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December 20th | thoughts

apparently, even as a little girl i made important lists. don’t i look so serious! i wonder what i was writing?

on today’s list…

call david’s cardio

target {wrapping paper, tape, extra pillows, kleenex}

put laundry away {uh, this is on my list every day & i hardly ever do it}

bake cookies for decorating

find some fun stocking stuffers for my boys

take matthias to art class

ship out the last of the christmas orders this morning!

are you a list maker? what the most fun thing on your list today??

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  1. Celeste says:

    (Oh yes. I am quite the list-maker.) and… first on my list this morning is to finish packing for a little road-trip I’m taking here in a bit back to my home-town. I am so excited! Yet, it is bittersweet because I won’t be staying. Oh how I hope to move back someday…

  2. Charmaine says:

    if you think of something nice as a stocking stuffer for a boy of 2yrs and 7 months and a girl of 3yrs a 8 months – and share your thought with me – that would be great – I’m the granny – have crayons and puzzles – funky swimming wings – and battery operated toothbrushes – lots of hair goodies for Missy – and now i’m stumped…. and the Christmas stocking is still so empty….. stay well

    • Jennifer says:

      Bubble bath is a good one – especially the big bottles (takes up lots of room). Also, bath crayons or bath fingerpaints. Johnson’s Buddies soaps (you find them in the kid’s bath goods aisle) are awesome and only cost $1. If you have a Target nearby, they usually have the $1 bins at the front door – I’ve found great notebooks, stickers, activity books, etc. The little girl might like her own mini notebook – my daughter starting writing her own “lists” around age 4. Another good idea is some food items – apple/orange in the toe, granola bars, something that they only get once in awhile as a treat. Have fun!

  3. Jenni says:

    definitely a list maker … on my list is to buy some fun baby things for my niece born yesterday! I was video chatting with her older sister last night and even that 2.5 yr old was making a list – taking dinner orders!

  4. saritas says:

    only one item on my list today – a very fun item – today i watch my grandsons for l0 hours!!! they are 2 and 4 – and wonderful!!! Since it’s raining here in the so cal desert we will get to fingerpaint! and as usual play doh play is on the list! i watch them on mondays and wednesdays ! we have a great time!! drive carefully on your trip to target.

  5. Kim says:

    Lisa, if I didn’t make lists I would forget what to do!

  6. Penny Smith says:

    Share what you find for stocking stuffers! I am hitting a wall trying to come up with ideas… :)

  7. Paige says:

    I am a list maker. There isn’t much on the list today. Yay!

  8. Molly Pearce says:

    I love lists! Most fun thing on my list is to go Christmas caroling tonight with my little children I teach at church! Very excited!!!
    ~Molly P

  9. Jenny says:

    I need to make a list! I love that old photo of you. I was just getting ready to look through a box of old photos here at the house. Have a blessed week, Lisa!

  10. Margaret Scott says:

    Always lots of lists on the go! Today I am endeavouring to decorate my tree but that means a trip into the attic which means I need to be brave, the attic scares me! Hope you achieve your list today!

  11. Tamara says:

    unfortunately i’m not a list maker…which could be part of my problem with getting everything done. i’m hoping the necklace my husband ordered for me for christmas (with very detailed instructions from me) is part of your mailing today! and…on friday i received a necklace that i ordered from you for my mother. it is beautiful. i love it and i know she will too. thank you.

  12. Kathy says:

    I am a big list maker. I have to. I love the photo. Merry Christmas!

  13. LobotoME says:

    ha! you know i love lists lisa! 😉 its a not fun day when my list includes disinfect entire house from sicko kiddos. happy holidays to you & yours! xo, jenny

  14. Tisha says:

    Your photo made me smile–we had the exact same wallpaper in my parent’s kitchen when I was that age!

    On my list today is some writing for my work, maybe a hot bath and facial, a short grocery run, and a long walk–I’m 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my second babe! 😉

  15. Gussy says:

    lists are my FAVORITE! :]

    on my list today is:
    *playing with Bauer
    *lunch with the family
    *snuggles at home
    *look outside at the amazing country view at my in-law’s house

    xoxo Lisa!!

  16. Katie says:

    I don’t think I ever made a list until I became a mama!

    I’ve been loving following along on your blog. Your family is lovely…your jewlery pure treasure.

    Have a beautiful day!

  17. Gen says:

    I love a good list, too…nothing like crossing things off & feeling like I’m accomplishing much 😉 Today we’re making oreo truffles to give to the neighbors & maybe going to Gramma & Grampa’s house to help decorate their tree…I <3 Christmas!

  18. shana says:

    we always put toothbrushes in our kiddos stockings. that way i remember when they last got a new toothbrush, and (theoretically) can stay on schedule to replace them every so often!
    enjoy crossing stuff off your list today . . . that’s the best, i LOVE it!

  19. Karen says:

    I love lists! At the top of today’s is a biggie: buy toilet paper!

  20. melissa says:

    I love lists!

    Today on my list:
    -finish 2 last minute orders
    -wrap gifts
    -clean the bedrooms and upstairs bath
    -make dinner…at some point
    -pick up the house
    -plan the rest of my week

  21. malissa says:

    READ! it is on my list everyday and everyday i find time for it! merry christmas!

  22. I LIVE for lists. My whole blog is one big list really.
    *hot cocoa mix
    *”It’s a Wonderful Life” gifts put together
    *shop for my mister
    *relax with my boys
    *not to stress…it will get done or not

  23. tara says:

    I’m a list maker too! Usually, I don’t get to everything though! Today, I’m making cupcakes for a send off for my oldest daughter’s student teacher. My youngest daughter is bringing some as well, as her teacher is retiring at Christmas. Btw, I LOVE my family tree necklace that I just received. I have gotten many compliments! Sending warm wishes your way!

  24. liz r. says:

    I love lists! And I can’t find my list for today (which I wrote last night), so I can hardly function. I’ve been to the bank and CVS, also dropped an art project off at a student’s house, done some gift wrapping–but there was something more! What was it?

  25. April says:

    What a great pic Lisa:)
    I LOVE lists!! I am always making them and I feel so satisfied when I get to cross something off:)
    Today I mailed out the last of my orders before Christmas!!
    Target (a few last little stocking stuffers and Just Dance Wii game for the kiddies)
    Pick up pictures
    Make scrapbook calendars for step-mom and mom:)
    laundry (on my list every day and I HATE it) ….with 7 people in this house it is NEVER ending:(

  26. I am trying to become a list maker so that my mind isn’t racing all over the place all the time! Today’s list is a grocery shopping list. I am trying to make sure it is complete so I don’t have to go back to the store before Christmas!

  27. Denise C. says:

    How do I love lists (and Target) let me count the ways! I am a list maker ALL. THE. TIME. On today’s list? Finish painting my & my husband’s bedroom (touch up work), & sort through (shred/file) the accumulating papers on our dresser. :)

  28. Eh…. I’m a list maker, but a really really bad list keeper. :( I make ’em, and that gives me some sense of fulfillment, then I slowly fade away into the nothingness of getting very little done while inhabiting as much right-brain space as I can rent out for the day.

  29. tracy says:

    Love that picture of you. Not only were you a list maker, I see by the bruises on you knee that you were active as well :)
    List maker I am, were and always will be. If its not on a list it doesn’t get done. Who I’m I kidding, even if its on the list sometimes it still doesn’t get done.

  30. Paige says:

    I am so a list maker! Everything on your Target list was on mine this past Saturday, including the kleenex, since I’ve had the sniffles the last few days. And as for the laundry being put away, always on my list, but seems to be the thorn on my list!

  31. Tetcy says:

    I had a list yesterday…today is just hang-with-my-boys-and-do-what-they-want.

    Yesterday:church, make cards, write cards, DIY ping pong table, and post photos for”sights of the season” on the blog!!! So fun!

  32. Michele says:

    I’m a list maker, but not for the next two weeks. I’m on Christmas break and the only thing I’m focusing on is spending quality time with my little guys. I look forward to spending the day in our pajamas and watching Christmas movies or cartoons.

  33. Stacey says:

    I don’t think I could function without making my lists. On my list today is: schedule van service appt., make cinnamon pretzels, wrap gifts, ask brother about gift, get pen pals gift ready, deliver treats to hairdressers. I’ve already crossed off 4 of the items so that makes me even happier!

  34. Katie says:

    Goodness. My to do list for today is overwhelming. First, and most important (kind of), is GET THROUGH MY LAST FINAL AT 3:30. Then this semester can be done and over with and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

    But then I have to
    Sell back a couple school books (get money! Yay!)
    Start (yes, I said start) doing our Christmas cards for this year
    Buy one more gift for a member of my family
    Buy gifts for the convenience store Christmas party I’m going to Friday
    Buy stocking stuffers for my beloved
    Buy gift for gift exchange next week
    Go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner
    Buy foods to make dinners to send home with my widowed grandmother
    Make caramels to give to my hair dresser tomorrow
    Clean. The. House. We have everyone coming over this weekend!
    Oh! And make my shopping list so I only have to make one trip to the grocery store.
    I’m exhausted just looking at that.

  35. Em says:

    great picture… i love the way you are sitting. :-)

    I make lists at work – its so satisfying to cross things off, and it helps show my boss I am actually getting things done :-)

  36. Jessica says:

    Today was my first day of Christmas break from work so CLEANING was a big one… but my baby boy and I also took time to meet my husband for lunch which is always a perfect little treat.

    PS: I ordered necklaces for my mom and mother-in-law from you and they arrived last week and are PERFECT. Thank you so much!!

  37. Ali says:

    Aren’t you the cutest in that pic!

    I love t o make lists and even put making a list on my own to-do list. You know you are busy when you do that. 😉

  38. sharon says:

    lists are done for the holiday – time just to snuggle with my baby!

  39. Sarah says:

    I am a major list maker! :) Today the most exciting thing on my list is to begin knitting for our first baby, who is due in June. I can’t wait to have a little stock pile of tiny booties, hats, bibs, sweaters, and blankies!

  40. stephanie says:

    Live off my lists! On my list today is to enjoy the so. cal rain while wrapping gifites. Something I’m sticking in all four of my kiddos stockings…homemade felt moustaches. Wouldn’t that make a fun Christmas morning pict?

  41. Jennifer says:

    I am completely a list maker. If its not written down, it doesn’t get done. Today’s list includes:

    – get the kids packed for their sleepover at their Grandparents house
    – Call my hubby at 11am to make sure he is actually get on his flight from Oslo back to Australia in time for Christmas!
    – Go buy bread, we’ve been out for 2 days
    – Put away laundry, as usual
    – Play with the kids in their fort – completely with bedroom, kitchen, reading room (love it) and bathroom.

    Merry Christmas!

  42. sarita says:

    Oh yes ! always making a list , checking it twice .. haha I don’t think I could make it through the day without a list .. good luck with your last minute stuff .. and that cold too >> be blessed my friend…merry christmas

  43. MamaFeelgood says:

    Girl I think that if someone gave me a list that was pre-printed “to do” I would go into a coma.
    I love to mark things off lists and I”m always making them.
    I even bought a day planner with a list on it for every day.
    Bring on 2011!!

  44. Linda J. says:

    “I list, therfore I am”…. I get teased a lot about my list making but nothing gets forgotten. My two most important daily items usually are,”Eat lunch” and “Restroom stop”…Yep. Busy days make for ‘reminder measures….”

  45. Sarah says:

    I am a teacher who is now on break so this is my list for the next few weeks:

    -Wear stretchy pants
    -Read books
    -Love on my mom and sister as much as possible

  46. Valerie says:

    Love that picture of you. Too cute. Yes, I make lists all the time. I don’t know how people don’t and get everything done.

  47. Lisa says:

    Used to be a huge list maker… now I’m a huge plug it in my computer or blackberry so I’ll get a pop up reminder! Fun pop-up reminder today: deliver gifts to a family whose kids would otherwise not have anything under the tree this year. I like when I get to play Santa and spread a little cheer :)

  48. Lea Culp says:

    Oh, my goodness, I can’t begin my day without a list. No joke

  49. kelly says:

    I am my father’s daughter…a total list maker! On my list this week:
    * Pick up last 2 presents – done!!
    * Groceries
    * Cleaning
    * Enjoying friends&family this holiday season!!

  50. Jenny says:

    Oh how I live to make lists :). Today I had 2 pages of lists, but the were my road trip checklist and then my packing list. I would forget so many things without my lists!

  51. Úrsula says:

    I am a huge fan of lists. When I started with my boyfriend he thought that it was so funny but nowadays he has realised that it is so useful. On my list today:

    * Make some homemade soaps and facial oils for my friends (and wrappe them in a lovely way).
    * Teach private classes.
    * Cook “mazapán” which is a typical spanish Christmas sweet.
    * Relax with a cup of tea and a book.

    Best wishes for you and your family!!

  52. Dan says:

    That picture takes me way back. I am glad mom and dad have updated their kicthen since then.

  53. Piper says:

    The most fun thing on my list today is locking myself away in my mom’s craft room to finish the handmade gifts I’m giving to people this year. 1. stuffed owl for my niece, 2. knitted scarf for mom 3. mittens for niece 4. gift tags and wrapping everything!

  54. Krystina says:

    like i said, you’re a doll! i love old pics like this – so cool!

    i make lists, but i never look at them. i rebel against… myself?!! structure?!! i feel like once i write it, it’s all memorized – but i always forget something, ha!

  55. Kelly H-Y says:

    That picture of you is awesome! What a treasure!

  56. Jennifer says:

    love the photo of you! Love your little bruised leg!! :)
    I love lists too and the first thing on mine is to finish up with buying the last of the stocking stuffers and then my big job is WRAPPING!!

  57. Robbin says:

    Sending out my Christmas cards…finally! Check your mail! :)

  58. Loren says:

    oh SUCH a list maker too. but today is a little more relax!

    -finish sewing the last of my Christmas gifts (professional procrastinator)
    -wrap wrap wrap
    -maybe shower? that should be embarassing, but true.

    ps. love the picture of you. so precious.

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