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what i’m wearing {purple dress and purple sweater}

September 5th | what I'm wearing

I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

This isn’t really the type of outfit where you can blend in. A purple dress and red mary janes are kind of a statement, I guess. And no less than three people told me I looked like Snow White. I didn’t know all I needed was dark hair, red lips and an animated outfit–and I’d be a princess for a day.

Purple dress, Target. Caridgan, JCrew. Polka dot tights, Target. Mary Janes, Poetic License. Scarf in my hair, thrifted. Petite Crest necklace, My shop.

I’m off to Hilton Head today for a retreat with {in}courage. I can’t tell you how excited I am! It’s a long way to travel, but the time together is sweet. And I didn’t pack any tights, since the weather calls for flip flops and sundresses. I can’t wait to share pics with you.

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  1. Mandy says:

    So cute! I love that dress. The dark hair looks perfect on you!

  2. soooo pretty! and I love those red shoes of yours!

  3. Reeve says:

    I love this outfit. You look adorable!

  4. Kelly J. R. says:

    Purple is a great color on you… and you’re glowing!

  5. I love your outfit. LOVE!

    Such a cute dress, but you made it wonderful with the shoes, tights, and sweater. Fabulous!!!


  6. Mary Ann says:

    You really get a sense of how purple your dress is in the last photo. Cuteness.

  7. Claudine says:

    You look adorable in the purple! And the red shoes, brilliant!

    Enjoy your retreat, that is such a good thing to do. I just launched a women’s creativity retreat for the Great Lakes region. We too hope to nourish women’s creative spirit! I imagine Hilton Head is amazingly nourishing!

  8. Shelly says:

    Hi Lisa!

    I found you via WIWW! You look so great in this outfit. I absolutely love the purple dress. It’s a great look for Fall. Have fun at Hilton Head!


  9. lindsey says:

    Delurking to say I love this outfit, and those shoes are lovely.

  10. Niki says:

    I love the varying shades of purple and the red shoes!!!

    PS I’m hosting a giveaway! Feel free to check it out :)

  11. Kelli says:

    I always love your fashion choices!! Have a fab trip to one of my favorite isles…

  12. Jimmie lee says:

    I need those tights! :)

  13. Lisa W. says:

    You look adorable…love clothes, all kinds of clothes. AND I totally get when you say “this makes me happy!” Like your red Mary Jane’s. I have a pair of flat red Mary Jane shoes…got a steal on them and they are BORNS…love them AND they make me SO happy when I wear them. Sometimes it really is just about the “little things” in life:)

  14. Linda Langes says:

    Lisa this is really cute – I love this outfit on you – very flattering. xL

  15. Mary Jo Vick says:

    You look darlin’! Would love it if you would share info about your hair care routine. Have a great day!

  16. Tara says:

    i LOVE your hair! mine is curly like yours and your cut has inspired me to cut mine as well :) Im loving the “hairband scarf thingy” you have going on with this outfit! Thanks!

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