this weekend was good and hard.

i had time to relax and enjoy the sunshine,

and at times found myself stressed and anxious.




and i found myself excited and overwhelmed.

i cleaned and purged and felt a sense of accomplishment.

and also looked around the house and took in the amount of stuff we have

and felt an overwhelming urge to spend the next 48 cleaning out every drawer and cupboard.




i want a cleaner home

a more organized schedule

more healthy, home-cooked meals

and kids with wrinkle-free clothes.

but it’s a process.

and i’m trying to let myself be imperfect without feeling like a failure.

sigh, thanks for letting me vent.

* * *

on to happy, dreamy, romantic things!!

our {randomly chosen} winner for the jane austen giveaway is…


congrats, sweet girl!!

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