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what i wore wednesday

March 22nd | what i wore wednesday

it’s time to link up with lindsey again!

above, black skinny jeans, black tulle dress, raspberry cardi all from target. boots, ruby rose vintage. scarf, anthro.

above, skinny jeans, tjmaxx. cream tank, local cheapie boutique, navy + red striped top, gap. boots, frye. same anthro scarf.

above, back flowy top {under}, anthro. black sweater, target. same tjmaxx jeans, same ruby rose boots. polka dot scarf, target.

i fell into a little bit of a rut this week-just grabbing whatever was closest and easiest. i haven’t been wearing as many dresses since it’s been raining a lot. c’mon spring! i am so ready for you!

would you rather plan a picnic with a cute floral dress and a basket stocked with homemade chicken salad on croissants and fresh lemonade


a backyard bbq with your favorite jeans and flip flops and a fire ready for burgers and roasted marshmallows?

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  1. Mindy Harris says:

    you look beautiful no matter what you wear! thanks for showing items that are budget-friendly.
    and i’d choose: would rather plan a picnic with a cute floral dress and a basket stocked with homemade chicken salad on croissants and fresh lemonade!!

  2. Claire says:

    The picnic, definitely. Love your style!


  3. melissa says:

    as always…totally lovely. your style is so classic, yet modern:)) love the polka dot scarf in the last picture!

  4. Amber r says:

    Love the first outfit! Super cute and flirty! I would rather have a BBQ with some mojitos and s’mores!flip flops sound like heaven since it just snowed here.

  5. HeatherS says:

    The picnic – totally! I love how you can pull off all those layers and it doesn’t look bulky. I rarely seem to be able to do so myself!

  6. Becky says:

    Ideally the picnic, realistically I’m the bbq girl!

  7. Barbara, Vienna says:

    Like all the picnic ideas. Great! You look great in your outfits. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kristie says:

    Without a doubt, the bbq in the backyard, jeans, flip flops, kids playing on the playset and a bubble party! You look great, love Target!

  9. Claudine says:

    Funny that you feel in a rut — as I saw the first set of pictures with that stunning pink cardigan I thought you looked fantastic!!!

    I think I would go with the floral dress and picnic — but definitely wear flip flops with the dress!

    Have a super week!

  10. peachgirl says:

    I want to choose the BBQ since I’m more comfortable in jeans but that picnic sounds so lovely that I’d wear a dress for some fresh lemonade!

  11. kate says:

    super cute as always!!

  12. Carolyn says:

    BBQ kind of girl!!Jeans and flip flops are the best with burgers sizzling on the grill and Fruity Sangria in the pitcher on the Table with my new grandson cooing in his seat!! Sounds like a wonderful kind of day to me….

  13. Although the picnic sounds WONDERFUL, Im more of a flip flops/backyard/BBQ/marshmallow type of girl. Theres nothing better than grilling foods over a raw fire in our backyard with the girls during the summers. I love it! We live right in town so it makes it feel like we’re away from it all when we can do that:)

  14. Love that first outfit! I think I’d enjoy the picnic a lot. :)

  15. Andrea says:

    I would pick the BBQ, anything involving flip flops has my vote! :)

  16. MelissaF says:

    Gosh, they both sound good, but probably have to go with bbq. That’s just the kinda gal I am! As always, love your outfits.

  17. Nicole says:

    Girl, you are so cute! You think you’re in a rut? I’ve been wearing jeans and a crew neck t-shirt every day but Sunday for the last 4 or 5 years now (with exceptions for formal occasions, obviously). That’s a pretty serious rut.

    So, you can imagine I’d choose the backyard BBQ, though I’d sub the jeans for a good pair of khaki shorts and throw in a baseball cap. I’m all about a good burger and beer with my friends!

  18. Gussy says:

    I vote picnic basket ~ can Bauer come, too? :]

  19. Kristen says:

    Flip flops, jeans & BBQ! I live in flip flops in the summer.

  20. LOVE! I need you and Lindsey to come and dress me every day….

  21. Backyard BBQ any day of the week. In fact, we pretty much eat outside everynight in the summertime. When I tell my kids to set the table…they head into the backyard. It helps that we put in an outdoor kitchen a couple of years ago!

  22. Alima says:

    Love your WIWW posts! You always look great!

    Thats a hard question. I pretty much love everything in both scenarios so I might just have to do a combo bbq/picnic 😉

  23. emily says:

    Definitely the picnic!

    I love your anthro scarf. I always check the sale bins for scarves when I’m there.

    Fingers crossed for spring xx Ours won’t arrive for another month. AND A HALF. Ugh…

  24. Tina says:

    I would love the BBQ!! Can’t wait for nice weather so we can eat outside!

  25. Brenna says:

    I’d have to say the best of both worlds… bbq with my flowy dress on! :)

  26. Shaunna says:

    again lisa, adorable outfits! during the summer, you can find me in my backyard, favorite cuffed jeans and flip flops, surrounded by family and friends (i love to entertain and usually do it every weekend in the summer). hubby just built a new fire pit in the backyard. it’s pure heaven! all the neighborhood kids play in our yard only (don’t quite know why) so there are kids running all around the house. it’s crazy, but we love it.

  27. tiffany says:


    well you always look adorable and so put together to me! but i can understand that feeling – i feel it everyday!! :)

    oh, that’s a hard question; i would like both really – would depend on the weather – but right now the picnic idea sounds GREAT!


  28. Kate says:

    I don’t even know where to start! I love all your looks. I’m going to have to put some cute cowgirl boots like yours on my “need to get” list!

  29. okay, i’m goin with the bbq………unless that picnic is just for me and hubby?? hmmm……wishful thinking, i suppose!

    LOVING all the new products, lisa! branching out beyond jewelry – really wish i was able to sign up for indie biz because you’re a creative genious!

  30. denise says:

    can i pick both? i want to go to both events and wear both outfits.

    lisa, what do you wear when your just at home? do you have a lunging around the house outfit or are you always dressed up?

    tell me (or wiww it) please!

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      when i get ready to kick back in the evenings i pull out my black yoga pants and my fave grey sweatshirt. that’s my cozy ‘done for the day’ outfit. not sure if i’ll take pics in it though! xo

  31. Paige says:

    BBQ all the way!

  32. Lynn says:

    I would love a tutorial and how you wear your scarves. I need some new ideas and your’s always look so cute!

  33. Mandi says:

    You’ve got the cutest style!

  34. Sarah-Anne says:

    i’d have to say both!! 😉
    and girl, you’re looking cute in those last minute outfits. keep them coming!

  35. Erin M. says:

    Cute cute cute lady! I’m back in jeans and boots after a skirt yesterday – cooled off a LOT!

    And I would pick the BBQ, although I might wear a cute floral dress to it :)

  36. Can I just say that you are my style icon! Seriously, I love every outfit you have for these posts!

  37. Suzanne says:

    definitely backyard bbq

  38. Anne says:

    I’m with Brenna (above) (by the way I have a daughter named Brenna). I’ll wear the dress to the BBQ….like I usually do!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing your WIWW with us. Once again you look great!! You inspire me every week to try to put a little more effort into my usual boring stay at home mama outfits. I’m once again inspired! Thanks! :) hehe

    As for the question…for sure the backyard BBQ. I love a pair of cute, darkwash jeans {maybe cuffed for a backyard bbq} and a pair of cute sparkly Reef flip flops! My son LOVES bbq-ed burgers and also marshmallows, so I think this would be a super fun family night!! :)

  40. Shelley says:

    Backyard bbq for sure!!!
    I always look forward to see your wiiw!!! And you never disappoint!! Cute as always!!

  41. Misty says:

    I would pick the picnic with the jeans! I have to be different.
    I have to mention this: I work an undesirable job in parking services. This lady comes in to pay large amounts of $$ for her tickets, she is obviously upset. But she says to me, “before I leave, will you please show me how you tied your scarf like that?” :) I told her I learned the “pretzel” from you! I showed her, she paid, and she left happy!
    Thank you for the pics and directions (& 1 less angry resident)

  42. DeeAnna says:

    I love your style, it gives me inspiration to tulle it up! BBQ all the way for me!

  43. Melanie S says:

    Lisa, would you come to Canada and shop with me? I LOVE your style!

  44. debhall says:

    I love a good picnic, but the BBQ fits my family style so much more.

    always enjoy your blog. thanks for sharing your life.

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