When David was a couple of years old, my sister asked me, “If you had one wish, what would it be?” My first thought was, David wouldn’t have a disability. But then I tried to imagine David without his disability. He wouldn’t look the same or act the same. He wouldn’t be small or spunky in the same way. He wouldn’t have his sweet little button nose or his huge carefree grin. If I woke up one morning and David didn’t have a disability I wouldn’t recognize him. And he wouldn’t be my David, my sweet boy, whom I love with all that I am.

In that moment I sat there completely baffled. Of course David’s disability brings many challenges, but when I realized I wouldn’t change it because I love David–just the way he is, it made me feel hopeful.It made me want to stop wishing things were different and embrace the way they are. Life is full of imperfections, isn’t it? But there is beauty to be found. Even in the darkness and the muck there are little rays of light. I want to focus on the beauty and not waste time wishing away the hard stuff.

So if I had one wish, what would I wish for? I think I’d wish for contentment. That’s where my heart finds peace.