    Today I am treasuring:
    homemade cookies that I have to share.
    some extra snuggle time with a sick kiddo.
    blue skies and warming breezes.
    a few moments for writing.

    All so lovely!

  2. Kristy says:

    Right now, I’m enjoying that first cup of coffee, with the kiddos still asleep. Quiet house. Sun rising. Beautiful.
    P.S. I love that broken down barn.

  3. Tamara says:

    it’s not officially an “everyday” moment…anymore…but today is a carpool day to school with my daughter. {now since she has her license she mostly drives herself} i’m looking forward to sharing some time with her this morning/afternoon in the car and talking. i never thought i would say this…but i miss those rushed mornings of getting her to school on time everyday! happy thursday!

  4. desiree says:

    I love the shadow picture of you family! I take shadow pictures too :)

    Right now some everyday momements I love are – bible time with my husband & daughter. And one on one time with both of our children. :)

  5. Tina says:

    YOU got me hooked on instagram, so let me say “thank you!” I absolutely love it! So fun! And fun to see your daily life through pictures on twitter!
    Watching my daughter learn to read is such a treasure to me right now. There is just something so fun and neat as they learn!

  6. Lori-Anne says:

    I love these pics – they look like captured memories!

  7. Lori-Anne says:

    (of course all photos are captured memories – I mean how they appear in the mind. Does that make sense??)

  8. amy says:

    this morning wyatt, my little kindergartener, was so excited to get to school to see if the leprechaun traps they had set up in their classroom yesterday had caught any leprechauns during the night. i love that these things excite him and that he is still little enough to believe in all sorts of magic… it melts my heart! : )

  9. kelly says:

    Just enjoying the sun today…
    I love old, broken down barns. They all look like they would have a great story to tell.

  10. Jessie says:

    Every day moments…..hmm…..
    I’m thinking when the whole family is together and we talk about everything. Lately, my my brother is going to college next year and we never see him! but when we do, IT’S WORTH IT :)

  11. Julie says:

    Thanks for sharing that app. I am getting my iPhone soon and am making my list.

    Today I am treasuring the sunshine coming thru my window. I am fighting the dog for the warmest spot!

  12. Such beautiful photos. Your blog screams serenity and I love it! I’m treasuring sunshine and long walks with my little boy.

  13. Dallas says:

    hmmm….I am treasuring:
    Getting a pile of snow through the night…..and then having the sun come up and melt said snow.

    Waking up with my hubby this morning {ushually he is up a half hour before me and out the door before my alarm clock goes off} and helping him make his lunch…and clean up his mess…he was making a shake and it exploded all over the kitchen floor.

    Finding surprise money in my bank this morning….treated myself to a nice cup of chai tea

  14. Im treasuring SUNSHINE today because its OUT and its MAGICAL to have 60 degree weather here in NY in mid March(and Im not complaining one bit!)
    Tonight is an open house at my daughters school. And shes scheduled for a medical procedure next Friday. Lately Im seeing everything with new eyes…learning to treasure even the smallest, most mundane things. We just never know when it could all be over. So Im treasuring what I have here. now. today.
    Have a beautiful day!

  15. Aimee Madern says:

    wearing green, I love the fact that most people participate. Just like halloween, people open there doors to hand out candy, and christmas lights. This simple connection is so wonderful.

    need an assistant? I would move there in a heart beat.

  16. Mindy Webb says:

    Super cute shadow pic. I need to check and see if the instagram works for the droid. great idea! Mindy

  17. Jessica says:

    I’m SO in love with the Instagram app! I’m about to treasure a little late afternoon nap. Also, I’m so excited about an order I just placed from your shop! Thank you!

  18. Ruth Yoder says:

    dinner! it’s always a joy

  19. Lea Culp says:

    I’m treasuring an upcoming weekend with my precious SIL and her husband. They are arriving tomorrow and we always enjoy being with them so much. Love, love your pics! You always have such charming entries. Blessings!

  20. Nina says:

    You are such a good photographer, I like your pictures better without instangram.

    Come here make my day always better.

    kisses from Brasil

  21. Nabila Grace says:

    Love all your pictures! :) I am *laughing* with my kids after they broke my glasses instead of crying about it! 😉 and enjoyed a day at the zoo with the kidlets! :)

  22. Sarah-Anne says:

    i totally need an iPhone…just to download that app and use it constantly. i love all the pics, lisa!!

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