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sunday inspiration {pinterest}

May 29th | inspiration, pinterest

Source: via lisaleonard on Pinterest


1. super cute butterfly craft from meg duerksen
2 trix on a stick? yum!
3 love this outfit for coastal summers
4 embellished paper plates. love.
5 this butterfly bouquet is genius
6 faux taxidermy is rocking my world
7 daffodils and limes–perfect!

what’s inspiring you today?

14 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    I love that outfit – couldn’t stop staring at it! Especially those sandals. I think it’s time to do a little summer shopping!

  2. Amy F says:

    The gloomy rainy weather is inspiring me to work on all my fun colorful projects! <3 I love the daffodils & limes! I may have to steal that idea. 😉

  3. Úrsula says:

    I love your polyvore collage and the pretty flowers with the lime! I’m addicted to polyvore…

    Love, Úrsula

  4. Gussy says:

    words of encouragement found via pinterest —

  5. chanda says:

    speaking of hair….. :) i can’t find the video of how you do your hair. I know I watched it and wanted my daughter to see it. We both looked all over the archives but.. no luck. Could you give me a little hint what month that was in.
    Thanks, Chanda

  6. Jazzmine says:

    LOVE those clothes!! And LOVE the daffodils!

  7. Fun.

    was out 3am to start 5am riding in Chicago. All sore..
    All good. in time before storms rolled in.

  8. Anne says:

    The butterfly crafts and paper plate crafts are super cute.
    Not too inspired today…I have a cold…mostly just trying to breathe.

  9. Paige says:

    The daffodils and limes … so cute! I love that!

  10. Maria says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I’m stopping by today to let you know how many times I receive a compliment on your birdie necklace. My daughter is hoping to receive one for her birthday in October ~ {She won’t be disappointed ;o)

    Your gray J.Crew sweater looks just like my L.L Bean that I bought this past winter. I must say, it’s a great style and was my sweater of choice – so cozy!

    Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day*

  11. Sarah-Anne says:

    those paper plates are too.cute!!

  12. i saw meg’s butterfly craft on her blog this week and i’m dying to make it with my kids! and, i’ve already told you i wish i could just wear all of your clothes, so i love the outfit you put together! super cute!

  13. debbie says:

    love the butterfly craft – my 4 yr old has a butterfly themed bedroom – I should surprise her with a dozen or so of these punched out to hang at her choosing. the lime and flowers are perfect accent.

  14. gitz says:

    that outfit looks like it’s screaming for a beach for you to go walk on on a cool night…

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