Lately I have been feeling like the biggest failure.

I have my checklists. Not literal checklists but checklists in my head. A good mom does these things. A good wife does these things. A good business owner does these things. A good friend does these things. And lately so many boxes are going unchecked. I’m overwhelmed with the things I’m not doing. And it feels like crap.

I love creating. I love picture taking. I love snuggling my boys. I love business strategy. I love my husband. Then there are the things that need to get done, like, dishes, laundry, emails and phone calls. Some days there aren’t enough hours. I fall behind. According to my standards, I’m failing. I feel guilty.

I’m not telling you this so that you’ll feel sorry for me. I’m telling you this because you probably feel that way sometimes, too. There are so many demands placed on us as women. If I look like I have it together, then I’m doing a good job of faking it. The truth is that I am so flawed, so imperfect and there’s grace for that. I need lots of grace!

So today I’m reminding myself, and maybe you too, that there is grace for the imperfect. There is hope for the flawed. There is beauty to be found in failing.