Let me tell you of a love story that ends in betrayal. It has nothing to do with that silly, smiley little boy and everything to do with that innocent looking jumpsuit!

No sooner had I sung the praises of jumpsuits {they’re so comfortable! perfect for travel! like wearing pajamas!} than I ended up in an airport bathroom stall exposing myself to the entire room. I checked and double checked the latch to make sure the door was latched–but as soon as I undressed {the whole thing has to come off basically} and sat down, someone went into the stall next to mine and as their door closed, it jiggled my door free. I couldn’t reach the door so I had to scoot as quickly as I could to get it closed again. Once I was alone again, I just started LAUGHING! It was a laugh or cry situation, if you know what I mean! I had been betrayed by my beloved jumpsuit and stabbed in the back by my fickle bathroom stall door. It was like they planned it and conspired against me.

Two hours later I ended up in the airplane bathroom {basically one square foot} with nowhere to hang my jean jacket except on top of my head and a floor that was so wet, I didn’t want my pants to touch it. Ugh! So I’m holding my jumpsuit off the ground and trying to balance my jacket on my head and maneuver in a tiny space. This jumpsuit–whoever thought they were a good idea?! Oh wait, me!

Moral of the story, while I love jumpsuits, I’m never wearing one for travel again. They simply can’t be trusted! I’ve learned my lesson!