these pics are from last spring

{my computer is getting a tune-up, so i’m using hubbies}

* * *

lately i’ve been thinking a lot about nurturing a grateful heart in my boys.

a few weeks ago, we were standing in line at disneyland

and matthias was complaining about how ‘unfair’ it was that we had to wait.

and he was hot and tired and grumpy.

and i know he’s six, but i was struck by how ungrateful he was acting.

i want to give my boys gifts and experiences and every good thing

but i don’t want them to be indulged and spoiled.

and then i started looking at my own heart (yikes!).

am i grateful?

do i complain when i am {metaphorically} standing in line at the ‘happiest place on earth’?

so to when we’re driving in the car,

i’ve been asking the question, “what are you grateful for today?”

and we each share a few things.

like sunshine and frozen yogurt a and safe home and markers to color with.

* * *

please share your ideas…

how do you nurture a grateful heart?