two of my sisters (i have 6 siblings) drove home with me yesterday from LA.

having them with me makes the drive 10x, no 100x better!

so good to hold hands with my sweet husband today.

we’ve apart too much lately.




we’re getting a new chipotle in san luis obispo.  yay!

can’t wait to make it our new fave.




just to keep it interesting…

i have a twin sister and my two younger sisters are also twins

the four of us look a lot alike.

i {heart} my sisters.




david was in a silly mood today

and matthias was excited about his new lego book.


tomorrow we drive back to LA for david’s surgery on monday.

i’m pretty sure the car can drive itself by now!

we’ve made the drive 5x in the last few weeks.  seriously insane.

* * *


our three winners for the pewter heart {wall hanging}

Kelly Langner Sauer

Brooklyn V Photography

Cathy B

congrats ladies!  contact us at for details.


you can follow me on twitter for updates with david’s surgery.