You might say that I’m addicted, and maybe I am! I LOVE Barn Owl Primitives. Kristi is so creative and the way she expresses her creativity through her painted signs is sure to inspire you! Let tell me you aboutour newest sign…

Our family is working hard on taking set backs and looking at them as a chance to grow and learn. Instead of viewing failure as a bad thing, and letting it stop us in our tracks, we are changing our perspective. This is one hundred percent my husband’s heart for approaching life–and we want our kids {and ourselves!} to learn how learn and grow through challenges.

Life is full of hard stuff, isn’t it? Ugh, I have a hard time receiving difficult feedback and criticism, but if I stop worrying about whether or not I’m a failure, feedback and criticism are opportunities for to learn things about myself. Change is possible. I still have a lot of growing to do!

We’ve started sharing around the dinner table how we’re learning and growing and stories specific to that day. If one of the kids has a hard day at school, we try to talk about he can do differently next time to change the situation. Failure doesn’t mean you’re bad–it’s just means there’s room to grow.

We hung the sign in our living room. I love the reminder to approach each day with an open mind and a heart that wants to grow and learn!

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