i think i can honestly say i’ve been stressed lately.

stressed in the middle of real life, and fun with friends and making family memories.

and in the middle of all our regular stuff, we’ve squeezed in

8 doctor visits in the last couple weeks

driven over 25 hours over to see those doctors

waited and waited for answers

while trying to take care of a sick kiddo and entertain his patient brother.

and meanwhile, i’ve had a small apetite,

i can’t fall asleep at night and my head is so full i have trouble remembering details

(like where i parked my car or what day it is.)

and so i’ve had to think more deliberately–how do i manage stress?

here’s my list…

warmth.  i love a feather blanket, a warm cup of cocoa, and a glowing fireplace.

touch. hand holding, snuggling, a back rub.

organizing my thoughts. blogging, list making, time alone. coffee with a friend.

these things soothe me.


how do you manage stress?