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Lisa Leonard Book Set

Lisa Leonard Book Set

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my first book is called brave love —a journey of figuring out what it means to love bravely. my journey of realizing there is space for me to be me… this book is filled with my heart and soul – tender, beautiful moments and broken, desperate moments and silly, crazy moments. it’s honest and real and i hope your heart will resonate with it.

The Your Spark book is inspired by my boys—david, who bravely lives with a disability and limb differences, and matthias who lives life with creativity and passion. they each have their own spark and have taught me that i have my own spark, too. i wanted to create a book with meaningful words and vibrant images to inspire all. this book celebrates the brightest part of you!

Be you – what does that even mean?! it’s you being your truest self and you speaking your truth. be you is an inspirational journal. read, reflect and write down your thoughts. at the end, you will have a better sense of who you are, what matters most to you, and who you want to be.

This book set includes all three and is the perfect gift for you or someone close. A reminder that you are precious and loved—exactly as you are!

Special Price $50.38 Regular Price $62.97
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