our nest is a mess



catching up from the holidays and traveling is taking longer than i hoped.  yesterday i hit a wall and ended up napping on the couch for an hour in the afternoon.  i never do that–it was lovely.  but when i woke up the house was still messy. argh!  i did manage to fold two loads of laundry and do the dishes.  not enough, but hey, it’s something!

* * *

today i need energy!  even if it comes in the form of coffee or coca-cola (and i don’t mean diet!).  i want to tidy and simplify and get all these christmas decorations put away until next year.  i need to go through the boys clothing and toys and remove anything that doesn’t fit and isn’t being played with.  ready, set, go!!


make sure you come by tomorrow for something fun!!


  1. Wow a nap….I have not had one in ages! I hope you had some sweet dreams while snoozing!
    I wish my kitchen had a “self clean” switch- just flip it and BAM- the kitchen is instantly sparkling clean!

    We have toys all over the house, dolls on the kitchen floor, wooden play food on the stairs (that really needs to be removed), and train tracks galore all over the main living area. It gives me ulcers every time I see it, but KNOW that the moment it’s all picked up either my son or daughter will come along and pull it all out again.

    Happy Simplifying!

  2. sounds like we are all in the same boat…trying to put up, organize, simplify, purge, and redo all while trying to keep everyone in clean clothes and fed! makes me tired just thinking about it…maybe that’s why we’ve been late both days back to school?? this mama’s tired!

    oh, yeah…and totally jealous of your nap! hate it that the fairies didn’t come to clean while you slept…i had to fire them myself a while back…:)…they just weren’t getting it done!

  3. i feel like i should get a medal any time i go to bed with the house clean. and i should get at least a round of applause every time a load of laundry makes it into the washing machine.

  4. We’re in a similar place too – so many toys and clothes to sort through and the decorations to pack away – relieved to hear I’m not the only one!!

  5. good luck – i know the feeling – so much to do and not nearly enough time and energy!! In the end, it all gets done – somehow some way! I think the challenge is to be ok with the things we can’t get to – anyway — looking forward to your new fun stuff!!


  6. I feel your pain! I keep hoping that someday the Cleaning Fairy will begin visiting me, but it hasn’t happened yet 😉

  7. Trying to simplify but keep getting distracted. Tempted to get rid of EVERYTHING. Minimalism as my new philosophy on life is looking more and more attractive-now the challenge of getting my family on board…do you have tips on what one should keep and discard?

  8. I keep setting my timer for 30 minutes, cleaning, sitting down for 10 minutes, then starting all over again. And taking photos of the disaster dwindling as I go. If I am brave, I’ll post all about my disastrous house turned tidy. It has taken me a lot longer to recover from the holidays around here than I expected. But we have guests coming Friday so I have a deadline!

    I’m glad you took a nap.

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