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what i wore, um thursday

October 20th | blog friends, what i wore wednesday

all day yesterday, i thought it was tuesday. and in case you’re losing track of your days as well–it was actually wednesday. which means today is thursday and somehow in there i lost a full 24 hours! this might be a small indication how crazy it’s been. good crazy, but definitely crazy. so this week, it’s what i wore thursday!

this outfit is comfortable and fun–love it. the dress and boots are both from anthro. the leopard print belt is from tjmaxx and the sweater is from target {like 5 years ago!}

and of course, one of my fave necklaces, the family tree.

and again with the shoes. such happy shoes–from poetic license {purchased at a darling local boutique, ambiance}. jeans, anthro. black dress, old navy {$7!!} bracelet, open circle {my shop} and that sweet necklace–allora handmade!

today, my sweet friend jessica, is giving away TWO rosette necklaces from her seriously cute shop!! YAY!! just hop over to the shop and pick your favorite color. leave a comment below to be entered! oh and make sure to visit her blog and say hi!!

266 Responses

  1. Missy K says:

    I love those rosette necklaces! Hope you find your missing 24 hours! :-)

  2. Karen says:

    I just added one of her necklaces to my “favorites” list :) I love the plum version.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Love the outfits!

    And yay for Allora Handmade! My fave color to have would be the blush.

  4. jc says:

    Hi Lisa,
    So happy I have discovered your charming and informative blog by way of Martha Brown who attended Blissdom. I love your jewelry and your sense of design.
    Cheers. xo

  5. all shall be well says:

    I love the turqoise.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Plum… I have always loved purple. Great site… I need to head back over there and look around some more.

    Great outfits!!!

  7. Cheryl says:

    I love the pacific color.

  8. Heather says:

    Love the outfits this week – especially the first one – something I would totally wear!

  9. Jess says:

    I love your black dress! It is adorable! Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

  10. Meghan Hall says:

    love the necklaces and all your outfits. I was wondering where the post was yesterday:) I understand crazy though.

  11. Sarah says:

    I love the rich red and the berry colors!

  12. Anna G says:

    The rich red is my favorite – I adore red in any season.

  13. sarah says:

    so fun! i’m loving the deep teal and cedar this fall!

  14. Genevieve says:

    I’ve lost days before…I just blame it on a brain that’s too full! I’ve had my eye on three of the mini modern pearl statement necklaces…coral, raffia & persimmon…they’re all so pretty & fun!

  15. Chrissy says:

    I also must have missed a day because I thought I’d check out your outfit this morning for a mid morning break and realized that I forgot to check yesterday which was actually Wednesday. Then I became concerned because you didn’t post yesterday. Love the old navy dress. There are too many colors to just choose one!

  16. Lori Tacchino says:

    Turquoise would be my fave!

  17. Kristin says:

    I came that close to not reading the last line of your post….glad I did! My pick would be moss green.

  18. Andi T. says:

    I love those rosette necklaces – especially the coffee liqueur

  19. Summer says:

    Mustard! Your WIWW posts have inspired me to somehow incorporate mustard yellow into my wardrobe!

  20. holly says:

    I love plum, coral and persimmon- it’s so hard to choose just one!

  21. I have to go with moss green too.

    Those shoes! Must find them in Canada.

  22. Diane says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that raffia color. It is SO perfect for fall!

  23. Lisa says:

    I love the cream necklace. I’m nothing if not practical! :-)

  24. mandee says:

    What an easy outfit; I’m inspired!

    I love the lemon yellow necklace from allora! so bright and cheerful for the grey weather of winter.

  25. angela king says:

    i love the plum one. purple is my fave color! what a great giveaway. :) thanks!

  26. Kelly says:

    I’ve been admiring these for a long time….for fall, I would love plum. Or gray…or turquoise…hard to pick. 😉

  27. Claire says:

    I would love to try the plum colored necklace.

  28. Ashley says:

    I’m loving the berry, but I think off white would be more versitle. So pretty!!

  29. Rebecca says:

    Love, Love, Love, the cream and blush…so sweet!

  30. Melissa says:

    Love the leopard print belt! Adorable! I love the rich red color from Allora.

  31. lesley says:

    I would have to pick the mustard necklace…it’s my fave! I’ve been eyeing these for months now….they are adorable!

  32. Kim says:

    I love the coffee liqueur color! And the three musketeer headbands!! So cute!

  33. Karen says:

    Love those necklaces…rich red would be my choice.

  34. Katie Snow says:

    Ummmm Yay, I love your WIW posts no matter what day they arrive:) I hopped over to the shop and love them all but am partial to the pacific color or perhaps the cream one. Love them!

  35. Maggie says:

    You look fantastic!

    The blush is my favorite, so delicate and pretty.

  36. I adore those rosettes!! I’d force myself to be bold and choose moss green!

  37. Ali says:

    I love the nougat one since it will go with everything. :)

  38. Melody says:

    I’d go with the lemon. So happy!

  39. Kodi says:

    I love every color but I NEED mustard! :)

    You always look darling. I love your style.

  40. MichelleB says:

    I missed your outfit yesterday. First of all cute, cute, cute. Everything you wear. I love dresses + boots therefore fall is my favorite season. Also love the belt…i am realizing belts are my fav accessory – they really change an outfit! And you got that black dress for $7!! SHUT THE DOOR! I have the same dress. I am pretty sure I paid more than $7 for it…although I did get it on sale…but not that good of a sale!

  41. Courtney M says:

    The rosette necklace in moss green is fabulous!

  42. Holly says:

    Hmmmm…I really like the turquoise you have on. Or Rich Red. I do love red….

  43. Denissa says:

    I love all them! But I would have to go with mustard or plum :)

  44. beth says:

    Super cute outfits! I love Jessica’s necklaces, they dress up any outfit instantly :) Lately, I’ve been loving the turquoise one.

  45. Meredith W. says:

    The plum color is lovely!

  46. LOVD says:

    Love baby pink!!! But I have to say that t-shirt is too cute about using hands to make handmade:-)

  47. Sue says:

    I have a bracelet that i love. I would pick moss green or dark teal for a necklace. Too cute.

  48. Jessica Netherton says:

    Oh my goodness!! I want to win this so much. I love, love, love her necklaces! I have to pick just one color! I love the rich red or the plum or the turquoise. If I win though I guess I would go with the turquoise because I don’t have anything that color!

  49. Carolyn says:

    I am laugh at you….I left work yesterday thinking it was Tuesday!! On the walk out of the warehouse someone said something about Wednesday and it struck me….Today is Wednesday not Tuesday!! It must be in the air!!

  50. KatieD says:

    Moss green or maybe turquoise!

  51. Melissa says:

    Love the blue one you’re wearing! My favorite color of hers is the Moss Green. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Deb says:

    Plum or teal. I just can’t decide.

  53. Whitney says:

    I love the plum rosette necklace for fall/winter! Would be SO fun to win!

  54. rjb says:

    I love the rich red..but also the plum and the turquoise!

  55. Kendall says:

    I love the moss green color. So bright and fun!

  56. Kate S. says:

    I love moss, grey, and berry – what a hard choice!

  57. ErinV says:

    I can’t decide between blush or moss.

  58. Molly says:

    I love the blush color… classy yet fun!

  59. Lacey says:

    Drooling for months over the moss! Yay! Love checking in to see what all of you are wearing — inspiring!

  60. Megan says:

    Blush! Or moss green. Or any of them– adorable!

  61. April Taylor says:

    I like the Pacific or off white.


  62. Lorrie says:

    First off, love the outfits!! So cute! I would have to say that blush is my favorite color of that necklace, but I love anything that shade!

  63. Angie says:

    rich red…thanks so much for the chance to win!

  64. I love the lemon or the rose (I think. How sad that i have forgotten in the 2 seconds since I looked at her site? YIKES!)

    You look great. You really have a great style.

  65. Kelli says:

    Moss green, please! I loved visiting her site! Why did she cut her fun curly hair?!

    And, Lisa, are you still on the no-sugar thing? If so, how’s it going? Are you dying for it, or are you not even wanting it anymore? I am so curious, as I pretty much subsist on my baked goods :).

  66. April B says:

    That’s a gorgeous site! I love the rich red. I also love your dress and boots together. :)

  67. Melissa says:

    Ooooooooh I love Allora Handmade! And I love the plum….and the moss green….and the blush. Sigh

  68. Noelle White says:

    I love the off white….could wear it with everything!! : )

  69. Carolyn says:

    I love her necklaces! My favorite color is the rich red. So pretty!

  70. kelly says:

    did i win, did i win??!? :)
    i’d pick berry…i think. so many great options!

  71. Her necklaces are so pretty! I would love one in mustard!

  72. Eva says:

    I literally love all of her stuff, but I think I would have to have a necklace in orchid hush!

  73. Jessica says:

    I love the modern pearl colored rosette necklace.

  74. Kathy Caplinger says:

    I love love love the turquoise so beautiful and fun!

  75. Cerrisse Wood says:

    I love the pacific rosette necklace! so sweet :)

  76. oh my sweet goodness! the quarry is to die for!!! love it! :)

  77. Gina says:

    I love her thing’s – so pretty …
    i love the blush colored neckace …..

  78. Jaimie says:

    I’m actually waiting on my first Allora Handmade order… And let me tell you, it was soooo hard to pick a color. But, when I get another rosette necklace, I’d pick either the moss green or the blue on you’re wearing! LOVE!!

  79. I’m stuck between Moss Green, Rich Red, and Mustard. So many pretty colors!

  80. pt says:

    ooh! I want one sooo mustard or moss green… such a hard decision. Looks so cute on all you bloggers!

  81. Cassie says:

    I love the rich red one!

  82. Dani says:

    I LOVE the plum…and the gray…and the moss. Oh boy.

  83. Leah says:

    I LOVE the mustard, persimmon, or avocado colors, but really any one of her color choices looks great. I’ve never seen her site before! Thanks for sharing it!

  84. abi says:

    haha – we all lose track of day sometimes! I love the plum necklace from allora.

  85. Sue says:

    It is hard to pick a color! Love, Love, Love the moss green.

  86. Halley says:

    Cream, mustard, moss green… how to pick a favorite???? Keeping my fingers crossed!

  87. hope says:

    i love the plum!

  88. they are all so pretty. i think my favorite is the turquoise.

  89. Alisa Deboer says:

    I love the peach! And a lot of other colours lol!

  90. Becca says:

    LOVE the pacific color!!

  91. Suzanne G. says:

    Definitely love the RED! These are so cool!

  92. Cilla says:

    I have been wanting a rosette necklace for a long time. I think berry would be my choice.

  93. Lindsey Swensen says:

    Hello! I love your shop. I really like the pacific color

  94. Emily N. says:

    I love the pink and plum necklaces. :)

    ~Emily N.

  95. Amanda says:

    LOVE your outfits! I will be trying out my own version of them! I love the rich red color of the necklace!

  96. Kristen says:

    Lisa- you look fab! Not that you needed to lose any weight, but your hard work is an inspiration to me. I have been crushing on the rosette neclace! I love the grey & think it is so versatile.

  97. Carrie H says:

    I love the Blush one, so pretty!

  98. cindy says:

    I love your outfits and always look forward to your WIWW posts! My necklace color choices would be mustard or red.

  99. Carmen says:

    I can never decide – do a beautiful neutral or a stunning colour? Love Jessica’s blog & shop. Thanks for the chance & the continued fashion fun!

  100. rebecca says:

    I love those rosette necklaces, especially in pacific! By the way, I love your outfit posts, you always look great and so put together!

  101. Madison says:

    I love every color but I need MUSTARD! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  102. kara mosbey says:

    I love these necklaces!! I’d get a gray one!

  103. I love them all but I think I would get the most use out of the PLUM necklace. So beautiful!

  104. MichelleF says:

    I love all the colors – already have mustard, and am thinking the plum would be a great addition to my fall accessories!! Thanks :)

  105. Kristal Price says:

    I love all of Jessica’s things..I really should have more! My little eye is currently set on the Rich Red necklace…wouldn’t it be perfect for the holidays?!

  106. Deep Teal, and all the other colors too. I seriously can think of probably 20 people to gift these to, but if I had them in possesion, I’d keep them all myself!

  107. Laura S. says:

    Plum or moss green!

  108. Amy K. says:

    I am totally loosing track of my days too! Must be an epidemic. :) I love Jess’ stuff and it’s so hard to pick a color. I have to say that peach is one of my favorites!!

  109. Stephanie McAllister says:

    I love the pacific and plum necklaces!

  110. heidi s. says:

    I really love the gray/grey. Very classic and classy! However, all are beautiful.

  111. Julie L. says:

    Proudly wore my mustard one today and got so many compliments!! Have my eyes on a plum one next. :)

  112. Katie in California says:

    PLUM! Love it!

  113. Terra C says:

    It’s so hard to choose! I’m thinking maybe honeysuckle or the coffee, or maybe the orchid?

  114. kelly hicks says:

    i love her necklaces, and yours too!
    i’d say i’d have to choose navy or grey!

  115. Jenny says:

    I just bought my first rosette necklace and I think I’m addicted! I’d love one in plum too

  116. Lisa says:

    fuschia…pacific…mustard…I’ll take one of each!

  117. Donna O says:

    I just bought the plum! That is my favorite. The Rich Red is a close second,

  118. Meaghan says:

    I love the navy & the plum! So hard to decide!

  119. liz r. says:

    Lisa, I have to admit I was a little worried when you didn’t post yesterday . . . glad to know things are going well, and your outfits are really cute!

    As for the rosettes–so hard to pick a color. Plum, moss green, or pacific!

  120. C. Beth says:

    Lisa, your waist is looking itty bitty & your face so slim too…I think South Beach is working!

  121. brittany t. says:

    I really Love the Mustard/bamboo colored rosette necklace–perfect for fall! thanks for the giveaway! :)

    P.s. Super cute outfits! i love finding bargains, so way to go on the $7 old navy dress!

  122. Elyssa M says:

    This made me laugh! I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets what day it is! I would choose Moss or blush.

  123. MelindaB says:

    Love the plum one

  124. Lola P says:

    I LOVE the rich red rosettes ! :)

  125. Judy says:

    Love your outfits and love allora handmade necklaces. I think I would pick pacific, but there are other so lovely bold colors I love too.

  126. Erin says:

    my pick would be either pacific or lemon! so pretty!

  127. Laura says:

    I love the raffia color! Thanks for such a sweet giveaway!

  128. Blanca says:

    eek! I love the pacific color or even the lemon! Thank you. Thank you! :)

  129. Holly says:

    Love the rich red~

  130. Derek says:

    My wife would be so happy with any color but I think she’d especially love the lemon. Thank you. She has been wanting one for awhile.

  131. Melissa says:

    They are all beautiful, but “rich red” has been calling my name, lately.

  132. Jessica says:

    I love the turquoise!

  133. Jessica says:

    I love the turquoise flowers! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a beautiful necklace!

  134. Anneke B. says:

    It’s a toss up between the coffee and orchid hush!

  135. Emily says:

    Turquoise or blush! Soo cute!

  136. Jennifer says:

    I was so sad not to see your outfits yesterday! I was hoping that you had not stopped doing it. Glad to hear you just forgot, ha! I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for sharing all you do!

  137. Kay says:

    Love your style! If you ever happen to see this, since there are a ton of other people who love you, I would LOVE a tour of your house room by room, if that’s possible! we are redecorating, and i would love to get some MORE inspiration from you!

  138. sue says:

    I lovethe red but really I love them all!!!

  139. Kay says:

    Oh, AND I love every single color of her necklaces! Going to collect them all!

  140. Melody says:

    I love the pacific color!

  141. Angie P says:

    I love them all and have no idea how I’d pick…mustard or turquoise maybe…gray??? Ugh. Decisions. :)

  142. Jessie Lucas says:

    I would either pick the rich red or turquoise. To be lucky enough to win and actually have that choice! Thank you!

  143. Mallory says:

    I love the pacific color!

    Lisa, you are getting so skinny! The black dress and jeans looks so great on you!

  144. maggie b. says:

    Oooooohhhh! Moss green! Please please please let me win a moss green beauty!

  145. Susan R says:

    I love the Moss Green and Pacific rosettes!

  146. Kristen says:

    Gotta be blush! Love it with grey and white

  147. Vicki says:

    I love the classic black and also the red!
    I also own the t-shirt and LOVE!

  148. Melony says:

    I would have to go with either the moss green or mustard… so hard to choose…really love the bold colors I do!

  149. Jennifer s says:

    I bought the moss after seeing you wear it – mow I am in love with the pacific color!!!

  150. Emily C. says:

    Love the rich red. Gorgeous!

  151. Cindy says:

    I think I would go out on a limb and get the mustard necklace. It’s totally not a color I would typically be drawn to, but after seeing you wear it over and over, and it looks so great, I’m convinced I need to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe!! So funny you lost your Wednesday…maybe if you’re lucky you’ll “find” an extra day this weekend!

  152. Kelly says:

    love, love, love this website. So very hard to choose, but I just added the quarry necklace to my Christmas list :)

  153. Kim T. says:

    Oh, I love that rich red! but I also love the moss and pacific…

  154. Mary Beth says:

    Red! because Christmas is coming!

  155. erin says:

    Beautiful outfits as usual! My Favourite colour is violet hush…I think that was what it was called. All of her colours are gorgeous!

  156. I like the color {pacific} it is fabulous!

  157. Jenifer says:

    Such a hard choice between the plum and the mustard! I have definitely lost a day in a week before myself!

  158. Amanda says:

    You always have the most beautiful outfits!

  159. Diana Foree says:

    I simply adore the Moss Green and the Lemon rosette necklaces. The colors are so luscious!

  160. Dana Summers says:

    Lisa, you always look so great. Love those shoes.

    Regarding the giveaway, I am in love with the “rich red”! Thanks for the opportunity.

  161. Courtney D. says:

    That happens to me all the time-thinking it’s a different day than it is. Messes up my whole week 😛 LOVE Allora Handmade-the moss modern pearl is my absolute fave! Thanks to both you and Jess for the awesome giveaway!

  162. Elicia says:

    Oh gosh…I have been meaning to buy myself a rosette necklace for so long but seems like there is always something else one of the kids needs worse. I love the pink or berry colors…so sweet! Thanks, Lisa!

  163. Caiti says:

    Plum or moss green, both can work for all seasons when paired with different base colors.

  164. Nichole says:

    I love the turquoise and the persimmon!

  165. Beth says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the berry color. Just the right punch of color for my gray and black (boring) fall wardrobe!!:)

  166. lindsey says:

    oh allora! the only reason i haven’t gotten one yet is because i can’t decide between moss green & mustard!

  167. lisa s says:

    Love the moss green.

  168. oh, pacific… i adore you! it’s my birthday in a few days… hoping for an allora handmade!

  169. Carolyn Zimmerman says:

    Oh, BLUSH please :-)!!!!

  170. Brooke says:

    I am loving the plum!!

  171. Sara says:

    I have the avocado and love it. I think I need a peach one now, please.

  172. i lost track of days this week too.
    the shoes are so fun. and i do love how you can pull off dresses over jeans.

    the mustard or grey rosettes are the loveliest of colors!

  173. I love the rich red and peach colors!

  174. Kate says:

    Love your outfits, especially the boots! I need some brown boots! And who doesn’t love an Allora piece?? Pick me!!

  175. Pam says:

    Allora necklaces always look so great on! A grey necklace would be perfect for chilly weather. Cute boots by the way. Thanks form the fun giveaway

  176. Maryanne says:

    Love the plum! Thanks for the chance!

  177. Hey Lisa! I love WIWT :-) It still works even though it’s Thursday 😉 I love Jessica’s shop so much! It would be a toss up between the Moss or Plum. They both are amazingly bright and so fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  178. holly C says:

    How FUN! I love all the colors, but specifically the plum and pacific:) Crossing my fingers!!!

  179. Becca says:

    bLuSh & CrEaM. Love Allora necklaces & your necklaces are pretty sweet too!!

  180. Emma says:

    Love the plum color!

  181. Georgia says:

    LOVE the teal from her fall line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Caitlin says:

    I love them all and would be happy with any color, but I think I *need* the moss green since I don’t have anything in that color :)

  183. kristin M says:

    mustard or grey

  184. Erika says:

    I always love looking at your outfits for inspiration. Love Love Allora’s necklaces!! I’ve been dying to get one because I can’t decide on the color. However, one of my favorite colors is Moss Green! Thank you Lisa and Allora! :)

  185. Wendy says:

    I love Allora and WIWW…so much fun. My favorite Rosetta necklace is the teal and mustard ones. Love those colors.

  186. Molly W. says:

    I love the persimmon! Your new red shoes are super cute!

  187. Ashley says:

    I so look forward to your WIWW! I checked yesterday and am back today to see what you wore. LOVE your style and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Allora Handmade rosettes. Ever since I saw your mustard necklace I’ve been wanting one. I can’t wait for the mini mustard to be back in stock! I would love the Rich Red too…decisions, decisions.

    By the way, I have gotten so many lovely comments on my Autumn’s Song necklace and earrings! I wear my tiny sentiment necklace nearly every day. I think the open circle bracelet will be next.

  188. Amy says:

    I love the crimson…and the mustard…and the berry…so hard to choose! They are all so fun!

  189. shannon torres says:

    My favorite is the MUSTARD!!! Love your style :) YOU ROCK!!!

  190. Kim Eijpen says:

    Love the plum necklace!!

  191. Angie says:

    Love her necklaces…think I need the quarry to add to my collection! My face right is the one that has graduated colors of rosettes.

  192. Leana says:

    I love the necklaces — especially in pacific! My Thursday felt like Sat., so somehow I skipped over quite a few days in my head…

  193. Gabriella says:

    If I was playing it safe I would get the red one – but if I wanted to live on the edge I would say the mustard one!

  194. Donna W says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pacific necklace – absolutely stunning! Thanks

  195. Traci says:

    Love the plum! It would look great with my grey clothes, which my new black.. Love your style and pleasure in finding a great sale. Please share your secrets on deals at Anthropologie!

  196. Michele says:

    You look fabulous and so trim. Good for you!

  197. Becky K. says:

    Any color would be great. They are so adorable! But I think Moss Green may be my first choice. Love it. And you are adorable, too, Lisa…as always!! :)

  198. Heather says:

    I think I would go with turquoise, but love them all really!

  199. Mary A. says:

    I love the plum and rich red, but who am I kidding! They’re all beautiful.

  200. Sandy says:

    I have to agree with Mary A. I love the plum and the rich red too. Any of them would be great.

  201. Linda says:

    Purple or Teal for me. Thanks so much.

  202. Jen says:

    I’ve had my eyes on these necklaces for quite a while – so pretty and unique. I really like the gray, teal, and off white colors.

  203. Amy says:

    What a great giveaway! I have admired these necklaces since you started wearing them. I would love a moss green necklace AND I love your Thursday outfit!

  204. Jennie says:

    1st choice gray, 2nd choice pacific.

  205. My two favs are the pacific and blush colors. But…truly…they are all fabulous!!!!

  206. Leslie A says:

    Mustard, Plum,… :)

    And I also thought today was Wednesday. Now I’m totally wondering where Wednesday went too!

    lesliewilliams at hotmail dot com

  207. Kathy says:

    I love the turquoise and the fuchsia.

  208. Leah says:

    I love the turquoise! Awesome giveaway!

  209. Who can choose? Those are gorgeous!! I love them all, but have to choose Rich Red.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  210. Carol S says:

    Love the moss green. It is definitely my happy color!

  211. jamie says:

    so many beautiful colors! honeysuckle caught my eye…

  212. Penny says:

    It must be the week. I was very surprised when I realized today was Friday. Good surprise! I love all of them but especially the Blush.

  213. LT says:

    Love the plum

  214. Courtney says:

    The Blush is my favorite…for now. I love all of the colors!

  215. Karen says:

    Love your WIWW posts! Your style is so fun and pretty. : )

    Moss green is my fave color this season. Would love a new necklace!

  216. Ainsley says:

    I just love my rosie necklace!! If i got to choose two more, I’d pick mustard and plum. Thanks for the chance to enter!! And I love the boots, by the way 😉

  217. Anna says:

    Oh, I think I would go for the grey…but maybe moss :)
    Thank you!!

  218. Celina says:

    Loving the off-white! Have a great weekend!

  219. anne says:

    So many gorgeous colors, but the rich red spoke to me!

  220. Beth says:

    I love the plum necklace

  221. Lisa says:

    the necklace goes perfectly with your awesome shoes. thank you for turning me on to them, I am currently looking at the gray version and saving my dollars for them and a lavendar necklace to rock with it.

  222. kimmie says:

    Love this necklace – so hard to choose, but off-white would be my favorite color. Thanks for inspiring me to think about what I wear instead of just getting dressed. 😉

  223. traci says:

    I love the rich red! So cute!

  224. Lisa McGriff says:

    I love all of your outfits…everyweek…

    The necklace, pick a color… PLEASE… I want all of them except white.. all of them!!

  225. Kristy says:

    I lose days all the time! Moms shouldn’t be expected to keep track. 😉 We’re too busy doing everything else. As for the beautiful necklaces, I love the off-white. It’s so classic and beautiful!

  226. Ann says:

    Cute outfits. Love the gray color!

  227. Pat from SD says:

    Thanks for all your inspiration. Cute necklaces and I think I like the raffia (brown) color.

  228. jen says:

    I’m loving the mustard & turquoise right now…and then there’s always my favorite standby…gray!

  229. Krissie says:

    So many colors to choose from…I am liking the off-white and the green moss colors.

  230. Patty says:

    I always loose track of the days as well. Too busy all the time! Love all the colors. If I had to choose one, it would be the avocado color.

  231. Danielle T says:

    I recently bought the same dress from old navy. I got it on sale too, only I think you got a better deal :) Anyway, I missed you on wednesday for WIWW (I always look forward to a little fashion inspiration.) I’d love to win a necklace! fingers crossed

  232. I LOVE the rich red. And the lemon color. Red would be so stunning for winter.

  233. Kat says:

    I really want one of her rosette necklaces in rich red! So pretty! I hope I win! {fingers crossed}

  234. Krista K. says:

    Mustard, please. Another cute WWIW from Ms Lisa, I think you have great taste is shoes!

  235. I like the navy or the gray!

  236. maria says:

    I love Jessica! I have have the red mini rosette necklace. Would love to have Moss or blush! All her stuff is amazing :)

  237. robin says:

    I love ALL the colors……but would choose the phloyx. Pretty Pretty!!!!! As are your outfits!! Love your blog and inspiration.

  238. Lauren says:

    It is a hard choice. My son likes lemon and I like the cream

  239. Michelle S. says:

    I think I’d choose the moss green. So beautiful!!

  240. Iowamom says:

    Beautiful! I love the deep plum and pacific. Gorgeous necklaces! I must say that you are looking so good……South Beach looks great on you! :)

  241. Jaymie White says:

    they all are so pretty–love the blush and the plum especially though!

  242. denise says:

    i love that black dress!

    i really need to keep things in my closet from 5 years ago.
    i am kicking myself for getting rid of things that were outdated and are {of course} back in style!

    i’ve been eyeing allora’s pieces for a while. so lovely. my pick is the plum!

  243. Barb says:

    love the pacific and the mustard. then again, they’re all so pretty! love your outfits this week too!

  244. kathyw says:

    Pass the mustard please…

  245. Amy says:

    I really like the pacific one…cute!

  246. Eva Scott says:

    I love the bamboo or deep teal color! thanks!!

  247. Jen says:

    love allora handmade. i would probably choose the moss green statement necklace!

  248. kelly says:

    I love the mustard and I love the moss green as well!

  249. Kristin says:

    red, fushia, plum, or off-white! I just can’t decide…love them all!!

  250. ilona t says:

    i love the rich red or off white

  251. Michele says:

    Great ON dress!!! Yay for a fun giveaway. I’d love the moss or gray necklace. So pretty :) And, the family tree necklace is my go-to necklace. I’ll never get tired of wearing it.

  252. Kristin S says:

    Lisa, those might be the best shoe purchase ever!

  253. Michalina Peterson says:

    I LOVE the moss green Allora handmade necklace… Love both her & your blogs. So real & inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  254. Cindy V. says:

    I love the blush necklace!

  255. Kathrene says:

    I love her necklaces! I think I would get the berry! It is so bright and cheerful!

  256. Angie H says:

    I love the Statement Necklace in red….so pretty.

  257. jane g meyer says:

    grey… muted, but so lovely…

  258. Susan says:

    I love the berry, but they are all so pretty!

  259. Rika Toll says:

    The necklaces are so feminine and lovely. I am pulled to the moss green but the pearl/peach would probably match more outfits.

    Cheers from Darwin Australia

  260. Jessica says:

    I’m dying over that Raffia color – soooo chic and would go with my cute new boots! : ) thanks for sharing your outfits with us – very inspiring!!! love it & your beautiful artwork too

  261. laura says:

    love love love the plum and blush colors…so pretty. cute shoes!

  262. Jennifer says:

    Love the teal! I have admired these necklaces for a while, but just havent splurged to buy myself one.

  263. ~Heather says:

    Both the blush and the red color look divine!

  264. Ok I want to steal all your shoes!!

    Love Allora Handmade! I love everything coral and aqua in her shop!

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