As humans, I believe we are meant to create. Creativity is an expression of our souls. It gives insight into who we are and what we think and feel.

Matthias, my youngest son uses paper, markers, crayons, pencils and paints to create his art. He loves to draw and he spends time every day perfecting the details of batman’s escape or ironman’s secret weapon. It’s more than just drawing to him, it’s an expression of his imagination and I see him push himself creatively without fear of failure.

David, my oldest son, who has a severe disability, uses keyboards to create his art. He loves to tap out tunes on the piano or electric keyboard. He lays his head close to the instrument, because he not only wants to hear his music, he wants to feel the vibration. Music is part of his soul. As his parents, we take this seriously and we try to nurture his passion to create with sound.

My husband, Steve, has a pastor’s heart and he’s working on a doctorate degree right now.  He creates with words–both written and spoken. He writes to communicate deep ideas in a clear and meaningful way. His words will move your soul and change your heart. His words are insightful and encouraging. His words are his art.

I often have people say to me, “I’m not creative.”.  But I don’t believe them.  I hear them saying, “I wish I could be creative.” I think we all desire to create something beautiful and something filled with meaning–maybe they just haven’t figured out where their creative talents lie.

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