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what i wore wednesday

September 14th | blog friends, what i wore wednesday

it’s wednesday and i’m linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for some fashion inspirtation!
i loved wearing this outfit above-easy and fun! the leopard print dress is from target and i paired it with a vintage slip from ruby rose {that’s the black ruffle you see at the bottom} to give it more length. the boots are from anthropolgie last year and the belt i’ve had forever–found at a little boutique near santa barbara.

around my neck i’m wearing our new autumn’s song necklace–love. and that’s our sweet devoted bracelet on my wrist.

this outfit was super comfy and easy. black skinny jeans and sweater–both from target. vintage boots from ruby rose.

that’s our new family tree necklace–so beautiful. and the bag? oh the bag! i love it. it’s from jo totes–and good news, they just got more of the betsy bag back in stock. you can find it here.

i’m kind of a use-the-same-bag-for-months-and-months girl. do you use the same bag for a long time or do you prefer to switch it up?

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  1. Cassi says:

    I love the huge yellow purse. I am normally not a big purse fan but this one looks perfect.

  2. LOVD says:

    I have three bags, almost for every season. That’s it!

    I love how you’re sportin’ the brown, it’s my favorite color.

  3. Kassie says:

    Goodness…I can’t get over your hair and how wonderful it is. I wish my hair looked that awesome.

    And your outfits. Amazing. So fall-ish and comfy looking!

  4. Kelly says:

    I’m a one-bag per season girl. Too hard as a busy mom to switch them out per outfit! (Altho sometimes I switch to a small cross-body for Disneyland.) Still looking for what will be my fall bag.

    And Lisa, our hair is sooo similar, I have to know: are you sporting a full bob, or is it stacked and short in the back? I love how it’s longer in the front, but can’t quite tell about the back. Don’t worry, I’m at least 250 miles south of you, so we won’t bump into each other if I copy. 😉

  5. Gussy Sews says:

    i’m going to miss you so much this weekend! the only thing making it OK is that i’m coming to LA next weekend ;]

    i always love seeing you, lisa!

    PS. JO TOTES = awesome! love her bags!!

  6. Nikole says:

    You look adorable as always!!!!!!! :) My husband bought the LOVE bracelet for me which I sooooooo love. Wanting the leaf neclace too! Hopefully that one is next along with the gorgeous leaf bracelet!

  7. Amy says:

    I love your WIWW posts – your outfits are adorable.

    I also have to comment about your hair. It looks fabulous. I have a similar cut and am also curious about the back. It’s hard to find a great style for wavy/curly hair. From these shots, it looks like maybe it’s stacked and shorter in the back? Could you please post some pics of your hair from the side and back? I want to take a photo to my stylist! (I also live all the way across the country, so maybe you won’t mind if I copy, too?!)

  8. ChristyB says:

    I love that first outfit! I mean, who wouldn’t love a leopard print dress? :)

  9. Ruth Yoder says:

    o my gosh! i love your outfits! i need to relook at my closet, if that is a word.
    Thanks for sharing! My friends and blog followers love your jewelry and do I!

  10. So cute! And I love love love the family tree necklace…in fact my 7 month old baby just broke mine last week… :(

  11. Amanda says:

    Lisa, I absolutely ADORE the devoted bracelet!
    I’ve been using the same bag for a year now. I’d like a new one, but just can’t justify it right now.

  12. Sarah beth says:

    I carry the same bag for months!!!

  13. Iowamom says:

    Love WIWW! I truly look forward to your adorable outfits. I wore a dirty t-shirt and old jeans to pick tomatoes. LOTS of tomatoes. More than we need…..I need to discuss this with the “gardener”. 😉

    I keep using the same bag for months. I’m rocking the neutral Coach right now but I’ve got my eye on a beauty online. I’l have to go check out the jo totes site. :)

  14. Kelli says:

    I also change mine seasonally. Seriously, I am so anal about the first day of a season: change my purse, wash all the rugs and the comforters and pillows and mattress pads, sanitize the dishwasher and the washing machine and clean the microwave! It’s crazy!

    Lisa, I had a rough 13 hours……I temporarily lost my earring with the two dangly pearls. I had them and my frames necklace in one hand after I laid them on the table while I was sleepily making power points for work, and then had only one in hand by the time I made it to bed. Hubby and I searched and searched. He even got out the flashlight. Guess what I just found two steps away from where I’d been sitting?! {sigh of relief} I guess that is proof they’re my faves!

  15. Sara.arrigoni says:

    You forgot to mention the best thing about the JoTotes–that they are fabulous camera bags as well! I love my brown betsy. I would’ve bought the yellow, but I have that in the rose bag–can you tell I’m a fan???

  16. Mary Beth says:

    Love your boots! Especially the vintage pair.
    Purse? Still carrying the one I bought at a fundraiser for the cancer wing when my son was diagnosed …two years ago! I guess it is time to get a new one! I wonder if they will do another fundraiser soon.
    However, I have bags – ususally canvas to cart all my school stuff to and from work. My friend calls me the bag lady when she sees me coming. This girl loves a sturdy canvass bag – especially from land’s end.
    Also love those recycle friendly bags for shopping!
    I love bags!

  17. Natalia says:

    Oh my goodness, you are so cute! I love your style! Love the mustard bag and the belt with the dress, too cute. And where are you that you can be wearing sweaters!! I want that weather!

  18. Lisa I love your outfits. Those pieces from Target, wow, I am so jealous. I haven’t seen any of them are they from this year? I really love the dress with the boots. You’ve made that look a hit for me and I can’t wait for cooler weather here in Florida to wear them.


  19. Can I please raid your closet!!?? I love your outfits and I’m totally inspired by your style for fall. You look Beautiful!!

  20. Toni says:

    Lisa! I just got that same jo-tote in chocolate brown!

  21. Pam says:

    Love the slip! I’ve gotta’ make it to Ruby Rose someday.

  22. i would love to use a different bag every day but #1 i’m usually running late and don’t have time to switch out my gear, and #2 hubby keeps telling me i don’t need any more bags 😉

    i love jo totes! just entered a giveaway hoping to score one! (and donated to a very worthy cause – an adoption fund – at the same time! anyone looking for deets, visit my blog)

  23. You look great and cute!!

  24. Shauna Oberg says:

    Love your style. I think I have the same boots!

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