this weekend was so inspiring.

the sunshine alone was enough to make me smile all day.

we took the days slow

and really soaked up the amazing weather and time together.




since steve is training for a century (100 mile bike ride)

i took the boys to cambria on saturday.

we had so much fun!

we peeked in a few shops,

grabbed burgers at old stone station

and let the sun warm our shoulders.

oh, i can’t forget ice cream. yum.




i got a big top cupcake and matty and baked it up.

it turned out great-i had to trim off the bottom to make it even-but it is really cute.

i’m definitely not ready to part with traditional cupcakes, i love individual desserts.




there is an amazing bead shop in cambria–it’s like a candy shop.

* * *

we’ve been making an effort to turn off the tv

and spend that time creating.

for us, creating mean baking, sketching, molding, picture taking, painting and playing.

getting the house organized has really helped clear my brain and energize me.


what’s inspiring you?

how are you flexing your creative muscle?

* * *

AND come get inspired and play tomorrow night!

Spring boutique presented by the Stitch Market

I’ll be there with lots of jewelry.

and it’s at the most amaaazing house in Arroyo Grande, 6-9pm Tuesday 3/30.

Email me for an address (