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Word Of The Year Necklace [Sterling Silver]

Word Of The Year Necklace [Sterling Silver]

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Have you ever had a vision, a dream, or a passion you felt terrified to try, but knew you had to do it anyway? Maybe you shared your dream with a few close friends and family only to be discouraged away from it? My mission is to inspire you to live the life you are created to live. Choose a word filled with meaning, one that represents a goal or new endeavor for this year and wear your word close as a daily reminder.

This necklace is handcrafted in textured, antiqued sterling silver with the charm strung on your choice of chain. The charm measures 1" tall, 1/2" wide and 4.5mm thick. Personalize yours with up to 8 characters, hand-stamped and uppercase only.

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Maximum 8 characters

Special Price $112.49 Regular Price $149.99
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Remember why you do it It’s been a stressful day in the office, and it’s not even halfway over. Nothing has been going right, and the pressure seems to keep mounting to an overwhelming level. Frustrated, you try to escape it all in the men’s room. You want to call it quits, to give up and take the loss. Just as you hyped yourself up to the point of storming out, you notice your reflection in the mirror. Particularly, you see the gleam of your personalized necklace. On it, the names of your three kids are engraved.

It took you aback. This was just the reminder you needed to stop and take a breath. Those names, those kids, they are who you do it all for. So instead of storming out, you return to your desk. It’s just one hard day. You can make it through, for them. They mean more than any instant satisfaction giving up could give.

With custom necklaces for him, you can be reminded of the important things. When life gets overwhelming and overburdened, the words on your necklace ground you in what really matters. Your “why”, your journey, your purpose. Make it personal, customize your necklace with what’s meaningful to you.

Make it YOURS Your journey is your own. Each step you have taken along the way led you to where you are now. And you aren’t even close to being done yet. Your story is who you are, and only you are able to tell it. Our personalized necklaces for men let you share your own words on a design that connects to you.

Choose your mens personalized name necklace We have a variety of styles you can choose to customize. Find the look that suits you, then make it your own with your words. Do you like a strong and simple look? Then a mens personalized vertical bar necklace, like our ‘Kairos Necklace’ may be the one for you. A mens personalized pendant necklace, on the other hand, has a more classic style. The ‘Now + Forever Necklace’ and ‘Word of the Year Necklace’ are both popular choices. Or if you want more space to customize, our mens personalized dog tag necklaces can have up to 4 lines of text added. Once you find the design that speaks to you, then the next step really makes it your own: personalization!

What to put on your custom necklace for men Names, dates, words, phrases. There’s a countless amount of options you can put on your customized necklace for him. Add your own name, or the names of ones you love. Put your last name to honor the legacy that brought you to where you are today. Or, celebrate the most important occasions with a custom date on your mens necklace pendants personalized. Anniversaries, your birthday, the birthday of someone special. Another way to memorialize an important event is to personalize with the coordinates of the location. Have a phrase or verse that you live by? You can carry it with you on your custom engraved necklace for him. Or, choose a word that represents a goal, purpose, or passion of yours.

Our different designs offer a differing amount of space for customization based on the size and style of the pendant. Our mens dog tag necklaces personalized, like our ‘Lasting Bond Dog Tags’ or ‘Dog Tag Necklace’, offer a bigger space for engraving, making them ideal for phrases. The smaller pendants of our ‘Word of the Year Necklace’ and ‘Encompass Necklace’, on the other hand, are more suited for names, dates, or single words. Choose how you’d like to be inspired, then find the design you connect with that will fit your words.

Get your own mens personalized bar necklace Only you can tell your story. And only you can choose what to say. With personalized necklaces for him, you have the freedom to make it your own with our free customized engraving. Wear it every day as a reminder of what’s important to you. Use it as a piece of inspiration to achieve your goals and visions. Honor a passion of yours or an important milestone. Whether a word, name, phrase, or date, you put the meaning in your necklace.

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