since I’ve spent the last week at the hospital with david

i didn’t have much time (or inspiration) for what i wore wednesdays.

buuuut, i did find three pairs of fun shoes at the buffalo exchange in westwood.

so this is more of a what i WILL be wearing wednesday.

{shoes at least}

and i’m linking up with lindsey! yay!


the above green shoes are hardly practical but tons of fun

and at $15 i thought maybe i could justify them!



love these cow print ballet flats with the little buckle.

a little silly but so comfortable.

$14. seriously.

this is why i love the buffalo exchange.




and black, leather sandals. $9. sigh.

i know i’ll wear these all the time.

* * *

we are having a heat wave in california.

it was 90* today. crazy!!

i want to wear boots not sandals!!

what’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

boots or sandals?