i am falling in love with this book…

stillmeadow and sugarbridge.

i bought it because the cover was lovely

and it was filled with vintage illustrations.

in this case, it was a good idea to judge the book by the cover!




but the words.  the words are even lovlier than the illustrations.

captivating and inspiring.




i feel as if i am with her, she describes the moment so perfectly.

and i love the last line…

i held the moment in my hand.


moments i’ve held lately-

cuddling with matthias on my lap for a good hour. he’s sick, so he wants to be held.

teasing david and tickling him to the point where he belly laughed this morning.

giving steve a really good kiss upon returning home yesterday.

watching david’s whole face light up when he saw auntie chrissie-then wrap his arms around her neck.

a few hilarious moments at blissdom where we laughed so hard i had to spit out my drink.

a nap on the couch in a quiet house with the sun streaming in.

* * *

what moments have you held lately?


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