our christmas tradition advent calendar

our christmas tradition advent calendar

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Celebrate Christmas coming with a Christmas tree advent calendar! As a child I remember counting down every day of December until CHRISTMAS DAY! We tore a ring from a construction paper chain or opened a flap to uncover a tiny chocolate treat.

A wooden Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments creates a beautiful family tradition filled with excitement and meaning as Christmas Day draws closer. This handcrafted Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments will bring magic and togetherness to your Christmas year after year! Quantities are very limited so don’t wait!

My wooden Christmas tree advent calendar includes 24 adorable tiny pewter ornaments. Each one is tucked in a numbered muslin bag and hung from metal pegs on our one-of-a-kind Christmas tree!

My interactive Christmas tree advent calendar measures approximately 26" tall x 18" wide x 4" deep, topped with a pewter star hand-stamped with "Christmas is coming!" let’s count down together with my Christmas tree countdown calendar!

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Meet my wooden Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments!
We all remember the days growing up, waiting with excitement and impatience for Christmas morning. The days seemed to go by so slowly... {I still feel this way as an adult sometimes!!} and I always had to fight the urge to peek at my presents. That’s why I love to prolong the holiday feeling as long as I can! One tradition I always loved as a kid, and still do now, is an advent calendar. Getting to open up a flap for a sweet chocolate treat, or cutting off a ring from a construction paper chain, turned every day of the month into a little celebration of its own! To honor my family tradition, and the tradition of many families I know, I crafted my very own wooden Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments!

Counting down the days with my interactive Christmas tree advent calendar
My Christmas wooden advent calendar with 24 hanging ornaments is the perfect way to build excitement for Christmas morning! Starting December 1st, you can count down each day by revealing its own little ornament. My Christmas countdown tree calendar has a peg for each ornament bag. When the day comes, you reveal a stunning little ornament designed to represent the magic and beauty of the season. Every day is a new delightful surprise! Arrange your ornaments however you like, with the numbers counting down from top to bottom, or randomly arranged. As Christmas draws closer, you and your loved ones will enjoy unveiling each ornament until the wooden tree advent calendar is fully decorated and all ready for Christmas day!!

Create family traditions with a Christmas tree countdown calendar
Imagine the excitement on their little faces when they open up another bag on my advent calendar with hanging ornaments! Or the sparkle in your love’s eyes as you two start a new tradition together. You and your dearest ones can create a tradition like no other with your very own advent calendar wooden Christmas tree! You’ll remember all the fun and sweet memories of opening up these stunning beauties. Each ornament brings its own charm to the season, all designed after well loved symbols of the season. Your advent calendar with Christmas ornaments will be cherished for years to come, and can be the perfect treasure to pass down to your little loves.

Magical little details in my wooden Christmas tree advent calendar
My Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments is carefully designed and crafted with magical little details made to delight you and your loved ones! The one of a kind, hand cut wooden tree is topped with an adorable pewter star engraved with the words “Christmas is coming!” Metal pegs hold the muslin ornament bags, all numbered with their own countdown day! The wooden Christmas tree advent calendar is complete with 24 individual ornaments hanging on a Christmas red string. A snowman, nutcracker, snowflake, reindeer, and more! These sweet little ornaments display all the magical elements of the season in beautiful, unique design. Tuck each one into a bag to then be revealed on their special day!

The Christmas tree advent calendar makes a meaningful gift
My wooden Christmas tree advent calendar can bring some magic to anyone’s season! As an extra sweet, meaningful gift, the ones you care for most will love to unwrap their own ‘Our Christmas Tradition Advent Calendar’! Mom, grandma, sister, friend… anyone would feel extra loved and valued receiving one of my Christmas tree advent calendars! It’s not often that you get to give your loved ones a tradition or a memory. With this gift, you’ll be giving not only years of Christmas magic and joy, but a beautiful way for them to craft memories with their loved ones! There’s no better way to show them how much they mean to you than to give a meaningful gift!

Ring in the season with your own Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments!
Guys, I just love my wooden Christmas countdown calendar!! Every day you get to unwrap a new festive ornament! The gorgeous wooden tree is slowly transformed into a dazzling, decorated Christmas tree all ready for the holidays! The design is stunning, and it will look so beautiful placed next to your fireplace, couch, or Christmas tree. Lovely and interactive, you are sure to build unforgettable moments with this Christmas tree advent calendar. With your own advent calendar tree with ornaments, you can bring the wonder and excitement of the season into your home.



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