Just some things on my heart.

1. I’m starting to long for a schedule. Summer is so FUN but I always feel pulled between the work I have to do and wanting to spend the days with the boys. Top that off with how much we’ve been traveling and I start to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. I’ve been feeling blue lately. I love the unstructured, lazy days of summer, but our school schedule will help things run more smoothly.

2. We’ve been cutting out sugar around here and last night was the first night I didn’t crave dessert–so that’s a HUGE step in the right direction. {Have I ever told you how much I love sugar?}

3. Yesterday my brother arrived with his amazing wife and my awesome twin nieces.We’re planning to do some thrifting, spend some time at the beach and have lots of cousin time!

4. This summer, Matthias has been working hard on memorizing his multiplication tables. I think he has them DOWN. So many times I have goals to work on things during the summer and we kind of flake out after a week or so. But this summer we were consistent. Awesome.ย Hello fourth grade.

5. We’re wrapping up our fall collection and it’s torture because all I want to do is share it with you. The process from sketching a design to working it out in clay or wax to casting and polishing and then finally seeing it around someone’s neck is my favorite part of what I do. Seeing something go from inspiration to finished product is a magical thing!

6. Yesterday David ate so. much. food. I bet the kid ate almost 2,000 calories. He only weighs 32 lbs! Growth spurt maybe?!

7. Steve and I are part of a small marriage seminar at our church. We’ve been digging in deep and looking at patterns in our marriage, how to focus on each other and love each other better. Marriage is so much better than I thought it would be but if I’m honest, it’s incredibly hard. It’s been raw and vulnerable to open up with each other and be honest, but it’s been encouraging as well. I love him and I want our marriage to last.

8. Some of YOUR favorite pieces flying out of our workshop this week were this adorable baby spoon {I think I’m going to tuck one away for each of my boys for when they get older}, our august charm, {whichย is particularly charming} and my journey necklace {which is particularly close to my heart! I often step back and consider how DIFFERENT this journey is than how I had planned, but how much MORE beautiful it is!}

and 1/2. I need a little more coffee–maybe just half a cup? Wanna join me? What’s on your heart today?