feeling over-scheduled, tired, and a little grumpy over here.

and my computer won’t let me download pics,

so i looked through my archives to find a couple pics to share with you.




here is an alligator matthias drew last week.

i certainly wouldn’t want to meet up with him in a river or swamp.

he looks even grumpier than me!




thank you so much for all your kind words about david,

and my anxiety with his upcoming surgery.

i think it is really wearing on me.

and i also think it’s going to be fine.

but this is where i am right now–pulled between the everyday stuff and worry and hope.

and i want to let it be hard–and not try to fix it.

man, i love that kid!




i’ve got some pretty serious spring fever going on.

i want sunshine.

no wind or rain.

and a few lazy days to soak it up.

i’m so spoiled living in california. i know i shouldn’t complain.

but today, i kinda feel like complaining.

* * *

need to vent? feel free!

what’s bugging you today?

{and happy tuesday!!}