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today is a good day

June 24th | thoughts



to snuggle in bed for a while

to soak in the sun

to pretend there aren’t stacks of laundry to be folded

to picnic in the park

to eat lots of frozen yogurt

to pick yellow flowers

{even if they’re dandelions}

to doodle hearts and love note for someone special

to let the house be messy

what else?

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  1. MichelleF says:

    to run in the sprinkler with the boys
    to swing on the front porch
    to watch the storm roll in
    to sit & chat with a good friend

  2. To tell someone how much you appreciate them…

    Lisa. You are amazing.

  3. is this a view from your new home? this is amazing… pick lots and lots of yellow flowers!

  4. Jenny says:

    To splash in the pool.
    To eat Nutella on toast.
    To tickle my kids.
    To praise the Lord!

  5. Denise C. says:

    -To savor a diet coke, that I have not had in AGES. Yea, it was yummy!
    -To take my kids to the park, & watch the airplanes come in (we had to leave early since it was 97* at 9 a.m., they did not mind though.)
    -To catch up on my favorite blogs (including this one!)
    -To make a commitment to run my FIRST 5k this October!
    -To let the kid’s mess in the living/playroom not bug me. (This is a big thing for me.)
    -To soak up tons of hugs & kisses from my kids, & husband.

    :) Have a wonderful day Lisa!

  6. -To read some blogs :)
    -To get ready for my kids and inlaws to come home tomorrow!
    -To try a vanilla scone for the first time
    -To shout Praise the Lord!

  7. tiffany day says:

    Hi there!

    Well, I agree with everything on your list and would add:

    have another cup of coffee
    shop for cute things for my house
    be thankful
    & eat lots of Red Velvet flavored frozen yogurt {so yummy}

    Have a GREAT day!

  8. Kelli says:

    …to head to the farmer’s market!

  9. Desiree says:

    to have some coffee in the afternoon.
    to look at pretty pictures.
    to spend time with God.

  10. Just perfect . . . I have yet to try frozen yoghurt but I’m told it’s really good.

  11. Southern Gal says:

    to hold a brand new baby girl and know I am her grandmother.
    to watch my daughter become a mother.
    to take a dip in the pool since the temps are in the 100’s this week.
    to lie on a float in said pool and read a good book.
    to let the house go for a little while.

  12. Cathy says:

    to take a book and m and m’s in the bath!

  13. Philippa says:

    Dig some compost through the new piece of garden I rotary hoed last week
    Get my garlic in the ground (it’s mid-winter here in NZ)
    Soak up the sun’s rays – the sun’s out even though the forecast is for rain
    Cuddle my cat
    Hoover my studio
    Play with a gold leafing pen on my vintage botanical magnets
    Really appreciate every moment of this winter’s day!
    Miss my husband who is away for 27!! more long days… SIGH.. love you honey!

  14. Gussy says:

    yum! frozen yogurt :]

    today is a good day because: i got TONS of work done today. love that feeling.

  15. Laura says:

    To get up early and go for coffee with my husband. Hope you have a beautiful day, Lisa!

  16. Denise C. says:

    Ok, so I need to amend my one “to do”
    -To let the kid’s mess in the living/playroom not bug me. (This is a big thing for me.)
    I stepped on one too many CARS matchbox cars, and well, they needed to get picked up!

  17. sarita says:

    since it’s the 4th of july when i’m writing this – today is a good day to remember our past – enjoy our present and pray for our future in this country…and hey! dandelions ARE flowers!! i live in the desert – and have weeds for a front yard – i try to hula hoe the weeds – but sometimes i leave the ones with little flowers so my grandson can pick me flowers! that’s so much more important than making sure my yard is free of weeds..

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