Whoa! iPhone 7+ portrait mode

I recently got a new iPhone 7+ and I am LOVING the new portrait setting inside the camera. I believe only the 7+ has this setting. I’ve also heard it’s in beta form right now, so it will likely be even better in the future.

The portrait setting allows you to get a crisp foreground image with a blurred background. It’s so good that I wanted to compare it to the regular camera setting and my Canon 5d.

In the examples below you’ll see the images in this order…

  1. regular camera setting on iPhone 7+
  2. portrait camera setting iPhone 7+
  3. Canon 5d Mark II The first image {regular setting} compared to the second image {portrait setting} show how AMAZING the portrait setting is compared to the regular. Wow! It’s almost as good as the Canon 5d! The background but adds depth and interest to the photo, don’t you think?

    It’s hard to tell in the above image because the photo is mostly foreground, but even a bit of background blur i the second photo {portrait setting} makes the photo pop!

    I think the middle photo {portrait setting} looks breathtaking, don’t you? Of course the last one {Canon 5d} is even more magical. But I am impressed with the portrait mode. So cool.

    In the first photo {regular setting} you can see Matthias and the dogs cuddling in the background. I think it makes the image kind of messy looking. The second {portrait setting} the spoons really pop. The third {Canon 5d} has even more background blur.

    This last example of the three photos shows a similar quality between the second {portrait mode} and third {Canon 5d} photos. Pretty amazing, right?

Do you have an iPhone 7+? What do you think of the new portrait mode?


  1. wow!!!! thanks for sharing this info….i am liking those 7+ portrait photos!!!!!

  2. Love the depth effect on the 7+! I’ve also been using it since it came out. I have been amazed at the technology behind it, given my understanding of traditional depth effect from a DSLR. Not to compete with other instagram accounts, but i have put a few out there as well – particularly where the lighting is right and the subject is my adorable son (I’m biased – Haha!). https://instagram.com/p/BNAF2yNjDAF/

  3. How fun to have a new “camera” to play with. I love all the creative shots you took. Have you seen the iphone 7 commercial with the girl taking pictures of all the people in her home town? I love it! Everyone looks better in a good photograph.

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